Saturday, July 31, 2010

Check it out !!

I stumbled across this super great blog...Her name Susanna
I really like her blog its fun and she is doing this Challenge..I think my scarf sisters would totally dig check it out friends...

Friday, July 30, 2010

Dear Carrie,

Dear Carrie,
I just wanted you to know that I miss you.. I hope you are having a great time. Guess what I signed up for the Debbie Campos class. I knew that would make you happy because she is your favorite scrapping chick. I am excited too!!
I cant wait to see your smiling face and please blog as much POSSIBLE...because it will help with the missing you part..Ok my sweet friend , your friend in San Diego misses you much..
Love ...G

A little note..

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh !! The renegade was so much fun.

I am so glad that my kids decided happily join me for the ride...It took us three hours to get to the Renegade Fair but when we arrived it ...Oh my momma was a happy camper....Let me start by showing you this sweet tent...Oh man !! if I ever have a tent I want it to look like this one..A patch work tent.
Here is a view of Los Angeles from the fair.
This is the Coffee cart..Do you see the rain drops on it made out of wood contact paper..seriously beautiful !!!
yes ..If you live any were near a Renegade fair go. go. go.
Check out what my kids bought..This is the cutest little troll monster ever.
AHHHH!!!!!! how cute is the troll monster..Love at first sight.
Miss Bella got this adorable little doll..We walked around and she spotted this doll but she decided that she might want something else so we walked away..a couple of hours later she decided she wanted this sweet doll. It must have taken us another hour of walking in the heat to find it...but we did and bella was a happy girl..
Here we are the girls at the Renegade..So happy..This weekend its going to be in San Francisco. If your close GO. GO. GO.
We had the best Sunday ever..

Monday, July 26, 2010

Its Pink Ninja Time

Its time for The Pink Ninjas To host another fun filled blog hop..Its like a BBQ on line..This is what our host are serving...They are scrap booking kits filled with all the trimmings. They have ribbons and cute fabric accessories. Rub ons and amazing collection of cool papers..Miss Nely should get an A because she made one of a kind little fima cassettes tapes.. There so perfect..My picture do not do them justice but theres do...go here for a better look....
So since its time to blog are the rules..

*please, visit each of the five listed blogs, us, the pink ninja addicts, as well as miss tanisha. leave us a sweet comment
*to enter for the give aways, you must be a follower here, on the pink ninja addicts, you must follow the three addicts, but please visit us all :-)

*please share the news about this blog hop, make a post about it on your blog, share on twitter, or even facebook, but at a minimum, share on your blog.
*make sure you re rocking our adorable pink ninja addict girl on your blog,,,
and here are the prizes,,,
Oh Miss Ally...made these head bands..they make me want to buy matching lipstick...
Once again...Miss Nelly out did her self with this cute zipper pouch...LOVE IT !!!!
I created these cute little Robot earrings...from The main Kit Play this song on the radio..

ninja star carrie created her give aways using the newest addicts kit *toast & bananas*
*summer pinwheels* hand made by ninja star carrie

Thanks so much for playing with us...This should be fun...

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Its good..

Its Sunday morning and I can here my sweet Bella taking a shower and I am listening to great music. That's what is going on at this exact moment in my day. So simple
We are looking forward to getting on the road to go the Craft Fair. I have made a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the road. I am feeling very grateful for all the blessings that have been bestowed on me right now. I am not going to worry about the things I can not change this Sunday instead I will keep trying to bring myself back to being here now..

Friday, July 23, 2010

I Interrupt This Message...

Hello ladies...guess what this weekend is The Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles..Holy Cow talk about exciting stuff..If you are within a couple hours driving distance you should go..Its so inspiring and just amazing..I hope you can make. I am going on Sunday and I just map quested the whole deleo and its 2 hours from my house..Yeah!!!! I am going to take so many pictures and Ally and Nelly from the pink ninjas are going to be there too..

A Little adventure in San Diego..

My sweet friend Cathy invited me to go with her and Allison to take a paddle boarding class..Of coarse I sad yes !!!! I love stuff like this and even though it was a cold morning day in July in San Diego the water was warm..and we did it !

Here we are..Alli and Cathy and I..I got the Orange board. It was fate because that's my favorite color.
Yes we were a little scared but I think it was more like this...I hope the water is not soon as I noticed that she gave the orange board I new it was going to be perfect.
After out little adventure we did what one should do....
Have a great weekend and I changed my play list. I am a complete creature of habit so I can have the same Cd's in my forever but It was time to change the music. Hope you like it ..

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Check out my little girl...

Paola and Abby made this little vidoe this weekend ..Its great to see what there imaginations at work..and she looks so sweet..

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today is perfect for that..

I got my feelings hurt for some silly reason and as was sitting there trying to figure out why I was feeling this way this voice in my head said...Miss G today is the perfect day to start over..I felt like someone had set me free and had given me another chance. I feel like I get to roll the dice again even though I just had my turn. So what can I do with this...
The same thing we can all do each day..I will start off today by being a little nicer to myself , I will pay more attention to to the words I speak to myself. I will try to feed myself better and get enough sleep. There are people that are not good for me to be around at this time I will not let my fear of speaking up keep me some were I don't want to be. I keep telling myself I will try.
I will slowly try to become that girl I know I can become if you took all my fear of failure away.
In my reality today and every day is a perfect day to start over.I have decided that at the end of each night I will put to rest that day. What ever happened that day its done I cant change it. It is the past and I will give myself permission to start over tomorrow and since today is our tomorrow I will do what I can to bring myself back to the present.
We wake up and go through our day..How often are we really present. I am not present as much as I would like to be. Human Nature is to worry and plan and work and just go through the motions right? OK well here is a trick that is working for me..Break your day up in into pieces. Morning ,early afternoon and late after noon and evening. Now as you go through your morning say to yourself here I am its Wed morning and its cold outside and I am here blogging looking at my perfectly messy living room. Next I ask myself how are you today Miss G..I stop take a deep breath and answer myself ..I am feeling pretty good this morning. maybe this sounds crazy but its an easy practice and it helps take a-lot of the pressure off. It feels good to know that we can start a new each and every day and feel happy or yucky or sad or excited all in one day. It also feels good to know that at each and every point in our life we can choose to start over and give our selfs permission to be happy and succeed ..Or if you fail and feel like crap today guess what you can roll your dice again and since we are showing up for ourselves trying to be here in the now maybe just try it a little different and see if you move a little bit forward..
DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF...there is hope for life is sweet...and a little bird told me that today is a perfect day to start over....

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pink Ninja addicts....Monday

Here it is the new Pink Ninja Kit...*please play this song on the radio* and the electric youth Add on kit....I am planning on working on mine this afternoon so I hope to be able to show you a fun layout tonight...The guest designer is Tanisha Reed ..So go here to see it all...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's Sunday Afternoon

It's Sunday afternoon and I'm having Stella Artois beer and this song is on my mind. Hopefully, this is now in your head (you can get it at a store near you).

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Look what I found!!

I love doughnuts..I usually buy them once a week. They are just so good...but I just discovered that close to me there is a very special and extra delicious little doughnut shop..
I am not sure what it is about them or maybe its everything about them that just makes them amazing..
Christopher was is heaven..Isabella was in heaven and me well...My mouth was oh so happy..
Leucadia Doughnut shop .75 cents

Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Journal

So Yummi !!!!! I love cupcakes..Ok I love any kind of cake I really do...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Salvation Mountain

Today I took my two little kids to Salvation Mountain..It's about 3 hours from my house. They didn't know this and I pretended not to know ..It was a little cold were I live and so I thought this perfect a little road trip to warm weather...
So three hours later here we are...I loved it..Its so crazy cool...Like something out of a Dr .Seuss book that came to life..I can only imagine having that complete faith that you are doing Gods plan on earth. Like the man who built and painted this mountain.. God loves people and I love God so I paint for him...that's why he paints for God ..
I can only tell you try to go in the winter..This heat is not good for children. ask mine!!
So people from all over bring him car doors and windows and cars..He paints them all...Jesus loves you!
Dr. Seuss had to be on his mind when he painted this...
This is in the tunnel of painted roses...
pretty amazing hu..I just wanted to go and be there..Talk to God and chill in the heat..
One man did all this..

The exit sign...
And many thanks to these little people who bless my life everyday with there presence...I am sure they will grow up and say...Do you remember when mom made us drive to that hot mountain just so she could sit on the bottom of the mountain and close her eyes...and it was so hot we both cried...I know I felt bad but I bought them a ice cream and we played what if most of the way home...but I think what I love is having them in the car with me for that long without TV or cell phones or anything..There all mine....and who wouldn't want to go see a Salvation Mountain ..Its a painted mountain...I love stuff like that...