Thursday, June 30, 2011

A very cool video...

This video was sent to me from a friend...Dont you feel like you just want to be in it...G


I really really wish I could have one of these right now....

best gluten free thing ever......

Gluten free carrot cup cakes....So if you happen to walk by a gluten free restaurant...You should stop and see if they have gluten free carrot cake cup cakes...Then you should get one...and share if you would like...but man oh man!!!!!! get ready to have a mouth watering experience...
I needed to share this info because they are so so good....

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ours Fathers day run

I wanted to share some of the pictures from my fathers . I asked my dad what he would like to do.. He said princess I want to spend as much time as I can with you.. So I planned away.. I got up really early and drove about 45 minutes to pick him up then we headed to the beach to join a couple hundred people for a fun run.
It was a  8.2 mile run on the beach..  I love those runs because you get a number and its exciting to me no matter what distance we run. I also Love the Idea of being a part of something with my dad. I love making memories with him and then having all these amazing stories that we tell each other over breakfast every week. Maybe there not really amazing but after telling each other the same story 100 times they somehow become amazing ,(funny) after we went to have breakfast at Rutherford's..His favorite old time breakfast place. I love scrambled eggs and ham, he loves the most crazy thing that he should not eat the menu has to offer.. its cute, not really healthy but that ok.
after that we went to his house got cleaned up and then we went to the movies..My dad loves loves loves movies...wait did I say that man loves going to the movies..He does...he picked a movie . Water for I cant watch movies that are violent. They are really  hard for me to digest. I pretty much just cant stop crying and this movie just made me incredibly my poor dad is apologising the whole movie because I cant stop crying and he mentions we can leave early but I feel guilty so I stay...sitting through that movie was my fathers day I struggled..I think we both still really had a great day..together..I am sure we did....

Monday, June 27, 2011

My Brother made this for me....

My little brother made this for me..Its really special. He is a very special man..somehow he has been able to make God the most imporant thing in his life..I can always learn from him...He is a great father and husband...Thanks You little brother for the cool video....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Greetings From Cabo San Lucas...


What I am grateful for today !!

 What I am grateful for today....
I am grateful for the great personality of my little girl.
I believe all of our children have spunk. creativity. imagination and its our jobs as parents to make sure they feel safe and loved its our job to make then feel like they can do anything...
They need us to be there biggest fan...
Back to my list.. sorry
I am grateful for warm summer days that ask for ice cream treats.
I cant have ice cream but I do.. because its so yummi !!!
 I am grateful for little boys who don't like having there picture taken but will pose facing the other   007
 I am grateful for people who will take funny pictures and pretend to be Elvis...(my dad)
 I am grateful for signs that remind you to do it happy..
 I am so grateful to have a camera I can pictures of myself..          ( that's a joke)
 I am super grateful for woman who believe in Art, keeping long distance friendships going. Who text to say ..Your amazing and how some how you get those text on the days you need them the most..Magic never fails.
 I am grateful for nature and taking time to touch the earth. We are so blessed with all of our surroundings . Our Earth kinda rocks ....
I am most grateful about feeling happier today..  I have had a really sad week, you know the kind you cant shake of. I don't like feeling super sad but I guess we just remind our selves it will pass and it will get better. It is really important to have someone to share it all with so they can remind you its all going to be OK and hug you if you need it...Then before you know it you wake up and guess what..You feel a little thing you know being sad is just a memory and your happy again..
I hope you have a happy weekend..

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Running and Anticipation and a new outfit

  My first long trail run was planned for last Saturday. I was really nervous because I  just kept thinking what if I cant keep up. What if I suck...I had a hard time sleeping Friday night and I  couldn't stop thinking oh boy  what if...I suck.....
Well the what if went like this. We left here at 7 got to the trail at 7:40. I had all my stuff and a fancy new outfit from the Running Skirts store here in Encinitas. I think we should always support local business if possible. 
Check out there web site..
so I got a new running skirt
and a new  
and new Newtons trail running
So yes a new outfit even if its for running makes life more exciting.
back to my story...after stalling as much as I could we took of and it was not bad I actually did not feel the first 5miles..It was beautiful. Lake Hodges is a nice run. I guess you can go about 24 miles but we only ran 17...I saw a rattle snake too.. It was huge..I just pretended I didn't see it..I did fine until mile 15 were I got tired and just sat on the floor..Yup, just like a dogie when he is done walking..I was done..I gave myself 5 minutes to rest and tell my head to get up and then I was up and going. Only 2 miles to go..
 I did love looking down and seeing my new fancy glow in the dark trail shoes...They teach your feet to run correctly through a little pain...but once you let yourself feel the shoe your form is way better..Life is like that too..
Pretty plants along the way....

Here is the lake.. I had a great time it was hard and I loved every moment...(maybe not the snake ) So what I learned was that I can do this trail thing but I need a-lot practice and a-lot more miles to go. I am excited to be training for yet another fun race...running bring me closer to nature and bring me to a really beautiful place inside of me...I highly recommend getting out even if its just for a walk...
Have a great Day...

Friday, June 17, 2011

The word Should...

Lessons to learn for miss G concerning running..
The word should...ahhh i do not like it..
Let me start by saying I am just a girl who enjoys running and has found something very real inside of her due to running . I love to run. I love being alone and  moving my body in this almost rhythmic motion. It calms me and helps me clear my mind. I have made friends and most importantly I have really bonded with my dad through running but I am at this point were the word should keeps coming up in my head...Gloria you should be faster. Gloria you should not be this tired. Gloria your legs should not hurt and then back to the Gloria you should be faster again....
My heart feels like I should be completely satisfied with just getting out there and doing my best each day but this yuck gremlin pops in and keeps repeating this should word...
The word should is not a word that brings peace it not a word that's nice either . I don't like it...Its keeps me in this state of consistently judging my performance...when I am not performing I am simply just doing my thing. Yesterday is a perfect exsample see the picture above I ate all that just to get my butt moving and I was sluggish and I was tired..After 30 minutes or so I felt better and I got into it.. I had a nice run I even forgot I was running for a while..When I was done I looked at my watch..9:42 min miles...really gloria I thought.. you should be way faster.. Then I cought myself...I should what...
Then I thought about it. My lesson learned is this is..This is  my run and I should create my own rules. right?
I need to take the  word should out of my vocabulary...
I need to be kind to the girl inside of me who loves to run.
She is not running to win any races she is here to create a life for herself she loves..
Do you have shoulds in your life I guess we all do..
Is there somethng you practice to make that word go away?
I am going to practice using peaceful word with myself..
a friend of mine asked me yesterday.. How was your run ? I said I sucked I wa so slow...and then there response to me was ...why do you do that you should be happy you did your best and tomorow will be a new day and it might be better or it might not but its not about that ..Its about the journey..
I know this is all over the place but I was just reminded that its really imprtant to use nice words with ourselves..
and put all the shoulds in the trash..

Thursday, June 16, 2011

What I am grateful for today !!

Good Morning sweet friends....My Grateful List for today is....
1. My kids have been teaching me patience this week. I am not sure if I passed the test but I am learning a-lot...I love them for that.
2. Warm Coffee in the yummy
3. The fact that I am still in bed but I shouldn't be...
4. The Heartwing Sisters..I love Kolleens girls, They speak to me and they remind me that being cute and silly is good. That magic is all around me. To stay in touch with that little girl inside of me. To believe. To keep my eyes open to all that is. They touch my heart and everytime I see a new girl I I love these cute little angels...I am so grateful for her talent...
5. For little girls who love it when you take there silly picture.
6. I am so grateful for candles that smell like vanilla.
7. I am grateful for friends who ask...did you run today?
8. I am grateful for time spent next to the pool.
9. I am also grateful that next week this time I will be in Cabo.
10. I am also grateful for morning when I wake up in a good mood.
11. I am super duper grateful for all my dreams.
having an RV.
12. I am grateful that maybe just maybe I will be able to make at least 10 cute hats like the one I am wearing for my girlfriends. If I start now I could have them done by Christmas... I am grateful for that dream....
Well, my friends have a great day and I will get ready for work now.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Diptic..Running and Girl time..

 Have you tried Dictic on your I phone..Its a creative way to make 
colleges with any set of pictures...
OK so what have I been up too.. I have been doing the boring stuff that most of us have to do but outside of that I have been thinking about running a-lot. I think last week was the most miles I have run in a long time and besides having sore feet for one day I feel really happy that I did it. I feel more secure in my thought process as far as my race that's coming up. The yes, I can do it is in full affect in my head , now I have to put in the real work. So I shall...I was thinking about writing about my whole experience in training for a 50k but I am not sure how that would go...I was thinking maybe I cold just try and tell you about it....So far according to my I phone app 50k training I am almost done doing my base training then its the really long miles on trails that come next...
One thing that made me happy was I ordered my first Camel back on amazon...
It kinda but not really felt like buying a new purse.. OK I am lying no it did not but it was a little exciting... Its white...ohh la la 
I also brought out all my painting stuff and plopped it on the dinning room table..Yes, as a single mother of three there is no one to tell me to clean the table. My girls and I painted this weekend. I painted a rainbow... I am not done but I hope to be shortly.. There will be three rainbows with really sweet messages.. I was thinking how  cool it would be to have these paintings with the messages I believe in somewhere were my kids and I read them everyday. A sweet reminder to be nice people...
Speaking of nice people I had a much needed girl date with my girl friend Charleen. She just finished an amazing task.. She trained to do the rim to rim walk at the Grand Canyon. She lost a bunch of weight and I have to tell you that I see a marathon in her future.. We had a really good lunch in La Jolla..Very nice and then we had cup cakes...I love cup cakes.. My cupcake was Carrot and gluten free.. The sweet little place was called Cups. We enjoyed coffee girl talk and sweets....Oh yum!!!
Have a great week my friends...and I hope to be able to show you my rainbows this week...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Sunday !!!

Have a happy Sunday now I am off for a short run....

Friday, June 10, 2011

What I am grateful for today !!

My today is actually yesterday but that's OK...
So here is a page out of my Smash journal...I know cool hu !!!
What I am grateful for...
1. Yummy French Toast
2. My new awesome Polaroid
3. Saturdays
4. musicthatmakesmyheartdance
5. simple foods
6. My car
7.small heart shaped rocks
8. my favorite word. SITUATION
9. Birds
10. KPRI

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This is one of my favorite pictures of Christopher. I love how he is pointing and telling me look mom do you see what I see?
Learning is a result of listening, which in turn leads to even better listening and attentiveness to the other person. In other words to learn from the child we must have empathy and  grows as we learn.

- Alice Miller
I am going to work on becoming a better listener this month. My word for the year is Brave but my word for June is Listen.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh the pictures..

Hi Guys.. I got my pictures up..Yeah.. OK so this is the first time I saw my dad,
I was really happy I found him. He was going to re stock me with more water and
and it was nice to see a face I knew.
( I was happy)
Here is what everyone wants to see..Mile 26 means your almost done..
I love this picture because let me tell you that having a flattering picture of you running does not happen often..but I like this one..

Here i am with a mega ice pack on my knee. It really didn't hurt that much but ice always helps.

Here is my watch.. I burned 4440 calories..
Ran 27.78 miles
ave mile was 9.46
it took me 4:31 minutes How fun !!!!

You should totally try running if you can.
Its so much fun to find something that makes your body happy.
That feels good and is good for you.

A running story

My Guilty Pleasure lies in the art of running. I ran my 9Th marathon yesterday and I cant wait to show you the pictures but that will have to wait until tomorrow but for now I wanted to share my story from running yesterday...
I really did not train well for yesterdays Marathon. I have been focusing more on getting myself ready for the 50k in August so yesterdays run, well lets just say I skipped a little on the preparation part of it. I spent the night at my dad's and the truth is that I was in a sad place Saturday night. I have had a lot of life and sharing my kids stuff on my mind. So, I get to my dads and charge my watch , my I pod and then its time to set out all my nutrition..
4 GU
2 Amino Vitals
1 Pack of shot blocks
1 Salt packet
Next thing you now it 10pm and I have to go to sleep. I wake up with my dad knocking on my door..Princess wake up its time..So I actually went back to sleep for bout ten more minutes..this drives my dad crazy. When I walked out of the room the garage door was open the car was on outside with the engine running and he is standing there looking at me ..OK lets go..
He is so great. So we go..
I get my stuff and cross it of the list..
I pod
flip flops for after
sun screen
chap stick
good luck necklace
change of clothes
Then I am ready to now my dad is READY TO GO...
This year the Rock and Roll San Diego started at 6:15 am. early
There was 30thousand people running the full and the half ..Lots of peeps
So we get there around 5:20 and I go to my corral and my mind set for this run was pretty simple.. Run because you love running not because you need to have a certain time G...
I used it as a fun training run. I have to tell you I did not set a personal record but I had my best marathon run yet. Not best time, but best time running a marathon. I took my time, I had no pain and no wall. This is a true story, yesterday on my run I kinda went on the wrong course for a while. They had the full marathon people
with the half marathon people for some time then we separated some how and I and I hope I am not the only one ...anyway I went to wrong way and had to fix that which means I ran an extra mile and a half...
I know.. so me..
so back to the race ..It was a really good way for me to pay attention to my body..I need to drink lots of water. I actually really focused on when my body was thirsty. Then there was food and posture..I worked on standing up straight and eating my GU every hour. I wonder if just the whole thing came together and that's why it was fun and not a-lot of pain. I talked to lots of people and everyone was very sweet. I high five every person I saw that had there hand out. That was cool. I smiled because its good to smile. So every long run I have I usually get some Idea stuck in my head and this time it was don't push to hard. When you are good at something give yourself permission to Flow. I guess just go with the talent you have because you will get better . You will learn different things the more you practice and even though you may not be setting a personal record every time its not about that. Its about good quality time spending doing what you love. Its not about winning..(i will never win a race or even place) its about doing what I love and making a point to learn a little bit from each experience..Its about never giving up on yourself.
My mantra this run was..
every wall has a door..
Happy Monday

Thursday, June 2, 2011

What I am grateful for today !!

I am grateful for restaurants that love to decorate with bright colors and Christmas lights.
What could be better than looking up and seeing all the primary colors somehow it always puts a smile on my face.
I am grateful for side walk chalk.
I am grateful that I am now a mature 39 year old.( yeah ok)
I am grateful for this little boy that teaches me everyday .
I am grateful for my sister . We can be total girls together.
I am grateful for her voice that greets me with a song every time I call.

I am grateful for shirts that say sweet messages.
I am grateful for new Taco Doritos ( even though I wont be eating them for a while)
I am grateful for really good cheeseburgers.
I think I am more grateful for really colorful food..

I am super duper grateful for kids who don't think about how cold the water is they just jump in.
I am consistently reminded of how beautiful being a child is.
You don't let the water temperature hold you back because getting wet is a small price to pay for having fun....
Have an amazing Day..