Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I went to The Tea House Studio

I was lucky enough to be able to attend a very special painting class at a very magical studio this past weekend. 

There are a couple things that made this a very special weekend for me. One this would be my first time visiting The Tea House Studio.. This sweet space studio  always looked so inviting to me on line. I also would get to see Mindy and Carissa again..

The two day class was was taught by both teachers. Carissa started of day 1.  I was impressed by how well she was able to explain her process how comfortable and at ease the entire atmosphere felt. I really took a-lot from day one. I was battling a horrible cold so I was not feeling great but I tried my best to not think about the cold and listening to Carissa explain her process and having her and Mindy encourage us on was a perfect way to spend the day. My favorite thing was how both teachers is how they really teach you in a way that helps you relax and get in touch with that little girl inside. 

This very sweet teacher is vary passionate about her art.. I feel so blessed to have been a part of this. 

Here are my little creations from her class.

I loved every moment of this weekend  except for having this cold. I will share part two tomorrow ..Have a wonderful night and I hope your not sick....
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