Tuesday, August 17, 2010

With Love, me

This picture was taken at a retreat I went to in Oregon. Unearth, It was a life changing for me and I believe for everyone else there. Its like going all by yourself somewhere to learn about art and yourself only to find that you arrived at a place where everyone has arrived with open arms and excited to meet you to learn from you to greet you, love you and fill you with encouragement . The girls there got me and even though we were all different we all had one thing in common our vulnerability and our ability to reach out to each other. There was no judgement. Just love.
I learned a-lot from my experience. Liz introduced me to meditation and yoga. Her voice was soothing and she brought love for all of us.
I also meet a woman by the name of Marilyn. She was so sweet and her words full of such maturity. I thought what a wonderful mother she must be. Thoughts of her being fill me with such joy. (thank you )
I carry what i learned with me at this retreat everyday. I have a pretend back pack with me all the time. I fill it with things I have learned and tools I need and most importantly with hope. I fill my thermos with a little hope everyday. This retreat was a fill me up. Now I carry that foundation those woman gave me with me everyday. I also know that life gives me what I take from it. I am choosing to take love, joy and understanding.
Today I had my track work out at 7 a.m. It was hot and I am actually afraid every Tuesday to show up. I am the slowest and I think the oldest, but I try really hard to do my best. My best has begun to be enough for me and it brings me joy. To just show up.
Today during my work out I thought about all of this and I wanted to share with you that all the possibilities of life are here for you and me. We have to choose to take chances and we have to give ourselves credit for our courage. I know its not easy but its not that hard either. Do things out of love, share your female knowledge with the rest of us. We can all learn so much from each other. So let us reach out to all that life has to offer...

With Love...Gloria
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