Sunday, January 31, 2010


Happy February first...and thanks to the month of January . You were nice to me..Even when I felt these clouds following me..Somehow the sunshine won..I also got to spend some time with my family ..Its always nice to see each other..We don't do it as much as we should ,but we will forever be family..You know , we are at each others birthday parties and if anyone has a baby were there...between the 3 of us we have 8 kids and one of us wants 4 more..(its not me).
I also got as much happy reading in as I could..That always helps make any month good...These will lift your spirits at anytime...There happy books...
Yes, I finished my Lucky 13 pages...This January...This project took me at least 40 hours..I was really happy with each page and I felt like you could tell I put a-lot of love and creativity into each one..and I am done.....yeah...on time too....
So I can honestly say that I am in a total adjusting period...Its scary ,its lonely at times but its were I need to be so I can get to the good stuff...I am looking forward to the month of February..I have a couple lists and painting to do...I have swimming lessons that I love with my little people I adore...I have hobbies I love and girlfriends that call...But what I have more than anything is HOPE...HOPE that all will be well sometime in the near future...I hope this month brings you love and creative energy and more love....I love LOVE....

Crazy Cool.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekend Time

yesterday was a skip day...whats that ? You know the kind of day that your just not feeling it..That was yesterday. Today will be much better as I am sitting here listening to my coffee brewing so I can have a cup head out the door and meet my peeps for out sat morning run..I am working on the cutest apron that just came to me out of no were..It started out as a computer cozy and last night ended up as an apron..weird hu!!!! ..but so stinking cute...I have also been thinking about the fact that I really need to give up sugar..I am addicted to it..I love it and I have way to much of it...I am thinking that my bad eating might have to do with how slouchy I feel...I have bad habits and I need to change if you know of a good book or a cleanse that's not going to be to hard..I would appreciate a comment..Have a great day and enjoy yourself...I am off like a stinky shoe...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Lucky 13

Our Lucky 13 international circle journal came to an end last night..Our year was up and 10 out of the 13 ladies were able to make it to closing dinner where we exchanged our pages..We had ladies from Australia and from all over the USA..I was really happy happy with the way my turned out and I think everyone could tell that just about each page took me about 3 hours to pt together.. Our pager were on canvas so this was challenging for me. I heard a-lot of people say that they liked the challenge of working on canvas and I guess I like canvas for painting..I just love paper to much...It was a blast and I am glad I did it...The best part for me is absolutely hands down getting to meet other woman who love making stuff..artist who love mixed media and paper crafting as much as I that...Here are a couple pictures from last night..

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a tiny visit to CHA

I just loved this adorable....

I was able to go to CHA for a little bit ..OK for almost 4 hours..I dropped my kids of at school and drove up and then got back in time to pick them up..I went there wit my friends..Ally Nelly Carrie all girls I love. It was so neat to see them there buying the coolest stuff for there kit club..I did get to meet Lizzy ..She was very sweet and her paper line was beautiful..I also saw the new Hambly line...yummy ...That was it for my visit...I am so glad I went and got that big dose of paper inspiration...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

sweet pictures..

It rained a little here..
I cooked a little too..
I ate a-lot..
I smiled when I woke up..
I got art in the mail.
I made something too..
I thought about my life ..
I ate some more..
I smiled again...
I took some pictures..
I love my today

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday again..

Do you feel like I do ? It feels like new years was yesterday..Its crazy how fast time seems to be passing or moving...not sure wich one. I have been having fun taking pictures..lots and lots of them...This one was in Pacific Beach.I day dream everytime I see a setting like this one I pretend I am on that little boat in the middle of the bay just taking it all in . This is really close to were I run Saturday Mornings ..( San Diego is so pretty) I had a really good weekend..I ran on sat with this group WWRR and went to my twin nieces birthday party..Sunday, I went on a bike ride and my dad took my kids to Boomers....everyone had fun...I am almost finished with my LUCKY 13 pages..due WED...(waiting till the last minute)
I have also been thinking a-lot about my priorities..My kids and life..I know my kids do come first but I have been working on feeling really good about that..Loving and owning that responsibility...Finding and needing that peace within the 4 of us..That can be tricky..but hey there my life and since I do have a 15 year old I really do get that before you know it they stop coming to your bed at night they grow fast..
and I have been thinking way to much about this little guy that lives in my garden..I want more and more of these little creatures in my garden..I must have thought about him 5 times today and how cute he is and how he needs a girlfriend..( do they make girl ones..) I don't know...
I hope you have a perfect Monday and I hope to have good pictures for tonight ....

Friday, January 22, 2010

Its Friday ?

I am kinda rambling so be warned...
This Friday its cold and raining here in San Diego...CHA is also this weekend..How exciting all the new paper lines and new product is here..My girlfriends are going and I wish I was but you cant do everything when your a single mom...I will just have to wait until its out in the stores...This way I have something to look forward to.(new paper...YUMMY )
I had company this whole week and a couple sick kids..My birth mom stayed with me..It was nice..Having another adult to talk too..I am still crocheting a-lot..but my girlfriend Cathy man I taught her the basics and man shes just crazy making stuff..I love it now she teaching me now..I am loving the rain just loving it...I am wearing rain boots today too..This is my outfit this Friday. Yes I have to buns in my is a secret ( this is my favorite way to do my hair right now ) its kinda weird i guess because I am 37 but I just love having it out of my face and ponytails are cute...Oh..I am all over the place today so just bare with me...I have to share this with you..My new favorite face cream I just discovered...7 (seven) from target..Have you tried this stuff ??I just love it.I also love the price so perfect..another reason to go to target..OK well have a great weekend and if you are going to about it OK..Have a safe weekend and stay warm.I am going to the movies with my dad....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Love the possibilities

You, whose day it is,
get out your rainbow colors and make it
Traditional nootka song

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The rain is here..

I picked up my kids at school and decided we would do our own beach field trip...It was windy and raining off and on..It was cold and I wanted to go to the beach...
I told them both ..lets go down to the beach and yell or sing as loud as we can down by the water because no one can here us..I really wanted to yell we went.. headed down to the water and ran and yelled and it ended up as a big laughing situation...Christopher told me look mommy I am getting muscles the wind is filling me up...Isabella said am getting my hair done by the wind...It was fun and cold..and a little crazy
I love just practicing being free..Its rather hard now with so much of life pulling at you at all directions so its important to make a free of everything moment once in a and yell or sing at the wind ...Tell the wind I am here and I love you...( i did)
It was a weird day for me but now all I will remember when I look back on today will be running with my kids in the cold wind ...and taking pictures....keep warm...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Saturday morning fun...

I LOVED MY SATURDAY MORNING... Yup that's me looking all bike dorky..I had the best time ..My dad and I started our marathon training with the W.C.R.R. It was an easy 4 miles in perfect weather and we started running with our group..Here's what happens every time..My dad cant hear ..His hearing is bad and he doesn't want to change that..He is a little hyper which probably makes him a better athlete at 60..We start running with or group and he doesn't really have the patience to stay with them ...he must move on..There going to slow he I fallow him and he is so funny in the way that he doesn't stop for anything he just keeps running..I run after him and I think I am watching out for him..I yell stop car ..He yells back Oh I see them...Yeah right ...I love his company because hes so funny...That's a-lot of what our morning run was like..Funny
After our run we went on a bike ride around Pacific Beach and down to Ocean Beach..
Here he is on the bike path...
We had the best time ...We were out for about 4 hours...I love or should I say adore mornings like that...Starbucks..Exercise...time with my dad and my camera...I hope you had a good weekend too...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Girlfriend layout..

I made this layout for my friend..Cathy
She has been such a good friend to me..She has been so supportive and loving my kids and me..She is a great listener and she is just plain good to me...So this one is for you Miss Cathy..I made this layout with my Pink Ninja Addicts Kit....

What are you wearing friday ?

OK..this is my outfit for this lovely Friday? I love yellow and navy blue..not sure if they go but..
I hope you have a wonderful Friday? Do you have weekend plans? I am starting my Marathon training tomorrow...This will be my 7Th marathon..I am excited because I will probably be a very happy girl by June...That's when the Rock n Roll is...Sunday my kids and I are going biking and oh..I have a crafty play date tonight with my girlies....Have a great weekend. Take lots of pictures...Oh I got this idea from this cool girl....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Thursday to you

I hope you are having great week..this week is being good to me. I am defenatly adapting to being the only parent in my children's life. I adore my kids so that makes it easier...I have been finishing up my interior decorating and cleaning out closets so its looking pretty good. Molly is sporting her new crochet outfit..This makes me kinda laugh every time I look at her..She doesn't have to wear the hat but the little sweater is warm..What can I say its a poodle in orange clothing...its kinda of messed up but its funny stuff.. This is what I have been working on...
My lucky 13 pages...
next kit for the Pink Ninjas addicts..(good stuff)
This is what I want to try to do.
Try this cute Friday ..Self Portrait Friday ?
start a painting for Isabella room.
Try this ATM
and I start my official marathon training this Saturday...The Rock n Roll..more on this Saturday..after I run and I am all happy and excited...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another family layout

This is a layout for my little sister Carmen. She is handicap and lives with my mom. When we were little Carmen was able to play we me more and we were really close..I think with me growing up and moving away when I was 17 she probably really missed me..I know I missed her. When I see her which is a couple times a month she gets pretty excited..I do too she is like a little toddler..sweet and kind and little...She is this angel that God placed in our house since we were all little and she brings us together and just blesses us with her presence...I do wish that we could talk..but she doesn't speak either. My little sister Carmen..
I dig the little tiny bits of a page that look this sweet..its love looking for the corner that best makes my eyes happy..Oh this is it.....
eye scrapping candy....
This is my mom and my sister and I at Thanksgiving dinner..All of us dressed up and wearing dresses...Maybe that was just me..I love dresses..the picture above is of my sister in law my moms sister and my 89 year old grandmother..oh my big sister Angelica the one that sings..I do love looking back at the holidays if I think about this Thanksgiving meal one thing come to mind...Prime was it good.....

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ninja Addict Kit club...Love...

I love this layout..Is that weird since its mine...but i do..Its my perfect little world I created using no other than The Ninja Addicts kit...Lucky me , I get to be on the design team and play with a very cool collection of papers that were put together by Miss Ally and Nelly..

Happy Monday

My weekend was busy and full of lots of mom stuff. Friday I spent all day hanging out with my mom which was really neat since I had not really done that in a long time. You know how when your with your parents you get to feel like a kid ..I do Saturday I went a super duper fun bike ride ..We pretty much biked the bay..You start of in Chula Vista that's south San Diego and go to Coronado get on a boat go across to Downtown San Diego get some lunch and then go through National City back to Chula Vista. I all its a pretty long very scenic ride and bring along my dad and life was good...That night my grandmother that's 89 made dinner for my crew at my moms house and played the guitar and sang a couple songs for us..So special she is a really good .....Sunday was all about my kids we rode bikes and watched a movie ....Oh I finished painting Isabella's room pink and purple and my friend Cathy came over and we moved the furniture in there and it looks so cute..but this morning I woke up and yup..shes right next to me sleeping..That's OK..I hope your weekend was relaxing or enjoyable...mine was good ..
I did this layout of my dad and I at the Silver stand Half Marathon...I have to hurry to do those pages because I don't want to forget how I felt...If you think the socks look funny on me..I do too but they help so there you go..Did you make anything this weekend?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Little life thoughts..

Some days we don't get to take the path that we had planned. Sometimes our paths are not our own..We meet others along the way that join us for a day or sometimes even longer.
it is up to us to be able to recognize the beauty in them for joining us and in ourselves for accepting them..Our paths are ours but it is lovely when we are joined by others..
I don't believe we are meant to be alone .Its important to reach out and share our lives..good or bad ....Thank You..... all of you who leave such sweet comments I get really excited and the truth is I love that I am not alone....

Happy Friday..a little bit about stuff..

part A
I read a bumper sticker that said just because you feel something it does not make it real...sometimes it gets complicated in our head..It passes..for me I just need to ride it out. I don't give up ..I have constant hope that things will be OK..I also don't have high expectations for myself on days like this..instead I am more gentle and I try to be patient with myself..Then it passes and it gets better..and I it feels less complicated in my head..The next paragraph has nothing to do with this one..I am rambling..sorry..
Its Friday..The first Friday of 2010. Time goes by so fast its pretty crazy..I have moved on in my painting of the house with two small brushes from..The entry way to the living room to the staircase to my daughters room .I finishing Isabella's new room .She will have a purple and pink room by tomorrow at this time...Its exciting changing things around and it feels new...I still find time to scrap..somehow I get it in there..Here are some of the ones I made this week..I also was blog hopping like a little rabbit and stopped at smile and wave and she has the cutest head band idea..I am so doing making one of those well and enjoy your first Friday of the new year...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lots of color..

I have been painting my house and I am really loving it..Its sunflower yellow and Orange..I know super bright happy colors I adore. I have been afraid of messing up the walls..I am not afraid any more..I walk into the room and I get excited..My kids not so much but they will get used to it..I will take some photos tomorrow for sure.. I am also making hats and scarfs..I totally got my friend Cathy hooked on crocheting so now I have a partner to chill and get excited with me over yarn..I found my next project..I know are you thinking whats up with the chair...well the picture are of my new favorite knitting and crocheting web site...lions brand..They have a ton of free patterns and you can order the yarn on line in case you are stuck some were that you cant get the right color yarn.. The patterns are free and there sweet. I love this little house and mushroom..If you want to learn to do this u-tube is a great and free teacher. That's what I did. I will take some good pictures of my happy walls tomorrow and some layouts I have been working on for my dad...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Date night..

Little story...
today I had a date with the cutest eight year old boy I know. We had a long day and after gymnastics he asked me to pick a place were I would like to have dinner with him..I liked that so I said Pick up Sticks. We got there and ordered the our food and sat down. There was a table across from us with 5 little kids..All under the age of 6. I love little kids and so does Christopher..Our date became a table of 7 and lots of cute little voices..Christopher had a great time and so did I. After they left and we finished our food we got our fortune cookies...Christopher's read like this A short stranger will soon enter your life...and mine was following inner promptings brings quiet accomplishments..Translation from Christopher..Oh MY mom both our fortunes all ready came true.. We had dinner and a little boy came and talked to me he was short and he entered my life...Translation for me you've been listening to your heart and now your getting happy..Pretty cool hu...

Happy 4th day of January

I was blog hopping like a little rabbit I went over to my most inpirational scrappers blog and
Celine Navarro's blog and I was so excited because she had her Tuesday tutorial up...and it s perfect for whats going on...She inspired me to scrap my word I chose for 2010. I think that's a great idea if your a painter then include your word in your masterpiece. If you scrap do a layout and if you make jewelry get your word in there..You could do just about anything with your word...I also saw on Superhero journal a free download work sheet to her you with your choosing your word process..just great soul food on that blog..