Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Welcome May

I love the month of May
and its here !!
This month is going to be full of so many wonderful things . Its warm now most of the time. The good San Diego weather is
here. I am going to be 41 this month and my son is going to be 12.  Two birthdays equal an overnight trip to Disneyland. May also brings the most important holiday..
Mothers Day !!
So I have two crafting classes planned and two painting classes.
One trip to an epic craft Fair in Oceanside .
Oh and I almost forgot my kids and I will be going to The Waffle cart next weekend. I just found out about this cute place in Carlsbad called the Waffle cart and I heard they have the best Nutella Waffles in town. So many things to look forward to..
Its the Awesome month May and it is here...
Oh my gosh I almost forgot to share this with you. I read that if you write down 5 things you are grateful for every night for 2 weeks it actually helps you stay happier.. You are nicer to yourself and others and it helps you become more optimistic. So I will be trying this out starting tomorrow May 1st. It sounds like the perfect thing to start out this wonderful month with. I am wishing you a month full of good health and love..
So lets welcome May with open arms..

Monday, April 29, 2013

Its a Happy Monday

Its Monday again does anyone else feel like that went by way to fast. I do.. I had a full weekend. I feel like I should have rested more but I did not. I went to the movies with my dad to see Mudd. I liked the movie and my dad loved it. He said rarely do you get to see a love story from a mans point of view . The actors where all amazing. You cared for all of them by the end of the movie. My girls friend came over and hung out with my family. It had been a long time since my kids had seen her so that was nice. She is so good at making chocolate chip cookies so she make 3 batches for us she also made a cake..Yum
Yesterday I went to Stamping Details in Poway and took my second class by Jaime D. She is so crazy talented. I had so much fun. I love taking classes. I feel like its a day at the spa with girlfriends. My good friend Charlene took the class with me . Everything is more fun with a friend or two. I took Jaimie's but I was afraid to mess up my piece of wood but after yesterday class I came home and started a new girl and I didn't mess anything up. It was a great way to spend a couple of hours .. My sweet dad babysat my kiddos and they swam all afternoon. So everyone was happy.. Have a great week and I will check in soon..

Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekend Stuff

Good Morning.
Are you excited for the weekend. I am sitting in McDonald's close to the hospital waiting for my sister because she has a doctor apt today.  As I was driving down here I was thinking of what my family could do this weekend to make it special. Here is what I came up with.. I don't think I have ever made a pizza.. So maybe Bella Christopher and I could try making a pizza. My BFF can make a good pizza so Ill do my best but that sounds like fun to me. Red Box movie night on Saturday and I think a bike ride for my kids while I walk sounds like fun. Oh I almost forget Bella wants to make a doll this weekend so I have asked my friend Jen who is so good with fabric to please come over and help us with that. Then on Sunday I have Painting class and my dad will be taking my kids to the pool and I am sure something fun. He is the best grandpa ever. He loves hanging out with them. So sounds like a busy fun weekend right. I like that..I hope you have a fun weekend and be safe ...

Thursday, April 25, 2013

My sweet Blythe doll

I made acute little dress for my Blythe Doll.

then I took her out for a small Photo Shoot to the park.

and it got me thinking about how much I love being a girl.

Loving Pink..Loving my Blythe dolls..Loving shoes..Loving yarn..Loving all things girly..Loving it all..
Have a pink day..

Exciting News

My kids are my life. There is nothing in this world that comes close to the love and admiration I have for them. I am happy to announce that in August I will have my fourth baby.. 

I am super duper Happy. I am so looking forward to meeting this baby and my kids are equally excited.. I got to be a mom in my 20's 30's and now 40's.. I am really surprised at how great I have felt this time around. This has been my easiest pregnancy by far. I think its because I have been excising regularly for about 9 years.  I felt tired and sleepy the first 3 months but thats about it. I have been feeling really good and I have been walking regularly.. I have had to put running on hold. It just hurts and I hate the feeling  of having my belly bounce. I like walking it takes a lot longer to get from point A to point B but its great exercise. My family is really happy and my sister in law is having a baby 2 weeks after me. I love having a big family it feels right to me.
I am happy.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Nina's back yard

I made a quick stop yesterday at my aunts house. I was so excited when I drove in and saw her front yard. She asked me if I wanted her to show me around and all I could say was yes...

These roses are so beautiful and they where so huge. I could hold a one rose with two hands..

There was so much pink ...I love pink.

She told me the name of every rose and the story how she planted them and who she got them from. 

Beautiful Flowers don't you think..
Spring is here..

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Update

Hi Guys it my weekend update. I had a pretty good weekend. It all started out with a super fun painting class. That is a great way to start out any weekend I do not have my kids. Its amazing how we are all painting the same thing but they all come out so different. On Saturday I saw my family and spent time with my best friend. Oh my and guess what I finished....
My Smash Book
How exciting is that. I love the feeling of finishing an album. I am so excited to show my kids tonight. I spent a couple hours scrap booking at Paper Tales in San Diego. If you want to get some crafting done this is a great place to do it. They have cute classes and honestly I cant remember the last time I sat and just worked on my albums.The employees so sweet. I had Mexican food 3 times this weekend and Italian food once. YUM.. 

Sunday was full of unexpected fun. I looked at a house and went for a walk with my dad and Jenny and what was going to be a 3 mile walk turned into lunch and somehow 3 miles turned into 8. It was hot but I got to see a part of Bonita I had not seen before so that was nice. Then some more time spent talking with my best friend before driving home. I am grateful for friends who love me enough to listen and my dad that just loves me.. Have a great week and I will take pictures of my Smash book to share with you tonight..Lets have a great Monday.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Road trip with mom ..Smash Journal continues...

Here are a couple more pages.. I am loving this and having a great time putting together my album. Did you know national scrapbook day is coming up..May 4th and 5th I think. My goal is to be done with my album by Monday. I am spending all day Saturday at scrapbook store finishing up my Smash book and here is a promise I made to myself regarding getting started on my album.. I promised myself not to go on any scrap booking sights until I am done. I am tired of comparing my crafts to others. I like what I make and my kids love looking at my albums and that is good enough for me.. I hope you like my pages too...More to come soon...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sharing my Smash Book with you

Getting back to the normal ins and outs of the day are not as fun as being on vacation. I like hanging all day with my kids and having my main thought being where will we hike and what will we eat , but going back to working is what one must do...I was really good about writing everything we did so that I could get it all in my scrapbook before I forgot. I actually started this weekend can you believe it... I used to be a huge scrapbook addict.. I will never stop loving paper and glue and a scrapbook paper ... 

I got most of it finished so this week I will be sharing my Smash book with you. This is the larger format book. 

I also journal ed most of our journey so now that my printer works I was able to print out my daley entries there in there too.

Our first stop was Vegas...More to come tomorrow.. I hope you have been well I really do..

Thursday, April 11, 2013

To live in color

I was hanging out with my kids and we decided to paint. I wanted to paint with lots of color .. I wanted to paint a girl. I really need to find a way to make time in the day when I am feeling it to paint and create. Having to work gets in my creative way man. 
My girl is crooked I know but she is bright and happy.. Sometimes you have to do things that just make you happy for no reason. When I buy a house I am going to color all the walls bright different colors. I want it to be bright and happy.. I have it I am this Indian color warrior and I usually walk with my head slanted so it all makes sense now..
Today I went to Target to buy a dress for my sister in laws get together and I decided I do not like black.. I just feel like I am going to a funeral or something. I like living in color .. Whats your favorite color ? mine is bright Orange. I just love Orange..

Choices many choices

Trust the truth that whispers within you..
Since coming back from our vacation I have been thinking about what it would be like to actually move back to Boulder. I have all my family and Best friend here in San Diego but now that we are trying to buy a house and with our family growing it just seems like the quality of life would be better in Colorado. Homes are more affordable. There are pros and cons and I am making a list. Its so hard thoughts of leaving my dad and family versus getting to stay home with my kids and getting to volunteer at school. I would like to be a part of there life while they are in school..Its a tough decision and one I cant stop thinking about. Have you had to make tough decisions like this ? If you could help me out with this I would appreciate it. I found the quote Trust the truth  that whispers within you today in a book I am reading..The one thing I love and I feel like its so selfish because it only has to do with me is how I feel when I am outside in the mountains either walking or running.. Its truly a magical feeling..I just don't know..

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Moments that need to be remembered

These are the pictures  from my vacations and the memories I don't  want to forget .. I think this last picture shows me tired and happy..I like tried and happy.. I know my children are growing right before my eyes but I just feel this huge need to soak it all in. I kept thinking on our trip how I really want them to look back one day and say remember when our mom drove us to Colorado. I feel so sappy in love with my kids.. I am so grateful to be there mom.. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Road trip with mom wrap up.

The last day of our vacation went by really fast and It was a-lot of non planned lets see how much we can do in one day fun. I asked the kids what looked like something they really wanted to do and they all decided Estes Park was the big winner. I think it could have had something to do with the fact that I told them they have really amazing candy factories..They make fudge in every flavor and they make killer taffy..Oh and they must have 3 ice cream shops on very block. I think those facts made them say...
yes to Estes Park

It took us about an hour and 15 minutes to get there but the drive is just beautiful. I stopped by this church and we all started to go inside when I noticed there was some kind of service going on so did not go inside..It looks pretty cool hu.

They got ice cream and hoodies. They actually had these same hoodies when they were little. I thought they had to have them.

So we went to Stanley Hotel . Just in case you don't know but you probably do is the Stanley Hotel is where the Shinning was filmed. Its supposed to be haunted and after spending a couple hours walking around the hotel with my kids and tagging along the hotel tour I totally believe it is. It feels creepy but fancy. There are so many stories of ghost sightings at this place.
Do you remember this hallway from the movie ? Totally creepy in a cool way.

Here are the kids checking out the sun dial. There was so much to look at...After leaving we drove to Sombreros Ranches.. They have horse back riding for all ages. 

Bella loves loves horse back riding. This was Bandit the horse she got to ride. This was her favorite part of the trip she was so happy.

I think she will remember this forever. 

Christopher hung out with me until she got back from her riding adventure . I took a nap in the car and he read. On our way home we stopped by this huge river bed. We all ran up and down the river like a bunch of kids.. I felt perfect. Like I was right where I supposed to be. I love being out doors and I loved running up and down the river bed I love my kids and I had all that together. It felt like eating a chocolate pent butter ice cream sundae Everything about being here and in this spot felt perfect.
I don't know if I have said this enough but I love Colorado. Life just feels slower and I felt grounded. 
Thank you for joining me on my little family road trip. This vacation filled my heart and now I am good to go for a while. As my friend Kolleen would say I am filled up. Now back to the regularly scheduled program. ( that was me being funny )