Saturday, June 22, 2019

for the love of pacing

My friend Robert asked if Would pace him for the last 16 miles of the SD100 . I think he did it because I was not bale to run it this year and this way he kept me in the game.  It was such a gift to be able to watch and help crew other friends a little bit. I say a little bit because I really did not do much but watch and cheer the runners on. I have some amazing human friends that dream big and its such a big deal and so humbling to watch them run 100 miles. Robert was so good he beat his time by 2 hours ..2 hours is a huge PR. He ran those last 9 miles in at a 13 min pace. He never complained he just kept going. 

A huge congrats to all those who showed up and tackled that 100 mile distance. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Los Angeles Marathon 2019

I know it has been a while but I am back. I ran the Los Angeles Marathon a couple weeks ago. I have wanted to run it for a while and decided that I would do it this year. My dad and I drove up on Friday and made it there by 4 pm and that gave us about an hour to get my bib. Then we went to dinner and made sure I was sleeping by 9 pm. I took this picture at 4:30 am. I got up but unfortunately I didn't want to wake my dad up so I didn't have coffee. That was not a smart choice. I left the room and made my way to the shuttle. It was cold outside and I walked 3 blocks from the hotel to the bus. It felt like the time I ran the Seattle marathon. When I was walking to the bus there was people coming from all over walking to the same bus so you don't really have to feel afraid to be out at 4am walking the streets of LA.
The bus drove us to the marathon and it was a nice bus and everyone was excited and friendly. Once at the start I noticed it was cold and I did not bring a warm enough sweater. I froze for about an hour and then a nice stranger gave me his jacket and I was so cold I took it. The race took of right on time and all 25 thousand people started moving. The first mile was tough but after that I got moving. I was wearing a new pair of shoes and it was a bad choice so my feet hurt for a long time but I was able to run a 4:14. 

I do love being done.

I love the medal it's really big and cool. The marathon was a great experience too. I am really glad I ran it and I am grateful my dad was there with me.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Mount Laguna marathon 2018

This race seemed like a reach but last year I missed it because I was sick so this year even if I had to hike it I wanted to be a part of it. We started of on time 7am and The running of the 6th Mount Laguna was off. November in Cuyamaca is amazing. Its not to cold but the leaves are changing and its a beautiful. 

The best part is seeing everyone out there. Hugging your fiends and hearing all the stories from every ones latest adventure. The race was not hard but I was tired and my legs were tired from Javalina. I found a nice steady pace that worked for me and just stayed at it . I didn't hike to much instead I opted for a steady pace. I think finding a pace and staying at it is a great thing to learn to do well,  Slow or fast.

The medals are always awesome. There hand made.

I was happy with my time and I was happier I could jog up that last climb. This is my last race for 2018 and it was a great year. Everything about it was good. The biggest thanks has to go to my husband because he makes all this possible and he loves hearing about my adventures. 

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Javalina !00 mile race recap

The week before this race, I felt like a mess. I was nervous and excited and had so many vivid dreams about this race. My daughter, Isabella,  drove 6 hours to Arizona with me and she was also excited to be able to share this with me. She was my weekend helper. This would be her first big 100 mile experience with her mom.
When we got to McDowell Park I was impressed by how well this race was set up. They made dropping off all your stuff really easy. The parking was easy and the showers and bathrooms were all easy to get too and clean.

we got our tent right away and unloaded. Bella would have one night of camping alone while I ran we set up her sleeping bag. Then we set up all my race stuff and the cooler. Teenagers need lots of snacks after  we drove to packet pick up about 20 minutes away and that was easy too. We ate a Freak Brothers Pizza hung around bought some T-shirts for my kids and then we saw Catra and a-lot of Hoka athletes. I got the number 46 because I am 46 !
After that we drove to Scottsdale  to our hotel so we could be back at the race by 5am. We fell asleep by 9pm.

Race morning went as planned and I was ready. The music was loud and the excitement was all over. I was excited to try for 27 hours.  That was my huge goal. That would take 3 hours off my PR and I had done the math and thought maybe I could pull it off. Plan B was 29 hours. That would still be a PR and so those where the numbers flying around in my head. Robert convinced me to start with the first group. I was nervous I wouldn't be able to keep up. Robert said to just do it and I did and it was great. 

The race start felt awesome. There was music the Race Director was our DJ. She did a great job getting everyone excited. It was a very different race start and I really enjoyed the whole thing. Runners dressed in costumes and techno was playing. I think it is the coolest race start I have been a part of. 

The race started and I felt great. A couple things I have been working on for this race. I started using carbo-pro for all my runs. I also have been cross training consistently. I felt great I told myself that when I finished the second loop I could listen to my music and I made new play list with Elton John and Kanye. I don't know why, but these songs worked for me.

The first 3 loops I ran with Robert. To my surprise I was able to keep up with him. I just kept a steady pace and we didn't talk we just did our thing. Slow and consistent. I kept waiting for the shit to hit to fan right?? I was thinking Omg why do I feel so good and should I slow down. I kept checking in with myself and everything was fine. Yes my feet where sore and my arms where tired but I felt great for 60 something miles. I ran the first 50 miles in 12 hours. I was doing the math and at mile 70 If I just kept it together I could have had a sub 23 hour 100 mile race!! Lets just say never ever ever would I even think I could do that. Why ?? All my 4 other 100's I have been really close to 30 and between 30 and 31. I know you do not do math while you run so even though I was doing the math my main focus was finishing and I think the numbers thing was a great way to pass the time. I felt so good at one point I had Rocket man playing the sun was setting my heart was bursting with gratitude . Big thoughts I had I am so grateful that I am healthy enough to run 100 miles fallowed by I miss my sister. Then I always go back to how amazing are my fiends and daughter sitting there and waiting with open hearts to help me. A good crew is priceless. I always think about how lucky I am to have good people .. Then I check in with myself. I do a full body scan. I always find something that hurts but pain during an ultra is always changing so when my feet felt so sore I just remind myself that in 10 minutes that will just hang in there.

The night came and before I knew wheels feel off. ( I was doing so well) I started feeling sick and cold. I was tired and the GU would not stay down. I was dehydrated from only drinking carbo pro and no water. ( what was I thinking) That was the problem and consequently my diagnosing skills where left at mile 60. The next lap I lost a ton of time but I also knew that my friend Colleen was  here to pace me. I also knew that everything I was feeling my friends where feeling too. Hey G your not alone in this suffering, this is not easy for anyone so just keep fighting and sooner or later you will finish. Any hope of sub 24 were put down to rest and now it was about keeping my shit together. If you ask my pacer I failed at that too. I am really so grateful for Colleen she took care of me when I was barfing and freezing and at my worst. Thank you Colleen and thank God for good girl friends that are patient and strong.
The sun came out and something in me woke up. Then we ran the last 3 miles in. Ran ran not jogged but 3 miles running.

My time was 24:57. Yes, 24 hours, 57 minutes. 4 hours off my PR!! That was at Western 29:56

Let me just say for the record that even writing that seems crazy to me. How did that happen? It must be all the training.

I had a full range of emotions. Next up? Sub-24. 

Saturday, October 13, 2018

I agree

The Beer Half Marathon

There was a half marathon 6 miles for my house a could weeks ago. You know when you find out there is a race really close to you. You have to go . I wa also able to talk my husband into running the 10k. The race was the beer half marathon. 
Here we are some of my peeps representing the San Diego trail crashers. Humans that run are my favorite kinda people.

The race was actually really challenging . I ran 20 the day before and I just thought this would be easy but it was really hilly and there was trails and lots of street running. I really had fun and had a better second half than first. I was able to catch a couple of my friends and we all ran in with in a mile of each other. Mike got 7th over all for the 10k . I was excited for him and I ran a 1:49 . 

Friends that run together stay together. There was beer and food trucks . I also saw some really good friends I had not seen in years.

I ended up with first in my age group . I think this was a first for me. I had a blast and it was a perfect Sunday. 

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Noble Canyon 50k race review

Early this Saturday morning I stood in a crowd of excited runners in a parking lot surrounded by beautiful mountains. We had perfect weather. It was not to cold and not warm at all.  I also love when you can park a couple hundred feet from the start of the race. There was plenty of parking and lots of bathrooms and it was just easy. I made my way to the registration and got my bib #121.
In 2012 I ran this race for the first time it was my first 50k and I remember I was so excited. 

The race started right on time and the course was so well marked. I never really got nervous about making a wrong turn because every where I ran I saw a ribbon. The first 8 miles are challenging.  I was told this so I just put my head down and kept moving. 

Preparing is the way to go.  The race was a blast and the races in San Diego have the best volutes and that leads to amazing aid stations .. You need it they have it. You might even know you need it but guess what they do.  I think this is an awesome 50K and if you have not run it you should. 

So with the help of the Trail Crasher and making sure we train I made it to the finish line with a huge smile. Lets be honest I threw up at the finish line but thats because I pushed the last 3 miles . I love the feeling of leaving it all out there. 

Yup, I kissed the rat.  7 hours 11 minutes 

Noble Canyon and my favorite community The San Diego ultra running friends made this day so good for so so many runners.... Thank you.