Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy 2017

I am spending tonight finishing up my 2016 family album and my December daily album. All my kids are home and I am feeling content. My sister in law and my sister and my nieces and nephews have been making it a point to hang out together. We went ice skating last week. Since my little sister left us earlier this year we have been making effort to just be together more. In 2016  my hope is to leave behind judgment and bring in acceptance into my being. I want to continue to grow and create and run. To nourish my soul by taking time to stop. Practicing yoga is slowly teaching me to slow down and breath. I hope to continue this practice as much as possible. My word for 2016 is Love . I know this sound corny but I am going to work on loving more. Letting those around me know I love them and showing my love. Loving myself more and practicing gentle love.
I want to end the year by thanking you for reading my blog and joining me in this space .
Happy New Year !!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December Days

hello, It has been a while since I have posted over here. I just lost my writing mojo for about a bit. I am not really sure what happened but I shifted. What have I been up to you ask ? I have been busy . Life is full with two really hungry teenagers and school work. Then trying to take good care of my kids and husband. I started crafting again and that includes painting and keeping up with my Project Life I swear the last 20 years of my life are in photo albums but I love it .
 Jack and I are still taking our mini-fun days here in San Diego. This week we went to Oceanside.
Oceanside has a-lot to offer if you love trains like we do. Did you know if you park near the train station and go for a run in either direction you can see 4 different types of trains. If you are like Jack you can tell what kind of train it is just by the sound.

I am not sure how we do it but this little man and his running stroller went for a 5 hour outing with me . We walked to 3 play grounds and to the beach. Then we had lunch on the water and continued playing until he passed out.
Its been easy and I love that.
OK so whats going on with my great passion and love for running. It is still here in my heart and in my legs. Do you want to know what my plans are for next year ?? I signed up for SD100 ! I am really happy about that.  It is going to be a training for Moab 200 in October. (insane) I am really excited for the journey.. I hope to share it here and hope you will join me .

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mount Laguna Trail marathon race report

The Mount Laguna marathon was on the same day as the time change and I was a whole 3 hours early. I know what your thinking and I was thinking the same thing. Really G       I was greeted by Scott Mills and he pointed me and all the other runners to our parking space. I was really looking forward to this race. The race director does a great amazing job putting this race together and the volunteers are so kind and its so much fun. It was a really cold morning but since the race started at 7:30 it gave the morning time to warm up. Becca and Julianne and phillip where  there running too. Having close friends makes life feel better. We all got our bibs right on time. There was coffee and clean bathrooms muffins . The whole morning was easy and everyone had big smiles on there face. I felt lucky to be able to just be there.
Off we went. I went at a pace that did not really feel comfortable to me. I wanted to go a bit faster just to see what I could do. I have been just having fun finishing so I told myself lets see if you can do 20 minutes batter than last year. I felt fine and in a great mood the entire race. I listened to a new play list at mile 12.5 and that just made me even happier. The trail was beautiful with a brisk wind and the sun was still warm on me. I got to see a bunch of my friends at aid stations and running. I had a GU every hour and one before the race started . I ate bananas and sprite at the aid stations. I felt great the whole way and it was a blast.
I did way better than I thought I would. I beat my time by 25 minutes. It took me 5:25 minutes. Than was great for me. I was thrilled that all this running is paying off and that just cause I am getting older does not mean I am getting slower. This was my fastest trail marathon so far. The best part was running Mount Laguna in the fall. It is so pretty out there. After we crossed the finished line the race director put this amazing medal around our necks.    Look at this medal it is perfect. Every year they give us a piece of art for finishing this race and then our swag bags. OMG Crazy awesomeness for real. Once again running this race did not disappoint in any way!!! From the time the race starts you know you are right where you are supposed to be. I am already excited for next year...It was awesome !
at the end of the day I feel blessed to have been able to take part in such a great event.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November is here

It is totally crazy that November is already here.  Do you have anything special planned for this month ? This is the time of year I want to cook and sleep and hibernate and I live in San Diego were its warm. I used to live in Colorado and I really looked forward to winter just for that warm cozy feeling it brought with it and that way really cold.
This weekend I am running  the Mount Laguna Marathon. I love this run it is so pretty this time of year. This run will be as close as I will get to the experiencing fall here in California. The leaves are changing color up in the mountains. It usually takes me about 5:30 hours to run it. It is not easy but it is not hard . I am looking forward to seeing the gang talking and hanging out. The marathon starts later than most 7am and that's great because we roll the clocks forward on Sunday. The drive is about an hour an half so that gives me plenty of time to get in the mood.
This weekend is also the Lottery for Western States. I will be putting in my name and its really exciting to have these dreams to chase after. I know I already ran it but it was the best experience ever. I hope you started of the month well and if not everyday is a good day to start over.. Sending you blessings

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Thursday thoughts

I got a good run in today and it made my day, it literally made the rest of my day so good and happy. I started out walking for the first 10 minutes. Then a slow jog no pressure at all. Then before you know it your body is warmed up and your running .. Then an hour later things seem clearer and the colors I see are brighter. I have way more patience for everyone and I know I will have a better outlook on what is ahead. Everyone should run the world would be a happier place. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Joy does not simply happen to us we have to choose Joy and keep choosing it everyday. Henri Nouwen

Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Moments

I was at yoga today and I kept thinking about what I could do better. A question that is always close to me.
 How could I better myself ?
I don't know if it was the sweat dripping into my eyes or the soft chanting going on. I don't know if it was that soft turning down of my brain that made it easier for me to hear myself but I heard this or
I came up with this. Small changes maybe doing things a tad bit better than yesterday that is enough.  Then my thoughts yelled You don't need to change maybe you just need to strengthen yourself. It's OK not to be my best all the time that is something I don't need to worry about. Then all of a sudden as everyone in class went into some yoga pose I have never done before or attempted to do and as I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror I thought this is my best me right now. This is my life I am living it and not much else is really going to change. Deep inside I don't want a bigger house or a better car. I don't want new clothes or anything that cost money deep inside I just want to be here now living this life and that is the best me. I want to do just what I am doing. 
This was my breakfast today. So pretty don't you think ?????
May you find an aha moment in your day. 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Love

This morning I woke up at 6:30 and I thought I would get ready and go my run. I heard that Jack was up and a part of me was thinking I would not be able to go. You know a part of my brain was thinking oh well ! no run for me today. Then after a bit I just decided that you know what I will get him dressed and get the stroller ready and he can come with me. Jack was super happy to get out the door. Just like me he loves spending time outside. I was happy to let everyone else sleep in and they did.
 We walked to the local coffee shop had pan dulce and then made our way to the park. He was so happy to be out so early. Jack and I shared a cup of decaf and all I just kept thinking why did I think this would be hard because I wouldn't get my way, maybe I would be inconvenienced . Instead I got some miles in and a really happy morning. The best part was it started raining so Jack jumped in the stroller and I ran home. We got really wet but it was awesome !! Another thing I love about being active is it make the day feel lived.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

October Days

The days seem to be feel like they are flying by. October has brought us much joy. Many trips to Lego land a birthday celebration for my 22 year old.  My 15 year son is learning to drive and he seems to be really good at it. School performances and afternoon runs because that seems to be the only time I can get them in.
Things I am working on are my project life.
Making homemade meals 5 days a week.
Getting at least 40 miles in a week during this resting period.
Pumpkin spice lattes
Crock pot recipes are always better in the fall

Things that I can't seem to get out of my head is how happy I am with my children regardless they are good people and I somehow taught them to love and accept everyone. Life seems to be asking me to relax and I seem to be trying to make sure everyone is ok. I need to relax and I am doing my best. It goes by quickly so relaxing and taking it in seems to be a big plus. I will keep working at that one. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Thoughts

Thoughts on not finishing something I started. I wanted to share my thoughts on not finishing a race just because
(Cuyamaca 100k).. I don't think it was a wise choice to not finish  . In the future if I start something then I need to finish it. The biggest reason for me is because I don't want to let those thoughts of it is OK to quit to have an OK place in my brain. My other reason is this was such an awesome race and so well put together I should of given that the race more respect. I don't look at this as a major failure but personally I feel like it was a learning failure. What does not finishing something I start teach me and where does that direction take me. I learned that I need to finish what I start because it has been nagging at me for two weeks now. I feel like I am not a quitter so why start now. I learned that I was little bit of a whiner leading up to this and that takes away from experience all the good that running such an awesome 100k has to offer. The biggest lesson it taught me was I need to be more appreciative of the gift of being healthy and able run has given me.
 I love the word grateful :
warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received;thankful:
I am grateful to you for your help.
expressing or actuated by gratitude:
a grateful letter.
pleasing to the mind or senses; agreeable or welcome; refreshing:
a grateful breeze.

I need to be more grateful.. I just wanted to share that failure is all how you look at it. Lets learn from our mistakes making them learning opportunities and no longer failures or mistakes. Lets look at our life lesson as gifts and then ask ourselves OK so what did I learn from this and whats my next move. Moving forward is always progress…wishing you happiness this weekend 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cuyamaca and my 2 loop journey

I am a little late on this story but here goes. I woke up at 3:30 am so I could get my butt out the door by 4 am. I had an hour and half drive to get the Cuyamaca 100k and I get there right on time. It was awesome to see so many familiar faces. It was cold and it always feels colder in the mountains. We all waited around for 6am there was coffee 4 bathrooms and plenty of breakfast food. The Cuyamca 100k is a 5 star race and after the race director  gave us the last minute directions we took off  right on time. 
This year was beautiful. It was not to hot and there was a perfectc breeze for most of the day. I spent a lot of time just singing and trying to stay present. Look at the beauty the mountains hold. This is an only an hour from San Diego. Amazing 
I took it easy and I just wanted to run a fun race. I needed this race for my triple crown last year and even though its an awesome race its also really difficult. This race is 3 loops and seeing my friends at the loop start is always an added bonus.
I took it easy and just enjoyed the run. My plan was to run 2 loops. I was feeling tired leading up to the race and so I just wanted to have fun and run 42 miles.
Here I got lost because I did not pay attention and went up Stonewall. This sweet hiker told me to go back down and I did and was fine. 
I had a great time hanging out with The Trail Crashers and seeing my friends there. Running was the best part. Getting lost for hours in the mountains always makes me happy. The aid stations where just amazing, They had so much good real food. I love this race more this year than last but I cut it short at two loops . I will do it again next year and finish for sure.  Happy Trails 

Friday, September 30, 2016

Touring San Diego

The kids had no school this Wednesday so we decided to try The Midway again. I tried to get both my teens to come with me but I could only convince one. We headed out at 11 am it has been super crazy hot in San Diego but when you are on the Midway there is always an awesome ocean breeze.
My favorite part is watching Jack try and fly all the small planes and Bella joined him so it was double the fun.

Lunch is really good on the midway too. I had the veggie 
sandwich and Bella had chicken nuggets along with Jack. Its so much fun to sit and talk about everything we saw and plan what else we are going to do. We stayed on the Midway for 3 hours and then headed to Seaport Village for a nice walk and to see the Kite man. Jack loves him. We had a great time and on the way home both the kids fell asleep. I think that means I did a good job. I love mini exploration trips.
Now its time to get ready for The Cuyamaca 100k. Saturday morning send me some good running vibes and see me happily doing my thing please. I am planning on just enjoying myself and taking it easy. I am thinking 17:30 hours or so. I will share the entire story with you soon. I am looking forward to it . San Diego puts on really good ultras and with the weather we have how can one complain. You can't !! Happy weekend peeps may you be filled with happiness and joy this weekend.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Last Night

This picture was taken 9  years ago. Last night my friend and I went  to a concert. It was Dolly Parton. She has loved Dolly since she was little and I actually remember sitting in her room listening to her little record player  while  she would play  Jolie . Back in the day her mom looked like Dolly to me, Big Blond hair and beautiful. She is  one of the people in my life that own a piece of my heart. I will  always  love her. She feels like my sister. Sometimes we don't talk for months and we live close to each other. I try and call but she doesn't call me back but that's OK. Life is different for us and even though she might not call back as often as I would like I know she loves me. I am not a touchy person I don't hug or touch my friends much and that's OK with me. Last night with out thinking about it I leaned on her shoulder and just watched the concert. I didn't even think about it until I removed myself and It hit me how much I care and love her. I have no expectations because the time we have had together has already exceeded anything I could ask for. There is the Life journey we have traveled together. I don't judge her I just hear her and I think she does that for me. She thinks my running is CRAZY !! She is an amazing artist. I love all things America and I am Mexican and she loves all thing Mexican and she is American. I love kids  having them and being married. She never wanted kids she has a cat instead and she is not married by choice and she loves that. We made different choices and just accepted the others life path no questions asked.
 I was so happy to be able to take her to see Dolly. I hope one day we can go to Dolly world just for fun. Our history looks to me like  line that goes all the way back to when I was a little girl and there we are looking at each other.  Complete opposites physically but best friend with out even knowing it. I can't count the times she has told me your crazy Glor !! #grateful 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Mood

This Sunday was good. I keep finding myself saying Thank You man upstairs for my people. Spending good quality time with my dad is huge. Do you think we can heal our child hood by raising and doing better by our own kids ?  I often feel I have and I am. I often  feel like running is The I made it, I am OK part of my life. When I am in the middle of the mountains by myself I cry all the time because I stand there and look around and feel like man our world is beautiful and I get to be a part of it. I don't know why I love running so much but that feeling of just moving and being free is so good. I feel it in the core of who I am. It heals it helps me grow it fills me with such love and gratitude for today. My people and movement make up such a huge part of who I am.. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday Thoughts

This morning I woke up at 5:30 am and headed out to meet my friends at Lake Hodges for what I thought was a 20 mile run but soon I found out it was 10. I stopped at Mcdonald's and got some coffee. I arrived on time Yeah !! It was an easy fun run and I really didn't feel like running but as soon as I got there I was happy to see everyone and get going. Running with friends is such a plus. The miles seem to just go by so quickly. I had previously decided that I really did not want to run Cuyamaca 100k next week. Its a really hard long course and I am was not feeling the love . Then after running with the gang I decided I would show up and for sure run the first two loops. The first loop is 30 miles and the second one is 12. Let me just say it is a crazy awesome race. The aid stations are great and the volunteers know what there doing. I am just being a big baby !! 
This picture is from last weeks race.
Thats the plan for next week 100k. Do the first and second loop. Then if I am done I will be ok with that. The third loop is so hard. I also feel like come on G. You know you can't just run the first two loops !!! You will have to finish once your out there. I just don't know what I will do but I am going to show up and find out. I hope you are having a great Saturday !!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

September Thoughts

Do you ever feel like your living in this space where you know what you like and your surroundings are all familiar . You have your routine and you consider yourself lucky because you have a passion. Getting older I feel more secure about what is mine and at the same time scared that all my first have already happened. I often ask myself what is your big dream G. What would you love to do ? Whats holding you back ? My forever excuse has been having kids. I feel instant guilt when I put my needs first. I have had kids for 22 years. Half of my life. I never really thought that I could do things. Western States was my first big ME moment. I did something that with the help of my husband and Trail Crashers was all mine. It was and still is my biggest G moment. It taught me that I should keep trying to dream big because if I fall short I can always try again as long as I don't give up I am ahead.

Here are a couple of my big G dreams
 Go to college and I want to take writing classes .
 Have a calendar one day with my favorite paintings all done by me.
I want to run another 100 mile race. I am thinking San Diego 100 next year and I can have my kids pace me for a couple miles ..
How exciting my kids running with me.
My biggest one. Write a children's book a book about a little girl that came here from Mexico not able to speak English with out her mom or dad. How she was able to see the good in people and be more than OK.
The next step is always the scariest if you can dream it then you need to write a map that takes you there..Stop thinking about it and make it happen time..
Does this weather have you thinking ? Have a happy Day.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Noble Canyon race report 2016

Race day arrived just as planned. My friend Daniel picked me up at 4 am and I was grateful to have a ride. We arrived around 5:30 am and it was so so cold and it got colder. I got my number 122 and I got some coffee went to the potty and waited for 6:30am. 

before you know it the race started.
OK I am going to be honest here. I have been really tired lately and even though I am getting my miles in I just have not been feeling it. You know the happy freedom you usually feel when you run and you find your happy place. Its been missing but soon to return I am sure.
For this race I decided my game plan would be this. I wanted to have a good time and just try to be in the moment and take in the course. I thought to myself lets just look at it as a 31 mile day. I started in the back and hung out with some awesome runners. They told me cool stories and this runner right behind me was wearing sandals and the guy in front of me was 72 years young. That's what it is all about for me. I love the stories and I love the people I meet. A huge part of the  trail running community is meeting super interesting people. I ran in the near the back about  12 miles and then I felt like I was ready to run a bit faster. 

It was getting warmer and this was not an easy course but I just kept thinking baby steps forward  G. The aid stations where so awesome. The volunteers took great care of us and they had everything you could ask for. I had amazing cantaloupe and water melon and some bananas and potatoes. They had ice for us and filled my water bottles on the spot.  Arriving at every aid station was a relief was such a nice break. There ready to help you and I always felt better leaving than coming in.  

I started feeling really good at like 14 and like crap at 22. Gotta love the range of feeling you get to experience during an ultra. I saw a couple of my friends and got some hugs. I saw the awesome Scott Mills then my thoughts went to how lucky I am. I will always envision him at Western States calling me into Michigan Bluff looking at me and telling what I needed to do to keep going. Then he patted me on the shoulder and said you can do this. It was one of those moments that just stays with you because he is a legend in this sport. You know the man.
I was tired and hot but just kept taking baby steps said hi to everyone and just enjoyed the myself. 

I knew my friends would be waiting for me and I was anxious to see them and ready to be done. This is a tough course it descends Noble Canyon and then Pine Mountain and Indian Creek Trails. You definitely earn your medal at this race. My time was 7:29 and I am happy with that. Happy I got to meet so many new runners and hear so many inspiring stories. Happy to see my Trail Crasher friends. It is always such a nice reunion to see each other after knowing we where all out there doing our best getting out ass kicked somehow.
 I met a girl named Stormy and she was all sunshine. I would say that it was a great day and a tough race and I can't wait until year.

Finding what makes you come alive is what it is all about and for some of us its getting to kiss a rat after a long day !!! Good Times

Friday, September 16, 2016

Noble Canyon 2016

Tomorrow is Noble Canyon 2016. This will be my 4th year running it. It is a really fun 50k that is challenging for sure. The awesome part is there will be so many familiar faces there. Running is always better with friends. I don't think it will get to hot that is always a plus. This is a race I highly recommend. I will let you know how it goes..Happy Weekend.

Thursdays field trip

Yesterday we went to Old Town in San Diego. My plan was to go and explore.  Jack my dad and I got there around 11 am. Old Town has a ton of tourist and that's always fun to see. They also have 4 free museums and they are all fun. Jack is 3 and he loves them so we take our time and look at every little thing. I try to get as much in as I can in 3 hours because I have to be at my older kids school by 3:30 and that's about 45 min away. My favorite part about Old Town is all the Frida Khalo art. I love bright colors and the feel of the Mexican haciendas. So pretty. We strolled around and Jack sang on the stage they had there and that was so cute. Then we went to the Mexican Cafe and had lunch it was so good and so not healthy. My dad has not been feeling great so Its super important to me that I spend time with him. I feel like having Jack around just helps. That was our field Trip for week. I think it is really important to get out of the house as a stay at home mom staying home all the time can be a serious downer so I just don't do it. I know that getting out and seeing people is always good for the soul. Thats why even if I don't feel like it I make myself just get out and explore.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Weekend stuff

This weekend we ran at Lake Hodges. Everyone is tapering so there was no need to drive really far for 14 miles. I went to the wrong spot but eventually literally ran into my friends out on the trail. It was crazy humid but not to hot so the run was actually nice. We ran around Lake Hodges and it was nice to see so many runners out there and mountain bikers. Becca made cupcakes and after a couple of us went to breakfast.
I took today completely off and just rested and took a 2 hour nap. This next week I will just do short runs and the most important thing for me is I need to get to bed early. The older I get the better I run when I sleep at least 8 hours. That is not a bad problem to have. I love to sleep when ever Jack does. I have a busy week ahead of me filled with family dinners and a baseball game with my sister. I am really excited about saturday run .. Noble Canyon is so much fun because so many people I admire will be there running. I hope your week was good and happy times ahead..

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

This is now

This is my right now. Date night with my dad . We went to see a play last night . Loves labors lost and it was not my favorite. It was really hard to understand and really long. I feel asleep during the play. That has never happened before. My dad laughed at me and I felt like I was back in school. You know that history class that you could barely stay awake for and you kept nodding of at. That was me. It was good but it was not for me.
 When I am with my dad I feel this sense of time all around me. I know the moments I spend with him are so special and precious. I listen to what he tells me and try to bring my self back to being present all the time. He has always been so good me and now that he is getting older I don't want to miss out when it comes to just hanging out with him. We really have a good time together.
Today Jack and I headed to Lego Land. It was awesome. No lines!
We played and went in the fountain and had snacks. Then we went on 8 rides. How cool is that !! There was no spinning rides either . I was feeling tired and a little down this morning so I made the day about Jack and made a good dinner for the family and now I just feel tired and happy. Happy Days.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Taco Tuesday

What I am learning is this .. What do you have to lose if you try and see how high you can leap.. don't give up,  whatever it is your dreams are made of keep dreaming and planing to make it real..
Why not see how high you can jump ?

Saturday's Story

This Saturday I was supposed to wake up at 4:30 am to get ready and be out the door by 5am to make our Saturday morning run. I did not hear  my alarm and I totally over slept. (bummer)
fortunately my girlfriend spent the night and she woke me up at 5am. I hurried my butt and we where in the car driving to the mountains by 5:10 am . I did not have anything to eat except for a cup of coffee. 
We made it there by 6:40 and lucky for me everyone was running late and the whole group was still there. The SURF group  and The Trail Crashers both started in the same place. We ran 21 miles. It was the first loop of The Cuyamaca 100k. I was really tired the entire run. I had already put in 60 miles on my feet for the week but I really needed to get on the course and get some miles in at altitude. OK so I totally sucked and it was hard. My legs felt like heavy logs. The kind you have to pull behind you. I even thought about hitch hiking back but I was honestly so happy to be out there. I don't care that I was in the back I do feel bad that everyone had to wait for me but my friends where there waiting. Happy to see me every time I caught up to them so they could continue running. If I had any kind of direction savvy I would lead the slow group. Oh wait I would be the only  one in it for the most part.
There really is nothing better than hanging out in the mountains with a bunch of people you admire. I feel that running in the mountains is a place where you can put away all the hats we have to wear as adults and just be free. A bunch of free adults running up and down the mountain with no cares in the world. We ended up running 21 miles and 9 where up hill. One of us saw a mountain lion (not me ) I got almost 40 thousand steps in for the morning. (so cool) I got to hang out with my friends all morning oh and please let me not forget one very special friend jumped out of the bushes and made a noise like a lion and scared the everything out of me. 
We will all be running Noble Canyon 50k in about 2 weeks. Wishing everyone an awesome week. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Days

Happy September --
Can you believe its only 4 months until Christmas ? Crazy hu
Checking in with the plan for the month.
 I have a race coming up Noble Canyon 50k Sept 17th.  It is always exciting to have something on the books. My training is going well I wish I gotten  to the gym more but I will be happy with having enough time to get my miles in. My plan this month is to make all of our group runs too.. I thought I would write a list of the stuff I have been crazy interested in this month. Some to do with running other and motherhood.

I have been digging my new Under Armor shorts I got at REI. My favorite thing about them is they have legit pockets and they breathe so well. I had to get both black and blue.

After Western States I could put another GU in my mouth. I felt like I had a really bad GU hang over. It was not the GU it was my poor planning when it came to my nutrition but still I can't eat them yet so I switched to V-Fuel . I am really liking this stuff its easier to swallow because it is not so sticky and thick and it taste great. I like the vanilla flavor. My tummy likes it too. Its a win win.

OK lets talk how crazy I am about my Fitbit.  I am a loving it and have become a little obsessed with my daily steps after finding out I could compete against my friends and myself. This little bracelet is super rad.

My new shoes are working really well for me. I have gone through so many shoes and I know we are all different and I would recommend everyone go the REI or your local shoe store and try all different brands and trust your judgment. If they don't feel good on your feet  just be done with them and move on. I am really liking the Hokas  . I go to this website first and if I cat find them there them I buy them at the store.
My favorite food right now are almonds.. It is kinda silly but I am loving almonds.
My favorite song Gold Kiiara.  I am seriously digging this song.

The other thing I never leave home with out specially right now that Jack and I are going on our long walks is my City Stroller. This is not my running stroller it is my walking easy stroller. I can carry it with one hand and still hold Jack Stroller. It is really nice so he can nap in it and it is nice enough to go into a restaurant with it. It is super durable but it is not made for running. You need to get a BOB for running. Hands down the best stroller for running. I am also digging this lunch box for our snacks. Its so cute and it closes well. The puppy box.
Hope you are off to great start and may you have an awesome month !!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

I love you Running

There is something so amazing between running and myself. I feel like it is becoming this beautiful love affair. It is the one true extra activity I will not let go off because I can't.  I dream about it  I practise as much as I can just like a musician practises his instrument because I need too. As a stay at home mom it is really the only me time I get and I feel like I am right where I am supposed to be every time I get outside. I am a runner that finishes near the back of the pack all the time and it is crazy how every time I finish I feel like I won in the big race of life. I love being near the middle or back of the pack if your talking anything over 50 miles. I bond with other runners I love the stories the amazing personalities and what I love is the how lucky I feel to be around so many amazing strong , focused humans. I love surrounding myself with running books and listening to ultra running podcast. I feel like I am so lucky to have found something that fills my heart with such joy. I hope this feeling never goes away. I hope I can continue to have this great love affair for a very long time. This inspiration came from knowing I get to have my long run start at 6:30 am tomorrow and now I am so excited.