Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sharing Memorial Day

Hi guys.. I have been reading my new book and spending time with people I love. I have been tired and so I have been sneaking in as many naps as I can. I wanted to share a couple pictures from my families memorial day. I feel really lucky to have a big family . I fought my entire childhood to prove to myself that I was worth keeping. (Its a long story..) The last two years I have finally felt like all those feelings have somehow just faded and thats because I have grown into my family. I have somehow learned to accept that I am worthy and that even though I am not perfect I am enough. Its weird how time is teaching me how grateful I need to be. I look at my mom different and I look at my nephews and nieces with such amazement. Ok so maybe I am nesting. I do think that for me having kids of all ages has for sure taught me that it goes by so fast since I am choosing to spend most of the time with my mom and taking care of my sister my family has become the center of my heart. ( the picture above is me on the left and my sister in law on the right.)

So my family and I spent the day at the bay. Its so perfect how little kids can be happy all day playing with a water bottle. It shows how its the little things.

My mom has 12 grandkids. They range from 3 to 18. This is my nephew..Its kinda crazy how my little brother has a 15 year old son. The weather was perfect in San Diego this is my nephew paddle boarding. Next year I will be in the water I am just to big right now. Did you see the picture of me up above. BIG comes to mind.

Don't you love this picture..My dad and my nieces..

Here you go.. This is my son playing frisbee.. I hope you like my pictures from this past monday. Have a wonderful day and I will be back.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Monday

Happy Memorial Day to you. I am sitting in my living room with my coffee as my kids are sound asleep. I am just thinking about the fact that I will be moving shortly. In 25 days we will be in our new house that we just bought. I thought buying a house would feel so comforting but for some reason renting just seems like an easier task. I guess I always took for granted how easy  moving was in my past life. Someone else took care of all the paper work I took care of the house, this time I am much more involved and its  a-lot scarier than I imagined.  Being an adult brings so much responsibility . Our new house is about 1 mile from my moms house and my dads house. That brings me peace because I am close by. The coolest thing about this house is the back yard. Its huge and the neighbors behind our house have horses and Bella loves horses. It has a pool and a vegetable garden. I feel the most at peace and grounded when I am outside. The house is small but thats ok I have to much stuff anyway and I do believe that less is more. The kitchen is green and very 50s but in a cute way. It  reminds me of a doll house. I never thought we would get this house but the original buyers fell through and here we are. I hope I never move again after this. Here is the one good thing about getting a divorce ..You have to give the other person half so this time around it should be way easier. I only have half the stuff I used to have..
I started this painting yesterday.. I read this somewhere what do you want to paint? What do you want to see in your paintings. At this very moment I feel very pregnant and mommy. I feel like all I want is to be a good mom. Im sure it has to do with being 6 months pregnant but I feel very protective of my children. I wanted to paint something that represented all of the thoughts that are swimming in my head. Our new house the new baby and me trying my best to be a good mommy. So here it is...

There little initials are in each of the hearts.
Together in our home. I honestly hope that I can always have a safe and happy home for them . I can only imagine we all want that for our kids. I am thinking that when I move in but not before I will write our new address around the canvas. This is going up in the new house. Im learning to accept with a smile all the wonderful things that seem to happen on my journey but what I am most grateful for is that I get to walk with journey with my kiddos. I adore being there mom.
Happy Memorial Day and be safe.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

What you seek..

Morning.. Happy Saturday.. I am really excited about today. My dad is on his way over and we are going to Knotts Berry Farm. I cant really go on the fast rides but I can still enjoy myself. I got a new book yesterday and I have running on my mind. I miss it so much. I signed up for a couple halves last year and that fact that they are payed for is a great way to get myself motivated to start running.  The feeling I miss the most about running is when you start your run and your a little cold but your body is warming up and its really early so it feels like there is no one else out there. Love that feeling.  

Next year I hope to have many post that include doing what makes me the happiest.. Do you know what makes you super happy ? Sometimes its right in front of us we just have to see it accept and go with it. Have a great Saturday..

Friday, May 24, 2013

She Looks so Serious..

She looks so serious don't you think. I was feeling serious and  wishing I had a fox by my side all the time. If I could create my own world I would love to have him by my side as my companion all the time. My son asked me what my spirit animal was and I told him I was not sure but I thought a fox or an owl..He mama you spirit animal is a bird ..What kind of bird I asked him and he told me the kind that flies over me all the time to make sure I am OK.
I told him that sounded perfect. I love the cute conversations that come from something I painted. I added little flowers on her head  I think they make her look like royalty..I hope you are having a happy Friday. I am feeling really good lately. I am not to tired and that is a huge plus. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Celebrating 12

We started out this morning by opening present and going out for Breakfast. Christopher was so excited to get his first electronic drum set and as we drove to breakfast I told him his dad and grandmother where waiting for us at breakfast to give him a huge hug.
The Birthday boy had a waffle with bacon and eggs..
Then we got in the car just christopher Isabella and I and drove to the happiest place on earth.

It started of kinda hot and there was so many people but as the day went on it cooled of and the longest we ever waited in line was 20 minutes.

We did a little bit of resting for me but for the most part we went on every ride he wanted to except for Matterhorn and Thunder Mountain where both closed...

I really do love the experience of Disneyland . I adore seeing my kids crazy happy  planning what ride we will go on next... I love thinking about the fact that at some point we get to go on my favorite ride Pirates of the Caribbean . I totally takes me back to being a little girl.

So much to do..

Everybody needed a break at some point. I think that celebrating turning 12 at Disneyland can be very successful . 

My favorite memorie from today was watching my kids skip in front of me as we made our way to the car...It was a good moment..

Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 1 of celebrating Christopher

Hi..I missed my little blog. My birthday has passed and for this I am grateful .. I do not really like my birthday. I know people are supposed to love that day but it just makes me feel a little anxious and for some reason sad. I do not feel sad because I am older. I do not really care about my age. I get very meloncholy on this day and sappy yuck....but I am really happy to say that my son has his birthday 4 days after mine and I try to make that as special as possible. I have him all week (YES) so when I picked him up from school I told him we are starting a week long celebration of your birthday today !!

So I started our week long celebration with Ice Cream ...
SUBZERO crazy good stuff
fallowed by

What a movie on a school night...Yes
I made sure we would have enough time to get school work done.
but I think it was the first time we did a movie on a school night. It was exciting to do something out of the norm.. Christopher has been asking me to take him to see this movie and it was really good. Great dresses and hats and the it felt so Hollywood and fancy. I loved the movie and I feel we had an amazing day 1 of celebrating my little boy..

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Quick Check In

Hi... guys
I don't have to much to share.. I can tell you the number 1 thing I am right now. I am sleepy not tired just sleepy. 

I am loving this new app by a beautiful mess. Can you tell my face is chubby. I have gained 27 pounds and I have 3 months to go.. I am not working hard enough on eating healthy just on eating. I hope your having a good day..

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A little Freda action

Hi guys.. How are you ? I have been doing a little painting its challenging making time to do what I really like..but not impossible. I really like this Freda she makes me happy. 

Are you just loving the new photography app by Elsie.. Its so much fun. I used it on all three pictures. Its a must get. I painted this girl for my mom but then I got a better Idea for her so I will be working on a new Freda..
My birthday is this Saturday and I am hoping that I will get this form someone... you know who you are :)
A little bit about my baby bump. I feel like I am huge. I really want to start walking again as I know it would help but I have not focused on getting my behind moving. I am really excited to meet this little person growing in my tummy.  Have a wonderful day..

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Waffle House wishes

After hearing from many friends how good The waffle House was in carlsbad I finally got go. For me when I am pregnant hearing about food thats really make me wish for it and dream about it so then I have to go find it...This place was really cute. This is the restaurant.

I also really like Carlsbad because it never really gets hot the beach is really close so its always a little windy and warm.

Christopher got the #10
whip cream and Chocolate chips

Bella got the #8
Nutella and butter

Here is mine..
#2 butte powdered sugar and syrup and 1 cup of coffee

The waffles were fluffy and so good. Then we went on a long walk antique shopping. Everyone got something small.

We all wanted to buy a gum ball machine but after much thought we decided it would be better for our teeth if we did not. since both Bella and Christopher have braces..

Here they are taking a short rest before we continue.. I bought a globe and flowers.. Have a wonderful Mothers day and may you get many great hugs today ..

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Road Trip Smash Book is finished

Here it is.. I am really proud of myself . I finished a whole album.
Have a great day..