Saturday, October 13, 2018

I agree

The Beer Half Marathon

There was a half marathon 6 miles for my house a could weeks ago. You know when you find out there is a race really close to you. You have to go . I wa also able to talk my husband into running the 10k. The race was the beer half marathon. 
Here we are some of my peeps representing the San Diego trail crashers. Humans that run are my favorite kinda people.

The race was actually really challenging . I ran 20 the day before and I just thought this would be easy but it was really hilly and there was trails and lots of street running. I really had fun and had a better second half than first. I was able to catch a couple of my friends and we all ran in with in a mile of each other. Mike got 7th over all for the 10k . I was excited for him and I ran a 1:49 . 

Friends that run together stay together. There was beer and food trucks . I also saw some really good friends I had not seen in years.

I ended up with first in my age group . I think this was a first for me. I had a blast and it was a perfect Sunday. 

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Noble Canyon 50k race review

Early this Saturday morning I stood in a crowd of excited runners in a parking lot surrounded by beautiful mountains. We had perfect weather. It was not to cold and not warm at all.  I also love when you can park a couple hundred feet from the start of the race. There was plenty of parking and lots of bathrooms and it was just easy. I made my way to the registration and got my bib #121.
In 2012 I ran this race for the first time it was my first 50k and I remember I was so excited. 

The race started right on time and the course was so well marked. I never really got nervous about making a wrong turn because every where I ran I saw a ribbon. The first 8 miles are challenging.  I was told this so I just put my head down and kept moving. 

Preparing is the way to go.  The race was a blast and the races in San Diego have the best volutes and that leads to amazing aid stations .. You need it they have it. You might even know you need it but guess what they do.  I think this is an awesome 50K and if you have not run it you should. 

So with the help of the Trail Crasher and making sure we train I made it to the finish line with a huge smile. Lets be honest I threw up at the finish line but thats because I pushed the last 3 miles . I love the feeling of leaving it all out there. 

Yup, I kissed the rat.  7 hours 11 minutes 

Noble Canyon and my favorite community The San Diego ultra running friends made this day so good for so so many runners.... Thank you.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Mt.Baldy and a bad stomach

This Labor Day was really special. My friend Becca got the ball rolling she signed up for The Mt. Baldy run so as a good friend a bunch of us decided to join her. The more the merrier right ? My husband  Jack and I drove up the night before to Ontario and got a hotel room. This way it would just make life easier.
First I need to start with this on Sunday morning we went out to eat at this place I really like but this Sunday It didn't like me. I don't ever get stomach stuff but what ever I ate hurt so much. I had the worst cramps and just so much pain. I felt horrible but I was hoping it would go away and it didn't.

Here is our crew before we started the race to the top. 

Then it was ready set and go !!!

This race starts at 6000 feet and finishes on the summit of the third highest mountain in California- Mt Baldy 10,064 feet.  That's 4000 feet of gain in 7 miles. 

the views where spectacular and I think thats why we do it . To be out in a beautiful place and push yourself in nature. Oh yeah and there is always the fact that your favorite runners are there with you.

Here we are ..and yes there is Robert !! I love 

 I felt horrible for most of the run /hike my stomach was hurting me so I totally slowed my friends down but there was not much else I could do I just moved slowly and we made it ..
This is my I feel like crap but I am still here pushing pose. 

The race had a lot of single track and the drops where awesome. I loved it but I really want to go back next year and see how I do with out pain. It was hard and fun but so so pretty.

The greatest gift in life is friendship and I have that... ..

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The AFC Half marathon

I was not going to run the AFC half marathon my son was going to run it this year and I was so excited for him. He did all the training but unfortunately he was not able to go and this year it just was not in the cards for him.  I ran in his place and I do love the race. I have ran this race with my dad 5 times and with my husbands twice and alone 3 times. This was my 10th AfC. How fun right ??
During the race I saw a couple of friends and Juliann ran a couple miles with me . That was so much fun we talked and hung out and ran. I wanted to run it under 2 hours because I just think that's a good time . I was getting close to the finish and my dad jumped in and ran half mile with me and I got in at 1:58. That's perfect 
My super sweet people . My dad came to see my son run but instead he got me and Juliann ran a couple miles with me and other friends but it was nice to get to see her. It was a great Sunday and I do love this race. Getting up at 4 am maybe nit so much but after the race is over all the inconveniences are so worth it.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A couple new summer races

  • I feel like sometimes for me after running 100 miles I am done for a while. I feel like I got kicked of a horse and getting back on seems like a lot of work. I guess the way to get back on and train with purpose is to find a race and sign up. 
  • I signed up for another 100 miler in October. My biggest reason was because I get to spend time with my friends and it looks like a fun race and one I would not try alone. The Javalina 100 miler in Arizona. I am worried about the heat but my thoughts are if I just manage myself and keep ice on myself I should be okay.
  •  Then while going Ultra sign up I saw run to the top of        Mt. Baldy 7 miler.  I have always wanted to try this one I signed up last year but was unable to attend so this year I hope to be there.
  • I almost forgot Noble Canyon Sept 22nd. I love this because it hard and hot but the perfect distance 31 miles and its local. 
  • That's my summer runs I have to look forward too. 
    Its always fun to get out there for the whole day and just enjoy life. 

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Summer check in

This last I went on vacation with my family. The whole family and I know when I am with them I am right where I am supposed to be. Its an easy time. 20 people and we all get along . Everyone is really good about compromising too. It was so pretty and warm and all those tings you just love about Mexico. I just love the feeling of being away on a beach get away. 
Everything was going really nicely until I got this bad pain in my mouth. I had an implant put in and it was infected. I had told my dentist several times that it felt wrong but he did not listen so while in Mexico it got real. I went to pharmacy and got medication not pain medication because I am not big on taking stuff for pain but I did get medication for the infection.
I got back Sunday and Wednesday morning I had to have surgery in the hospital to clean out the infection. It was brutal and one of those holy crap this hurts surgeries. Its now Sunday and I do feel so much better . I cant smile yet and I have to eat soft food due to all the stitches in my mouth but I can feel my body is healing. I have not really ran for almost 12 days either.. (aaarrgghhhh)
This makes me very anxious and I am hoping that by Tuesday I can go for a 10 mile run. It is crazy how much more in balance with my body and mind I feel when I run and move. This year has been full of doctor stuff and I am hoping this will be last of it for a while.  I would like to get back to my running life instead of eating and sitting around life. 

This is from our vacation. All the girls doing girl things.
Shopping please :).   How is your summer so far ?? Any Plans