Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Favorites from this month

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This month is almost over...The month of September means time to get back to routine. It means my kids go back to school and I get to do more driving. It also means uniforms and packing lunches. School functions and homework. I am sad to see the summer come to an end but it must.
One thing that I love about my kids going back to school is I am buying a new journal. I do every September. I plan he next four months in it..So tomorrow before the weekend starts I will be going the fancy art store to pick up my journal..Then I will prepare it..Then I will share it..I hope you like the photos I just loved from this month.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Smash Book Love

I am almost done with my Smash book. I enjoy that its does not have to be in any order . I love the variety of colors. How every page is different. How it helps you color outside the line.. Have a Smashing good monday.
(get it )

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The weekend in pictures

I wandered around town a bit this weekend. I started off the weekend feeling out of focus.  I felt a little lost in my own skin. 

 It is always hard when I do not have my kids.  So I decided to keep busy. I took a great walk to Cedros. I had a nice dinner with a very old friend and I took a really long bath. I wrote down all the things I needed to be grateful for. I planned all my goals for September and I can't wait to share them with you.  So now it's Sunday and I feel way better.  I get my kids in the morning and I got new paints...
Hope you had a fun weekend..

Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Soul

For all the times you felt just like this.
You're not alone we all make mistakes and thats ok.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Magic Happens

"Magic Happens"
That's what I call this painting. I love how bright and whimsical it turned out. These two girls are going on a journey to a magical place. They have their faithful little fox on look out even though they trust each other and their own intuitions.  I am so happy because this painting makes me smile.
Happy Painting

A lil bit of growing up over here

                                Learning Learning Learning
Why does growing up just fly by?  The next thing you know you are 40, not married and you have 3 amazing kids. You are trying to make smarter choices and for some reason ...  Your insides are screaming really G?  Not only is it time to make smarter choices but I need to start taking owner ship for my poor choices.  I would like to share a story my girl friend told me. I hadn't talked to her in a while.  We went through a friendship breakup.  She said she missed me. I have been missing her as well.  I proceeded to ask her why we had not spoken.  I asked her why we hadn't talked.  She said G you stood me up for dinner...
Wow, really... that hurt!!!
I can't remember why I stood her up, but obviously I hurt her feelings and I feel horrible about that... The good news is we are having dinner Friday and I am going to take ownership and apologize for m actions.  I love my friend and it sucks that I hurt her. I am choosing to learn and grow from this life experience. Ignoring the situation does not work.  In fact it cost me dearly as I had not talked to my friend in years.  Heck and I didn't even know why we broke up.  I feel like a light went on in my head.  I am looking at things a little bit differently.  I am choosing to grow.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Americas Finest City Half Marathon

This was taken yesterday morning before the San Diego A.F.C half marathon. It's about 6 am and we are waiting for the bus to take us to the start of the race in Point Loma.  Let me just say we barely made it on to the last bus.  It is truly an amazing talent that I possess.  I don't know how I manage to barely make it on the last bus year after year..

This girl was funny she called herself the photo bandit.

This was the view from the last bus as we pulled up to the starting line... Can you see all the little runners?

One of my favorite photo's... It's my dad and I.. I felt like saying wonder twin power activate, shape of Cheetah, and my dad could be Ice water.   It was already 77 and humid at 6:30 in the morning...

Here I am in a running self portrait.  I was so hot at this point that I kept telling myself think about happy cold thoughts.  My reoccurring thought was jumping in my dads pool after. I it was really hot. You can train all you want but when it's hot and humid it totally messes with your mind...  To make matters worse my head phones broke because they got too wet.  I just wanted to finish.  My goal was to finish in an 1:50.  Do to the heat I changed my goal and hoped to finish under 2 hours. I finished just under 2:17.

I was so happy to see these ladies. I was fore sure happier to see them then they were to see me..

Yeah..another half bites the dust..This was not my best but it was not my worst. I know part of the problem was my legs were sore from all the training I have been doing. My legs were tired from the long run I did the day before. The fact is after I ran the 1/2 i went home took a nap and ran 6 more... After the race my dad and I had breakfast. It was great quality time and for us that is the important part. I hope you did something fun this weekend.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My head before 16

Good Morning.
So here is my deal with having to do something I really don't want to do but feel I have to if I want to complete my goal. I need to put my shoes on and walk out the door and run 16 miles but I would rather go back to bed or sit here all look at the computer. I know once I get started I will be fine. I know when I am done I will feel great but.....I would rather sleep.
I have to play games with my head in order to get my butt out the door..I tell myself that if I get out the door as soon as I finish this post I can and will get myself a Mani-pedi. I also tell myself that I will get the pink with polka dots nail polish I love.
Is that enough to get my butt out the door now. It has to be because anything worth accomplishing that makes us proud of ourselves takes practice, commitment and lots and lots of fallow through. So with that I will go outside and run 16 miles and sweat my butt off. I hope your Saturday is everything you wanted it to be.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday and then comes Friday

I am ready for the weekend.  I have my kids this weekend and it looks like my beautiful 17 year old will be joining me too. (she prefers her friends to me right now) We are going to the movies to see "Franken Weenie."
It looks really cute, artistic and heck all my kids want to see it, so I am in.  I also have a half marathon this Sunday.  We are also planning a trip to the water park.  This week I have been painting and journaling my heart out.  My kids and I all heard this song on my way to work.  Paola introduced us to it and felt it was quite shareable...  TGIF is only one day away...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Super Simple Salad

I do not consider myself to be a good cook.   However , as the mother of three, I have to cook.  I have really improved my eating habits in the last 3 years.  I am a lover of McDonald's and Taco bell.   I really love Roberto's (a local chain of taco shop) carne asada burritos.  I am also a lover of candy and chips... I know all of these things are bad for me.  I have made a conscious effort to upgrade my eating habits.  Basically I have been working at limiting the bad and making healthier choices. 

I feel it is important to lead by example.  I want my kids to have a good foundation.  My kids and I are OK with not going to all those place.   My kids are awesome about trying anything I make.  They are very supportive and always give me the benefit of doubt.  The other day I made this very simple salad:
Cherry Tomatoes
Chives for my half of the salad
Garlic Salt
Oil and vinegar

That's it..They tried it and liked it. They did not love it but they liked it. I loved it because it taste really good and its healthy...
Do you have a simple yummy recipe you would like to share with me. If so please share as I am always looking for simple yumminess !!!
Have a Great Day

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blythe Doll Love

I got up early this morning and since I am not running today... I had about an hour of free time.  I went down stairs and made a little skirt for myself.  I have been trying for a while to find the time to make my vision into a reality.  It's not great but I love it and really that's all that matters.  

When I was done I looked around and noticed all the extra fabric I had.  I thought to myself... my Blythe doll needs a new outfit... I packed up my little travel sewing box and after lunch I made Lilly Octopus a new dress and head band.

Doesn't she look fantastic? She is such a fashionista!!! 

I really do need a Blythe Doll with black hair like me...  Don't get me wrong, I love my sweet pink haired doll.  In fact I ordered here some cool glasses today..

I want to share with you the cutest contest ever. I found this blog yesterday when Bella and I were looking for some cute Blythe pictures.

This site is hosting a Blythe Olympics contest... You have to check it out.  I think it's quite possibly the cutest contest ever.  Have a great day and stay cool...


Monday, August 13, 2012

The Dirt Devil Highway to Heaven 15k

Here is my race report from The Dirt Devil 15k held last weekend at Mission Gorge Trails in San Diego.  The race was scheduled to start at 7am.  I have to say when it's in the 90's and unconditionally humid outside, you kind of wish they would've started earlier... I was early and unfortunately there was only one Port-a-potty. (TMI I know...)   The race director told us they had delivered the additional 4 bathrooms to the wrong location...  So if you can just imagine the people waiting in line.  I actually never got a chance to use the bathroom because the line was crazy.  I stood in it for 30 minutes before I gave up and reluctantly made my way to the starting line.  
No bueno!!!
The race actually started late. We didn't get going until 7:10. That really is not a big deal, any way the race starts and off we go...  What a sight 400 crazy runners who feel they are up for the challenge.  The course conditions were ridiculously hot and hilly.   There was one rolling hill after another.  With all the training I had put in I knew I was up for the challenge.  The cool thing about a 15k is that it's over before you know it.  The other cool aspect is the camaraderie you build on the trails.  When a race is really hot or really hard people seem to be more talkative.  Maybe it's that whole misery loves company factor.  The course was very hard.   There was lots of gravel and although I slipped several times I didn't fall.  I had my music on and a friend introduced me to a new station on Pandora called Dance Cardio Radio.  I was grooving and feeling really good.  I only had one Roctain at mile 5.  My tummy started feeling yucki and as soon as I took it I was A-Okay... My favorite part of the race came while I was walking up this hill.  I noticed there were 4 of us walking at about the same fast pace... We all started talking and next thing you know we are all listening to my music while running down the backside of the hill.  We all seemed to kick it in to overdrive and ran as fast as we could...  I think we were all trying to beat each other.  It was fun. I felt like Oh yeah baby.. This is so cool!!! Here we go!!!

I am having so much fun in this picture.  This is when I saw the and finish line for the first time... My dad took this picture and he had a whole little cheering squad saying GLORIA. I love getting out there and running my own race. I love hanging out with like minded people.  I love knowing it's not even 10 in the morning and I already went for a run.  I also love knowing that the more I train the more confident and stronger I become.  

The best part is just knowing I got a chance to compete and do my best.  I really liked the challenge of running this hard course.  I just want to say that if you read my post on Saturday I am feeling better..  Sometimes we get sad and I guess the trick is to keep moving forward and don't give up..


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sharing a bit of me

Its Saturday night and I should be sleeping but I am not . It could be because I took a nap that was a couple hours long or because my tummy hurts. ( I do not think that eating meat is good for me)The last two times I had meat it just makes me feel sick..Oh well I will have to try to stay a bit away from it for now.
 I have a race that starts at 7 am so I should be excited and happy right !!! I have had a hard time with staying happy lately. Specially on the weekends and super specially when I do not have my kids. Have you ever tried to put something round in a square hole and it just does not fit. That's how I have been feeling lately. I feel like I do not fit in my life with out them.  I feel like everything is taking a-lot of work. I know everyone gets sad .. It just sucks when its happening to you. I will keep trying my best to live in the moment and I am trying not worry..I also know that next thing you know this feeling will pass..but man sometimes being an adult is heavy...I hope this is not a bummer Saturday night post but its my reality lately...I will tell you all about my race soon. Its going to be really hot but I hope to finish in two hours so I don't burn up and get more freckle's on my face. Its supposed to be a difficult trail race . I like challenges because when I am done I feel a little like Wonder Woman..I am needing a little of that feeling just about now..Hope you are safe and sound and that this post is not to much of a bummer...Happy Thought Peeps...

Friday, August 10, 2012

It was short and sweet

This last weekend I had a dream that I had a house in the mountains.  As I progressed through my day I thought what about Palomar Mountain.  That's kinda close to my house.  I went on line and the dreaming began.  Then there before my eyes, I saw two cute houses that I thought I could afford.  After thinking about it long and hard I showed it to my kids.   Suddenly we were all living on the mountain.  Isabella was so exited about the possibility of spending Christmas in the mountains.  Christopher loved the idea of having a tree house...  I loved the idea of being outside all the time. I sat and thought about running thru the mountains, trees and looking at the stars at night...
After dreaming  a little dream I told my kids we need to keep an open mind and check out these houses.  Just so you know Palomar Mountain is not close to my current residence.  If we collectively feel the drive is to far than so be it...  I told them to trust their intuition and asked them to share their feelings.   With that we were on our way.  It took us two hours to get to the houses... For me it was way to long of a drive but I waited for there input...  The first house was not we expected... Having said that we took a ride around the mountain. We sat on a rock discussed how they were feeling... I think collectively we all felt it wasn't going to work.  Isabella did suggest the possibility of home schooling.  Christopher added that we could get two homes one for during the week and the other for weekends.  I let them know neither of those were realistic options and with that we headed home...  I was really glad we went on our little dream trip.  My kids and I spent 4 quality hours together and I was grateful to have all three of my three kids with me... Sometimes just taking the time to dream is worth whatever trip you encounter along the way.  
Have a dream filled weekend!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Mama Owl ..

Happy Tuesday.
So today my little sister woke up feeling not so great.  So I thought to myself...What can we make for her to brighten her day..

I looked around my room before going to see her.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw my little owl that hangs from my window and it came to me.. I will make her a mama owl. That will love her when long after I go home. So I gathered the materials above.. and then I kinda measured her out and started to cut.
My little sister helped me. She has cute little chubby hands that I just want to kiss to all the time.

We continued to cut..

Then in no time at all.. We were ready.. We had our pieces and it was time to sew...

Then Mama Owl was born.

Suddenly she flew into the sky..

She flew and flew

Mama owl was so happy she even did a flip.

Here I am she said... ready to love ( check out the head band) She is a cool mama owl.
She stopped to say hi to everyone in the majestic garden..

She flew into my little sisters hands and  felt  happy..

Mama owl even came with a little heart..Its not perfect but its been mended.
Then mama owl lived happily ever after...
The End.