Wednesday, April 26, 2017

My thoughts on my race this Saturday... Lost Boys !!!

Elevation profile for Lost Boys !!! eek
I am sitting here with both butterflies and nervous energy. Jack and I went to the park all day to keep me focused on something else. This weekend is Lost Boys 50 miler at 5am Saturday morning. I am really excited for the adventure of the race and I would say nervous for the amount of hard work that is going to be needed to complete this race. There will be so many of my good friends running that it also feels like a mini party. The race to me feels more like a survival crazy weather 50 mile adventure. 
There will be 66 participants this year and out of that 15 females. Its a point to point race starting in the  Anza Borrego dessert that's in San Diego County.1,100 foot elevation tops off on top of Cuyamca peak at 6,512 feet of elevation., Then it ends at Cuyamaca lake  with nearly 9,000 feet of climbing. It is 28 miles of trails ,4 miles of dessert sand 18 miles of jeep road. Does that not sound like an awesome adventure. Last year Angela Shartel  won this race ! She is this really fast ,super strong altra athlete. she ran the entire 50 miles with all that climbing in 8 hours ..  Yeah incredible 
I just really feel like I am so grateful that I will be able to take part in such an exciting event. I am so grateful for the story that will come of showing up and running. My goal is to finish 30 min faster than last year. Last year my goal was to finish and I did so looks like this Saturday will be another amazing day !

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The La Jolla Half marathon

I was not planning on running the La Jolla half but a friend asked if I wanted to join the fun and I could not say no. We took of promptly at 7:30 and I knew I would have to push because I was running on tired legs. I already had 55 miles in for the week but my thought was the more tired I am the better because during these 50 and 100 mile runs I have coming up I will for sure be running on tired legs so what better way to prepare. I love this race for starters its 13.1 miles. You know you'll be done early that is a huge plus. The weather is amazing and the scenery is the best of San Diego.  

The morning was perfect. Great weather a great DJ and so many excited runners and a food truck.

I don't have any pictures of me running but I had a good race. 8:36 average pace and 1:55 finish. I was happy with that . I didn't Walton the hills and that is a big plus for me. 

Here we are after a super fun time. My friend Daniel and me. 

I also did the total fan girl thing and asked Andrea from runcoachrun if I could take a picture with her. She was so nice and sweet. She is an amazing bad ass ultra-runner.  Look at my smile I was so excited. I had a great time and I fell so grateful that I was able to take part in such a fun event !!!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

It was a great day !!

The Wild Animal Park. The news lately is so sad that I am going to get back here and focus on the positive. Today my dad jack and I went to the on a mini adventure to the Wild animal Park. This was the first time he went on the Merry Go-round with out being afraid. Kids grow up really fast and having four I am constantly reminded that this life of mine is a gift and it is not going to last forever so I try to find the story in of each day. Today's story was watching my dad and Jack hanging out together. Jack asking my dad ," grampa why is your white ?" My dad trying to get Jack to share his ice cream by taking some when Jack was not looking . The way Jack asks my dad a bunch of questions about the animals? Questions like ," Do the big animals poop ?"  I try and take these moments in and then I hold them tight because they are the stars in my sky. THE BIG moments are in the little pieces we choose to hold on too..

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Encinitas Half Marathon

I love this medal. The white building is Swamis and I have been running by it for years. I had to share the medal so cool !!

Encinitas Half marathon

Two weeks ago I ran the Encinitas Half marathon. I put in a-lot of miles the week before and I was not planning on running but last minute I joined. I went into it as I do most of my races. I wanted to enjoy I and not push because my head told me I should be tired from the 60 something miles I put in that week. It was a very well executed race. The fast people first and then the rest of us. I felt sore at first but my mile 3 I was feeling really good. If you don't know Encinitas the race was pretty much flat and it's a beach town. The people are awesome and the town has that old fashion beach feeling.
So I am running and here is my thing I know I am not a fast runner at least that's what I think but as I was running I said to myself G lets see if you can run at an 8:40 pace so I did and I felt fine. I just kept that pace up and then I did the whole How do I feel thing ? I do this this thing and I am sure a bunch of us do. The body scan, My feet don't hurt and my legs are fine and I am breathing really well so all is good. Then I thought lets see if I can go faster and you know when you have been running 12 ,13 minutes miles forever 8 feels fast. Then I got down to 8:30 and just stayed there and felt fine. I had one mile to go and I looked at my watch and saw that if I could run a 7 minute mile I could run a 1:50 and that would be my fastest half marathon ever. I was not going for a PR but it was so exciting to see what my body could do when my mind let it. Its fascinating where this journey of running has taken me. I have grown so much as a person because of it. I am thinking maybe next time I run a half I will just start fast and see what happens !!! 

I was so happy and it was a great day !! Oh and the medal.
the craziest things happen when you don't expect it !

Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekend Update and some running stories

This weekend was so rad !!! I have to first say thank you to my husband who loves me and thinks it is so great I love to run  and doesn't mind watching the kids  Saturday mornings and sometimes  that turns into Saturday afternoon.
I feel like we are deep in training for San Diego 100 miler. The miles are getting longer and the runs harder. It is also getting warmer. This weekend was an oh shit and yeah run weekend. Saturday I was up at 4:30 am and in the car by 5 am to get to the mountains by 7am. I had stop for coffee and a bathroom so the ride turns into 2 hours. I was grateful to be there on time and ready to do the training I find to be the hardest.  The Orriflame suffer fest. We run on the PCT for a couple miles and then down the canyon and then up again. 10 miles down and then back up it feels like so much work coming back up. I think that runs like this are so important for mental training if you are training for an ultra. Doing the long hard runs that scare you are the ones that make a difference. That was my oh shit run.. Then Saturday I had the San Diego half marathon . I love this race it was my 6th year running it. I saw a bunch of The Trail crashers before the race and ended up running with a friend Nartaya the entire race. It was a really easy race and I was so surprised I didn't have a-lot of pain. My legs felt better the farther we got into the race and we talked the entire time about our kids and just ran. We ended up with 2:02 and that was great time. I know we could of gone faster but I think both of us just wanted to run at a good pace. That put me at 70 miles for the week and well on my way to the right training I need to finish SD100 . I hope you had a great weekend and happy trails..

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Pirates Cove 12 hour race review

I arrived at Lake Cuyamaca around 7am. That means I left my house at 5:15 am ( The getting up in the morning part not fun) Once I arrived at the start  I was greeted with a good morning by the legend Scott Mills. That is always a good sign. Then I found my friend Julianne she was my Western States pacer and now my trail sister. This was a loop race so I kinda put out what I thought I would need neat the side of the start line and waited to start. Every thing was well planned and the race went of right on time at 8:am.

It was a 1.7 mile loop. It had a small hill and it was not flat. This 1.7 mile stretch had a lot going on and I was grateful for that. This was not a boring course. My dad came out and ran 6 miles with me less than 3 miles 3 loops. I was having a great day just running in circles and hanging out. I never got tired or down I felt super lucky to be able to spend the day outside surrounded by running doing what I love.
I passed this tree 25 times and it never got old.

 My friend Phillip killing it.
I told you the Lake was showing off. I mean look at this picture. It was so so peaceful and pretty. The only part that sucked about the lake was the freezing wind that was coming off of it.

I just kept going and going. It got really cold about this time but I was running until 8 pm so I knew I would only be in the cold for an hour or so. That made it bearable. 

This was a fun race and I am happy I decided to take part in it. I totally recommend running it maybe with some friends. This would make a great first ultra too. SO much fun !!

My friend Becca sent me a text.. Look I got first female in the 12 hour race !!! How cool is that.  Here is what I learned at this race. cryo therapy worked really well for me. I did it the day before the race it totally helped. I went into this race with 4o miles on my legs and my legs where just tired so yes it helped.
I kept eating the entire race and that worked well. I did hatred down tailwind and it worked great. I also like carbo pro but this time I just used the tailwind and I was fine. There you go !! This weekend is a 22/20 weekend. Wish me luck and have a great week .

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Pirates Cove

I was talking to my friend Phillip and he casually mentioned he was running Pirates Cove. I think he is doing the 12 hour run and so I decided it would be a great training run for me too. I have never done this race and it looks like fun. It is a loop course and a bunch of people I know will also be running it so yes I signed up.  I will be going for 50 miles. Time on my feet and I really want to do well at SD100 so practice practice practice.   Have an awesome weekend and I will fill you in the details on my next post.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Training run in the dessert

I slept about 3 hours on Friday night. Jack is sick and his coughing along with just being his mommy kept me up. I ended up getting up at 3 am I contemplated getting ready to run or getting back in bed. I knew when I sat up in bed that running would win. I have learned that when ever I hesitate on a run either because the drive is so long or the weather sucks or I just feel lazy that if I just get ready and leave the house I will have a great day! It usually works that way. I got up and made coffee got ready and looked at the forecast. It said COLD !! 40 and windy :( Then I pack every jacket I own just because having my jackets in the  car helps me feel more ready. 
Our run was the first 18 miles of the Lost Boys course. Can I just say it was really difficult. A total work out. My mantra when running really hard stuff is this is making me stronger. I just say that over and over and over .
We climber boulders that used to be waterfalls and we just kept running. Then I realized that for me this was one of those runs that you get what you put in. It was really pretty out in the dessert and the sky was bright blue. The weather ended up at a perfect 70 degrees . I got to see my friends and yes getting 3 hours of sleep having to leave my house at 4am and being uncomfortably cold at the start of our run was so worth it. This weeks run felt like an adventure. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday's training run

Today's run took place in Cuyamaca. We ran 18 miles of the  Orriflame course. It was so cold my teeth kept chattering. Last year when I ran this race my feet where in bad shape and running down the rocky Orriflame course was so painful and it took me forever. I felt running today was a big mental boost I felt way stronger running down and even though I didn't feel great running up hill that is okay because I just ran a 50.  This running lifestyle it is a very good one. Wishing you a very happy Sunday. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

My Lake Hodges 50 miler race report

I woke up 5 times the night before the race and the last time I woke up I yelled, " oh no I missed it I over slept."  My husband kindly told me it is 4 am. I think you're ok. I was nervous because even though I was excited to be a part of such a great event I decided to run it last week so my training could have been better. I know that I would have benefited from doing a couple back to back long runs but I needed just think about the training I have been doing and remember how well I know the course.
 I got to the race 30 minutes early and got my bib #245 got a hug from the race director Paul (awesome human ) then before you know it we where off. Right on time. 

A couple things I loved about this race. The weather  was perfect perfect. I wore a short sleeve running shirt and shorts. I didn't need gloves and I was not hot or cold . It was perfect. The trails where perfectly clean because of all the rain we have been having and everything was green. I felt great at the start. I was running 11 min miles and just stayed at that pace. I met new people and had some fun conversations. I was excited because the Trail Crashers where hosting an aid station 15/35. ( I get to see my friends twice) and  just knowing I get to spend all day running this amazing course Paul set out for us how could I not be happy.

The sun came out briefly and it was mostly over cast. (perfect running weather) There was also an aid station every 5 to 10 miles fully loaded. The aid stations had everything you needed. The course was so well marked (thank you Paul)                                                I felt good and happy most of the time. The hardest miles for me where 43 to 49. I was just tired and my tummy was not happy. I also know that if I would have dome some back to back long runs I would of been mentally better prepared for that I am tired feeling and my body would of pushed a little harder. 

 This was just a great day. I wanted to do better than I did in 2015 . I ran it 10 minutes faster and this is weird but I felt like I was going faster than 2 years ago. The difference is I ran at a consistant pace this year. Instead of running walking I kept it under 12 minute miles for most of the race. Baby steps

 The course is awesome. I was talking to this lady I was running with and she told me she does this race every year and the thing that bothers her is there is to much running on this course. I thought about it for a while and I think what she meant is that its a flat course. I love it ! I love the running part of this whole situation. I loved seeing so many familiar faces and the volunteers are just so good to us runners. I felt like yes the race director likes us he is making sure this race goes of with out a problem and thats what it felt like.

I was so happy to be done. My finishing time was 9 :45 thats my 50 mile PR.  A huge Thank You to Paul Jesse for putting on an excellent race. The voluteers for taking great care of the runners and my running group The Trail Crashers I love them there support makes me try harder and my husband for coming with Jack to the race.  

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Lake Hodges 50 here I come

This is Lake Hodges  we run here  a-lot. There are lots of trails and its close to everyone. Maybe not close but about an hour drive and that's close. It is really pretty and you can get a ton of miles out here. The San Diego 50 miler is this weekend and I decided last minute I wanted to run it. I love The Ultra running community in San Diego. I always feel like it is such a treat to be part of racing or volunteering at any Ultra here.
I haven't trained for the 50 miler but I think I will be okay because I have kept up my training and I feel excited.The last time I ran this race in 2014 It took me 9:55 minutes so I would like to do better than that.
I am going to use take it easy and see if I can just keep a steady pace the entire time. The Trail Crashers are going to have an aid station at mile 15 and 35 so I get to see my friends twice.
The world outside seems like such a mess right now that getting a good long beautiful run will be awesome medicine for my soul. I look forward to telling you all about the race . It this Saturday at 6:30 am so please send me good running thoughts. Have an awesome day !

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Monday, January 30, 2017

Weekends are for running

Our Saturday run was so much fun. We meet at Lake Hodges and went out for 14 miles. The mountains are always so pretty after a week of rain. Everything was a green and just looked clean. 
A-lot of us showed up and I love it when the group gets together. Lots of great runners in this picture. The longer distances seem shorter when you have friends to talk to and catch up with. It was 40 something when we started but it quickly warmed up.
I came home took a shower and then the family and I went to go see Isabella perform. She was awesome so happy to be acting. 
Then Sunday my dad and I went Oceanside to run. We went out for 10 miles the day was perfect. So beautiful. I felt great and it was an easy 10 miles. I am always surprised by what my body can do. It just keeps going. That put me at 65 running miles for the week. I am hoping to just keep this pace up as I train for SD100. 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

From the Ocean to the streets

Saturday was a full day.I got up at 5 am and tried to be out the door by 6am. I noticed I needed gas and that my big water bottle was empty( thank you jack) so I barely made it on time to our run (I need to plan ahead) but lucky for me I knew the route and joined them a mile into there run.We had a great run along the Ocean from Mission Bay to La Jolla shores and back. The group ran 16 I ran 14. That puts me at 65 miles of running for the week and 78 miles including walking.I left our run at 10:30 so I could be be home by 11 am and 

marching with my daughter by 11:30. I thought we would be late but we got there 10 minutes before they started . We found a place  to stand and I felt like  I was right where I was supposed to be. I was choked. I could hear my daughter chanting Human rights are woman's right.  I never really felt like I needed to get involved and I never felt scared but that has changed .  My daughters and I have chosen to volunteer and be involved. I will do this with peace and love leading me.  I will pray for the new president he needs it. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

It's time to start training

It's that time. Training for the San Diego 100 officially starts this week for me. Training is my favorite part of this journey. When race day arrives there will be so many new stories about how I barely made it on time to a run because I totally forgot my shoes and had to drive back home to get them (that was this morning)  or about how we did a 25 mile training run that I dreaded but I ended OK. There are going to be so many beautiful trails we are going to explore and mountains we will run up and down. There will be the fact that by race day I will look super fit. ( great bonus ). I can't forget that on this journey I will eat healthier than I do the rest of the year.  Then when you thought OMG what the heck did I sign up for there is RACE DAY ! 
This is me 2 years ago at the start of the SD 100. I had no idea what I was in for but I would not change a thing. It was a huge growing experience for me. I know I train better and work harder this year because I know you have to put in the work to succeed and the harder you work at this the better the out come will be. This year my goal is to run this race in 27 hours. I think I can do it. I have a plan. It starts with a 45 mile week . Do you have a race this year you are excited about ??

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.   Rumi

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The year of Growth

Happy Tuesday , The beginning of a good story always gets me really excited . starting the year over brings me joy. Here I am 44 year old mother of 4. A wife and a runner a sister and a daughter. This are all the words or titles I think I hold. Oh wait I am also a good friend. This year I am excited to continue learning . Taking classes and using my knowledge to grow.
One of the areas I want to grow in is running. The thing that is true about running these long distances is the more you run these races the more you learn about yourself . What your capable of and what your body can handle. I started of the year by going to this crazy body pump class. OMG I thought I would die. It was really fun we played a dice game and worked out for an hour. I loved it I can't move today but that is okay. I got a great run in the last two days and I know if I just keep this up it can only help me move in the right direction.
I also want to be a better mom. In brain storming with my kids we decided on having more date nights. I also signed up for some parenting classes. How to bring more Joy to your family. It can't hurt.
One of the areas of my life that need work is building a better relationship with my sister. I get that family is forever so this Thursday is our first date night for 2017. 

I never want to stop growing or moving in the right direction.
Hope you have an awesome day.