Thursday, June 15, 2017

So grateful

What I am most grateful for is this world..
I am so grateful for my family . I hold our family get together close in my heart. I love the sense of knowing these are my people and even if things are bad they can never stop loving me . I can never stop loving them. What I feel I have with my family is a forever relationship and for that I am so grateful. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The sad truth

Yesterday I took my son to buy a suit for his dad's funeral. You know I have been holding it together but yesterday was so hard. Just knowing he can't call his dad whenever he wants breaks my heart. The way his dad was taken from him is horrible. I keep looking at the pictures and my thoughts keep bringing me to how much I learned from Chris. He changed my life forever. He taught me how to use a computer and he bought me my first new car. He loved reading and because we would watch him read and study for hour and days the kids and I also learned to love books.
He was a good dad and he was crazy about our kids. Chris was adopted so when Christopher was born he looked at and told me .You know this is the first person I have seen that is related to me. It was an awesome moment. When I was pregnant with Isabella he was working at the hospital and he had a 24 hour shift so he couldn't make it to my doctors apt. I found out we would be having a girl and I sent him a big bouquet of flowers that said It's a Girl !! He was so excited. I remember us trying to teach the kids to ride a bike and how challenging it was..
He took Bella and Christopher on a big camping trip that lasted about a week I remember when they got home the kids where in heaven. They had so much fun.  There was so many more memories to be made and the sad truth is they have all been taken from us.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Missed SD 100

My big race this year was the SD 100 . Missing the race and staying home was what I needed do. I really missed being out there with my friends and you know how build up an event forever in your head and when its happening and your not there you feel kinda sad.and left out. That was me. I am looking forward to running it next year and for now I will focus on Cuyamaca 100k and the Tahoe 200 in September.
I am excited to get out there and run soon. Hope your having a nice summer. G

May you rest in peace

My kids lost there dad last week in a most horrible way. I lost my x husband and a life long friend. His friends lost the fun guy that made them laugh. The medical world lost a great researcher . His mother lost her  passionate son and the world lost Chris. There won't ever be another him. He was truly brilliant. He made you feel like you where the only person in the world and he had so much class. 

I started this blog when we where married and even though it did not work between us we still somehow kept our friendship together. We traveled all over the world and had many adventures. Chris spoke French and Italian fluently he loved traveling. My favorite story of us is how we met. I was late going to work so I was running through the parking lot to the elevator in the building I worked in. I made it to the elevator when I looked behind me and saw this tall guy ask me to hold the elevator and run in. He told me I ran to catch the elevator because I saw you and I thought to myself I might never see you again so I thought I would run in and ask you to lunch. I looked up and said lunch would be nice. Then he said you look very pretty and I said you look great too.  
2 years later we where married and 3 years later we had Christopher. When it was good it was great. My kids will miss him and I will miss him. May you rest in Peace and we will never ever ever forget you. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Happy Mothers Day !!
I hope your Mothers Day wishes came true.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Lost Boys 2017 race recap

The day before the race I drove up to Lake Cuyamaca with the plan of sleeping in my van. The sun was setting on my drive and it was devine. I don't remember having a more beautiful spring in San Diego in a very long time. As I was standing here I could smell the mountain flowers. 

I stopped one more time along why 79 to take this picture too. My thoughts where tomorrow morning at 5 am I will start running from the bottom of the desert straight up here. Man that is a long way !!

I was on the bus at 3:30 am. They drove us about an hour I think into the desert and  by 4:30am I had checked in and had my bib. #39. The race director had everything ready to go. There was muffins and I think coffee I am not sure. The RD for the race was there making sure we all knew what was going on and giving us some safety tips. The race started promptly at 5am. I decided to leave my head lamp because the sun would be out soon. This is a picture of the sun rising over the desert it was stunning. I was running with Robert and Mark at this point. Robert and I are running the Tahoe 200  together so we had talked about trying to hang together during this race to get a feel of how we would do. 

The morning is my favorite part f this race. I highly recommend the 
Lost Boys 50 miler. I mean look at this light. The start felt easier this time than our training run 3 weeks ago and that's probably because we ran it and got a feel for it. I am sure my  excitement had something to do with it. San Diego has such a supportive and just great ultra running community how could you not be in running haven. 

Here it looks hotter than it was . The weather was perfect not to hot and not to cold. There was the perfect head wind and everyone was still smiling. The first aid station I remember coming into Larry told me I was number 39 just like my number. I also remember they had the best potatoes I have ever had at a race. I had 2 and kept moving and talked about how good they where for a while. Robert was really good about not letting me lag. I think if I was alone I would not have been as motivated to keep moving and I would have taken way more pictures but nope I kept running along.
 I always run with head phones but lately I have been rewarding myself with music. This time I told myself when I get to Orriflame Canyon I will turn on my tunes and I am so glad I did because I was able to push and yes dance my way up the canyon. I felt like a lucky kid that gets to play outside all day with her friends while climbing the canyon. (while getting her butt kicked by the climb )  After climbing up Orriflame I started to get my second wind. I think it was all that NWA that got me going. I almost forgot to mention that Becca with Nutritiously Balanced helped me with my nutrition and that made a huge difference too. I never felt sick and I was able to keep my energy levels consistent. My expectation going into Lost Boys  was running 25 min faster than last year. That gave me a goal to work towards. Imagine my surprise when a man at an aid station told me your 5th female. I knew there was only 14 woman running and lets be real here in the past I am always near the back. I have never trained so much before and its true if you put in the work you get better results but better results for me would of looked like 30 minutes faster. This training thing really works !!!

I kept running and thought  to myself maybe you should try and catch the next girl G. My thoughts ... what do you have to loose  just run. I pushed myself and pushed some more. Than I passed 5th and then 4th and I had a fun conversation but  she encouraged me to keep pushing so I did. I ended up finishing 3rd female 10 minutes behind second and an 1 hour and 16 minutes faster than last year. 
 All my training with the Trail Crashers is paying off. I get so emotional after I run too. After this picture I gave my friend Becca a hug and cried.  This is such a good race if you love running challenging courses that take you places this race offers just that. Climbing ,stunning views all while getting your butt kicked.
I kept thinking of this quote during the last 5 brutal miles when I asked myself why are you doing this.
You can choose courage or you can choose comfort but you can't choose both.   Brene Brown

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

My thoughts on my race this Saturday... Lost Boys !!!

Elevation profile for Lost Boys !!! eek
I am sitting here with both butterflies and nervous energy. Jack and I went to the park all day to keep me focused on something else. This weekend is Lost Boys 50 miler at 5am Saturday morning. I am really excited for the adventure of the race and I would say nervous for the amount of hard work that is going to be needed to complete this race. There will be so many of my good friends running that it also feels like a mini party. The race to me feels more like a survival crazy weather 50 mile adventure. 
There will be 66 participants this year and out of that 15 females. Its a point to point race starting in the  Anza Borrego dessert that's in San Diego County.1,100 foot elevation tops off on top of Cuyamca peak at 6,512 feet of elevation., Then it ends at Cuyamaca lake  with nearly 9,000 feet of climbing. It is 28 miles of trails ,4 miles of dessert sand 18 miles of jeep road. Does that not sound like an awesome adventure. Last year Angela Shartel  won this race ! She is this really fast ,super strong altra athlete. she ran the entire 50 miles with all that climbing in 8 hours ..  Yeah incredible 
I just really feel like I am so grateful that I will be able to take part in such an exciting event. I am so grateful for the story that will come of showing up and running. My goal is to finish 30 min faster than last year. Last year my goal was to finish and I did so looks like this Saturday will be another amazing day !