Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Bits of this and that

Some times there is a little bit of us everywhere. We don't need to be perfect we just need to be ourselves. 

Monday, April 23, 2018

Mountains to beaches makes 45 miles

This weekend was all about running and more running with
San Diego 100 so close by I am just trying to stay consistant with my milage and with my work outs. Showing up to all our Saturday runs in key at this point and coming up with a long run on Sunday too.. I think that is even more important. Its those back to back long runs on tired legs that get you ready. This Saturday we went to Black Mountain in or near Poway and the plan was to run 26 but we ended up with 25. something. Its a hard run because it has lots of hills and there super rocky !! Welcome to San Diego trails 

I really do love making new friends that share the same love as I do. You would think it would be hard to find other females that love to run these long distances but its not !! Each one inspires me to keep working hard . Just like this girl she is go getter and I love that. We will be sharing the trails at SD 100. 

I love having all sorts of coversations and sharing the mountains for hours at a time. Here is our Saturday group.
When you get the text that says group run 26 miles you kinda cringe and then think..that is such a long way to run. It is a long way right ?? but now I just let the number be and like with so many things in life I know that I just have to show up and the rest will fallow.
Sometimes when I have been out there for to long I have these crazy ideas and then I say them out loud and next thing you know. It is the day after your 25 mile run and I find myself at 5 am running to a run a half marathon. The craziest part is a couple of my friends joined me. 

I woke up Sunday morning after getting crappy sleep. I say that because I woke up every hour afraid I was going to be late or that I would over sleep. I set my alarm but sometimes things happen. I got up at 4am  and once I finally woke up got some coffee I got really excited. The plan was to meet about 6 miles away from the La Jolla half and run to the race. I loved getting there when it was still dark and hearing the ocean. I felt safe because I had two friends with me and it was that kind of morning weather that let you know it was going to be a hot day. We ran to the race and made it with 30 minutes to spare so we hung out and then we all ran the race separately. I like the run your own race thing. I have to say the more I run the more I like those just me miles. The race went really well. I ran a 1:54 . That is really good for me. I think about all the miles I put in the day before and I feel more secure about my training for San Diego 100. 

Its beer garden time !! I do not drink after races because migraines love me but I had a blonde ale and it was really good. So cheers to having awesome weekends while wearing running shoes.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Oriflamme 2018 race report

I ran the Oriflame 50k this past Saturday.
The race is about 1:30 from my house and it started at 7am,  so that was perfect. I arrived at 6:30am and, to my surprise, I did not forget anything. I had cold and hot gear because you just never know what to expect when you're running from the mountains to the desert floor and back up. The weather did not let me down. As soon as I got there, I knew it would be a little bit of everything. I made my way to the staring line and noticed I had dropped my car keys. So I asked around and I found them (as everyone had started already) but this made me the last runner out. 

The weather started out in the 50s. It was windy so it felt colder. Most runners had on there long sleeve shirts and jackets gloves and buffs. It's the mountains, so you just never know.
 It is nice being in the back because you can take everything in. All the colors, all the runners and the whole thing is just special. I love it!

The funny thing about this race is I try and avoid this training run because its just so hard. This race is rocky and the elevation gain is 4,268 and the max elevation is 5,100. It got to 90 degrees as we started climbing up the canyon. I try and keep my focus under my hat and I just climb.

I love running 50k. I think its my favorite distance because you still have enough energy to drive home and hang out. 

Gemma took this picture. (thank you) I was so happy to be done. I was done with the climb and ready to just sit. On this run, I listened to the Gypsy Kings and just sang my way to the end, feeling so good. 

We all ran and this is our Trail Crasher finisher picture. These are truly happy runner smiles. 

How crazy is this? I got 3rd female!!!! I got my medal which fits into The Old West medal like a sweet little puzzle piece.

It was an awesome day and I love being there with my friends in the mountains running.
This race was well put on the shirts are really nice and the aid stations had great volunteers. You park right where you start and finish and there are good bathrooms ...Everything you need to run an ultra..

Monday, March 19, 2018

Ultramaraton Baja Trail

This last weekend March 17th I ran this race. In Tijuana Baja Calif. In Mexico. I just want to start by saying I was really nervous about this one . I had at least 4 people tell me how hard this race was going to be so I knew it was going to be a challenge but a new challenge is always welcome.
 The day started really early , I was up at 2 am and a friend picked me up on his way down to the border at 2:30am. The bus was scheduled to pick us up at 4:30. You would think we would have enough time to get everything done but we barely made it to the bus and then finding the bus was its own adventure.. By the time it found us we had walked 4 miles.
The race had 3 distances. My friend Louka ran the 80k and started at 6 am . The rest of our group  Kylee, Scott, Janell, Maria started at 6:30 we ran the 50k. So there we all are standing in the cold rain excited and ready to go. We all counted in Spanish and off we went. You start in a single conga line going up hill and make your way up a mountain. Then there was another and another. My friends did not lie to me this was a hard race but lets be honest whats the one thing that makes a hard race not so hard.....Perfect Weather
How can you complain when it is 60 degrees with a light mist. 
The views went on forever.
This is at the top of El Capitan. Getting up here was an adventure..
Seeing so many familiar face of friends I admire and call friends made the miles and hard work go by quickly. 
Another familiar happy face coming my way..
and another. Sometimes you run races and you know there are people you just admire and look up to because there so strong and have been killing it in this sport forever. There also so nice and wise and then You feel lucky just to able to share the trail with them. Even if your way behind them it is still special.
I loved the race and I didn't mind the climbs. You know how sometimes your just feeling it. I got lucky because this week I feel good and I went out at my pace and just ran my race and finished around 8:20 something. 
I really loved how the entire day unfolded. It was such great course and the rain all of it made it a special day.
I want to mention a couple things.. The course was so well marked. They did a great job marking it. The aid station and the volunteers so kind. They gave me hugs and food and so much encouragement . If you get chance to run the Baja Trail Maraton Just do it.
Be the girl who decided to go for it !!! That's it.... Happy running 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Old West 50k race recap

I woke up at 4am so I could be in my car and on my way to pick up Phillip (my friend ) by 4:30am. When it comes to race day you should always plan on being there an hour early. We arrived at      6 am and I had plenty of time to check in and get dressed and have a cup of coffee. The race started right on time and off we went at 7am. 
This race is through Anza Borrego Desert in the spring. I never really thought I loved the desert but when I ran this race for the first time I feel in love. My pictures do not do it justice there is so much purple and the weather this year was what they call "perfect running weather".  
Throughout the entire 50k course there is only 2500 feet of elevation gain and loss. That makes running 31 miles a-lot easier.
I was so excited to run this year because last year the race was canceled. Lucky for us Pinnacle Endurance brought it back this year and did a wonderful job.
This is the best I have ever felt for 31 miles. I know the weather and sand helped. I really like running in sand I am not sure why but I really do. I have been trying to run everyday for the last 6 weeks I missed a day but what I have been trying to do is get used to running even when I feel like crap and when I do not want too. My reason for that is this. I am going  to run the San Diego 100 miler in June and I want to be a stronger runner. That for me means I do not want to chase cut offs. Chasing cut offs makes the race so intense for me and to be honest I would like to know what it is like to run 100 miles with out feeling like I am going to time out...I also figured out my nutrition and that really helps. 
I felt oddly strong the entire time. I was so happy too. I listened to the Gypsy Kings and sang the whole time. I chased a girl I knew I wouldn't catch but I loved trying. I finished in 5:21 that's my 50k PR and  26 minutes faster than my last 50k. Good Times !!
I feel really lucky and blessed to be healthy enough to run and to have such awesome friends to do it with.
Strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't .

Thursday, March 8, 2018


March is already here. I am not sure what is going on but it feels crazy to think we are 3 months into 2018. My One little word this year is balance and that is what I am trying to accomplish. Finding balance and all I can say is these things take time.
I am on my second month of running daily. I missed 2 days because I had a cold . I was hoping that all this running would somehow help me feel stronger but NOPE.
Then that brings me back to finding balance. I am looking for that happy medium and I hope I can find it. I am going to try and stick to running  everyday but if I feel I need a break I will take it.
I am sitting here and today is a rest day. I made it a rest day !!!
This year I have ran 550 miles and its only March ..
I have three race I am looking forward to this month. The Old West in Julian is this Saturday and I am so looking forward to running 31 miles in the desert. I hope I can do a bit better than 2 years ago.
Ill keep you posted !!!!!