Sunday, May 31, 2015

Goodbye May-Hello June

This month was good to me. My son turned 14 and I turned 43. It is hard to believe that time really does go by as quickly as it does. I want to be as present as possible. I do not want to look back and say what happened . So I take a ton of pictures I take a ton of videos and just love on my kiddos as much as possible but I still feel like wow time is just flying by. These are some of my favorite moments for May. Each picture takes me to good moment and puts a smile on my face.

Goodbye May- Hello June

Friday, May 29, 2015

San Diego 100 Miler Flyover

This was made by the Trail Crashers. Its shows the course we will be running for the race. Its really cool . I love this stuff. It sure does look like a long ass way !!

Ultra Training with friends

This is the hat I will be wearing for my first 100 mile race next Saturday. Finding a group that was training for the same races and had such a great group of runners has made all the difference in the world to me. I know its a good thing race day is almost here but at the same time it has been awesome training with my friends and I do not want it to end. I look forward to the weekends because I know I get to see everyone and catch up with them. I have learned that working toward a goal is always more fun when you do it with friends.
The Trail Crashers  is the name of our group. They plan all of our runs depending on what race we are training for. They never leave a runner behind on the trail. ( being ditched sucks) They give us good nutritional advice and they show up to every training run. There a solid group and they care. I wish everyone had a group to run with like ours I totally recommend joining a running group. Specially when training for 100 miles. Its not like you won't have time to run alone:)

So excuse me if I have been a little quite over here I wake up and go to sleep with butterflies in my tummy.. just 7 more days

Monday, May 25, 2015

Running feelings

It seems like all I can think about is that in 11 days I will be running my first 100 mile race. I can and can't believe it. I did not really think that me a mom that just set the table for 4 and did 2 loads of laundry could also train enough to do something so cool. I just keep thinking how I know I can do it I just have to believe that in my core and then make it happen. I am excited and nervous and grateful. So grateful . Its almost here the big day. June 6th…. I am all smiles.

11 days to go

I have 11 days to go until I run my first 100 mile race. I have put in the miles and now I am trying to get my brain to wrap my brain around the adventure that lies ahead. My biggest worry are going through the lows everyone talks about. I really haven't had one in years. So I just hope its not to crazy bad. I am going to run it in 20 miles increments . I like that because it makes it 5 challenges for me. I think I also going to think of it as race with 3 levels. Level 1 the first day , level 2 the night and level 3 the morning . If you do well on all three levels you get a buckle. I will have my friend crewing me and that will be awesome. I am sure I will love the support. This week I will share how this normal mom prepares herself for her next crazy ultra adventure. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Birthday Post

I flew home on my birthday. I turned 43 this week and I find my birthday day is hard for me . I feel meloncholy during the day. This year was a little better. I pent most of the day with my awesome girl friend . She did a lot of very sweet things and the day felt special. I have no idea why my birthdays always feel that way but now that its passed I feel great. 

Here I am with two of my four kids . I am really happy I made to 43 and I have so many things to be grateful for. I have a roof over my head and kids I love and I am healthy. I saw an old man tonight standing by the taco shop I went to pick up dinner for two at. It is raining outside so he was just trying to get out of the rain. He had to be in his late 70s and he looked old and fragile. He had food that someone bought for him. He was homeless. I don't know what I could have done for him. It really hit me how lucky I am to have a home and a family and to be a year older. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day two at running camp

Here we are day two. It was a Hoka fest down there by our feet. 

Today's adventure was running the double Dipsea.  Let me just start by telling you this was the most amount of stairs I have ever ran. So we ran from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach. 

The best part is knowing this is a whole new playground. I have never been here and everything is new so I just took it all in and took my time.  The stairs also helped me take my time but it was so beautiful .

It was mostly foggy and cold and yes that is  perfect running weather. So we all split up and I am really grateful Kathleen waited for me because I would still be lost. It was a hard trail and I suck at directions so there you go and unlike other retreats or when I run back home with my group here no one waited for you. So I got lucky that Kathleen did. Unfortunately lots of girls got lost I went into this thinking some one who knew what they where doing would look out for us but no one did.  The first half we fallowed people who knew but the second half we where all on our own. The people who knew what they where doing ditched us. 

Have you ever had that feeling in your stomach that tells you I hope you payed attention on the way out here because if you did not we are kinda screwed ? that's what I felt. So did the other girls.

Once we made it to Stinson Beach we decided to take our time and ask for directions at every turn. So we stopped people and got to chat and we eventually made it back . I still find it hard to believe we where left to figure this out on our own.

It was so beautiful . Huge Redwood trees and then the ocean all in one day. The trail itself was challenging and that makes it more fun. You have to make the best of your circumstances. so we did.

So here we are after 20 good long  challenging miles. All smiles. Here's what I really loved from this run. At one point Kathleen and I ran up this trail to find the some ladder people told us about. The feeling of being a little girl with no cares in the world just running happened. I love that feeling. Random question but is there a feeling you get when your out there that you just love ? that's mine. Pure Bliss 
So besides being ditched by our camp director we made it. No one said anything either because we are all to nice. ( I would not go back )

Running Camp Weekend day 1

I left Friday  morning for a much anticipated woman's running retreat in Mill Valley Ca. I went with one of my best friends. After we landed got our car and made a quick stop for a some food and then we drove to the house that we would be staying at for the next three days. We walked in introduced ourselves then sat down and talked races and running all night. It was really cool sitting with 10 other girls around the table talking running. So the deal was we would all meet at 6 am for a 7 am start. 

Saturday morning came very quickly. Specially because I sitting in bed with your girl friend chatting the night away. So all the girls met early and we all drove to  Mt.Tamalpais state park and the plan was hike or run to the top and meet back up at the parking lot. I met this really cool girl named Melissa and she became my running bud die for the day. I got to hear all about her 150 mile races. (holy cow ) and all the stories. It was awesome. I enjoyed every minute of our time together. 
With a couple miles to go Melissa went back with the group and Kathleen wanted to get a couple more miles in and so I joined her. One of my favorite things is meeting new people and enjoying there personality. Most people I run with are happy runners and love being outside and Kathleen was super positive just full of energy. She told me about her Iron men competitions and that came with some more great stories. We talked about our kids and life as a mom who can't get enough runs in and I loved it. Can you see it all these girls with the same passion.

This is what we ran though. It was totally different than anywhere I run in here in San Diego. So so so beautiful. The trees looked like they touched the sky. In some places you couldn't see the sky because the trees just kept going.

I totally felt a connection with Melissa and Kathleen and that's always a plus. I am sure we will keep in contact. All together we ran 18 miles and a-lot of that so crazy hard. There are a couple things this retreat taught me and I that is that it is OK if I am near the back. What I can do is just right for me.

Here we are day one. A very nice and super smart group of bad ass running chicks. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Weekend up date

Hi guys its me. This picture  was taken after the race. Thanks to Becca for the photo. My recovery this week went well. I was not sore just really hungry and tired.  Now I am of to a new adventure this weekend. I am going to San Francisco to take part in a running camp put on by Keira Henninger. They are going to have some cooking classes and one of my best girl friends is coming with. I hope to learn as much as possible and to get some good miles in under the red woods. I will share my story with you as soon as I get back. Have a safe weekend and happy trails. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

The PCT 50 ..

This is how it started. Thursday night my tummy was a total mess. This is what was on the news.   What ??? Snow in San Diego. Snow on in MT. Laguna .. in May. So I should have known that just because there is snow on one day does not mean there is going to be snow the next day. So I freaked out went and bought new pants and then I went to bed. The morning did not start out the way I would of liked. There was no coffee or oatmeal at my dads. So my dad drove me to a friends house (Robert)  and I got a ride from him to the starting line. I felt both excited and sick. 

Once I got out of the car and got my bib and I suddenly felt better. The weather was perfect. You know that feeling when you step out of the car and your like 'whoa this is awesome running weather.' That's what I felt. Time seems to go slow for me in the morning . It felt like forever before the race started.  A huge highlight is having your friends out there running too. 
                                        The Trail Crashers 
The race started promptly at 6 a.m. The first 15 miles kicked my butt. I was not really surprised since I did not get to eat breakfast or have my coffee.( this is not an excuse but you should really have breakfast when attempting to run 50 miles ) I decided to just start focusing on everything that felt right. The weather was amazing and being out there was so beautiful. I could hear other runners trucking along and the air was so crisp. Strong mind strong body, right ?

The course was amazing. You run on a great trail with plenty of room as you can see in the picture above. It took me 6 hours to get from mile 1 to mile 24. The aid stations were awesome, lots of good food and lots to drink. I was sad that at aid station 2 one of our best runners was out. He hurt his ankle so I hugged him and kept going.  I thought about how lucky I was to be able to run. 

There was so much snow it was crazy. There was always someone around me and I had some great conversations . I even met a guy who has two daughters that attend the school I attended from 3rd grade to 8th grade. We knew some of the same people. Stuff like that is just really cool when you're out there. 

My face really says it all. I am just a happy mom out for a long ass run. I was really excited the entire time. I know its a long way to go but I felt fine. A couple cramps but for the most part I was super grateful. 

I was really happy to be getting close to being done because I was getting tired and I wanted to sit down. I did get to run with another mom she was fun and we had good conversations. We pulled each other for a little bit. I ate bananas and oranges but what really helped me was GU every 45 minutes. Even when I couldn't swallow it I did. I also did the Trail wind in my Camel back.  The GU was key.

This was my favorite part, mile 45. At mile 40 I started to feel really good . I didn't know how long it would last so I started running as fast as I could . This was at mile 45 I just love this view. Its so beautiful. How could I not be happy to be able to take part in a race that is held in such an amazing place. The race director  John Martinez did a really great job putting this together. Everyone was really nice and the aid stations where well prepared.  It took me 11 hours 45 minutes to finish . I was happy with that time. I did the best I could and I had fun and I made friends. That's all I can ask for. I feel I grew as a runner and I feel stronger. The PCT 50 was an awesome race I highly recommend running this if you dare !!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

On Dreams coming true

Its Thursday night, and in less than two days I will be running my 3rd 50 mile race, The PCT 50. I thought the more I ran the less nervous I would feel but nope. I am sitting here with serious butterflies in my tummy. Its a great thing. I always wanted to do this and taking part in this kind of adventure is a dream come true for me. I am this ordinary mom of 4 and some how I was able to train enough to do this. Running has really taught me to believe in myself. That even though I am all these things to all these people in my house I am still me and I can't lose that. In order to stay happy and passionate and focused I need to always remember what I love to do. It makes a huge difference for me. Having these dreams is the difference between getting up in the morning with excitement and not wanting to get out of bed. I am hoping to finish with time to spare. What is your crazy dream ? Do have something you just can't wait to do? I hope you do and I also hope you too get butterflies in your tummy just thinking about it.

Thursday Stories

She was kind, sweet and loving in the way grandmothers are supposed to be. The story is that from the first day I came home from the hospital I slept with her. My mom and dad lived in the same house as my grandmother and I guess she claimed me. She always looked at me and said my sweet girl. I always felt like I was hers. Her eyes held a place for me and I belonged in them. Sometimes she would hold my face in her sweet hands and it was perfect. She had the kindest voice and I remember how much I admired her beauty. I rarely saw her with out makeup on. She was in her late 80s in this picture so as you can tell she really was beautiful. My favorite story about her told to me by my aunt. Her daughter the one I have grown to call mom. That my grams had the most beautiful night gowns she would put on after dinner when it was time to go to bed. They had matching robes and slippers and my grandfather loved them. That tells me she was in love and she must of been in passionate love with my grandfather. It reminds me of her class and beauty. Her love of fashion but she always wanted to look her best. She took pride in her self. I love that. She was also a great cook and loved feeding us. She showed her love for us in her service. She loved us by feeding us and she always smelled so good. I wish she could of lived forever. So she could of met all of my children . I wish I could hear her sweet voice and smell her. I have so much admiration for her. The biggest gift she gave me was the love she showed me. She has been gone for a couple years now but she will never be forgotten. This week on my runs I just played the memories I have of her in my head . It was like watching my favorite movie over and over. It is so important to love with an open heart and not hold back. 

Most of the family went to visit her on her Birthday. Jack said hi too. Love is never lost it can always be found in the memories we hold close to our heart. Happy Birthday Tita. I miss you.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mini adventure part 2

by this time on our little adventure exploring was at its best. I really think he loved the face that it was windy and warm . Cloudy than sunny because he would run into the wind and I would fallow him.

Then there was all the fountain love. Who does not love fountains. I do and Jack does too. I cleaned his hands w sanitizer every time he stuck his hands in the not clean water. I think this was the highlight of our little trip.. water momma water !! and more water.

The good thing about no stroller is he loved sitting down after a while and just looking up at the trees.. thats when I get to hold him. 

I am planning on doing this more with Jack. He never got really tired and I carried him when ever he wanted me too. The kids is so fun.

We had a teriyaki chicken bowl for lunch and he loved it. I need to try more new foods with him he surprises me with all the foods he likes.

Life is just having lunch with my mom at the park.

The day went really well and I am so glad I just went exploring with him. Sometimes I think I need way more than I do. It was simple my baby and me a full tank of gas 20$ and a full day of fun. Am I crazy grateful for the great day we had ? I am and I also know that specially on days when life seems a little gloomy its so important to make it good. Go outside and just make a mini adventure.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Touring San Diego Part 1

I decided Monday morning that Jack and I needed a mini adventure so after dropping of his brother and sister at school we set out to our destination. Balboa Park. I packed my back pack with a couple diapers and a snack his bottle and a toy. I like to keep it simple. I also decided I was going to leave the stroller at home. I figure when he got tired I could pick him up. We arrived at 10 am. The first place we went was the Art Village. 

The weather was weird. One minute it was windy and cold then it was hot. Jack did great walking around with me. One of the great things about taking in the town with a 1 1/2 year old is you really do stop to look at everything. I looked at every trash can and every plane that passed by. The art center in Balboa Park was neat. They have a-lot of galleries but going inside was just not an option.

As soon as we saw the rainbow covered floor Jack yelled. OH WOW ! I felt like we were walking on the yellow brick road. 

I have lived in San Diego most of my life and I had not seen these statues . I felt a little bit like I was back in Florence.

Next we visited the Coy Pond. I was happy that he did not try to jump in. He just looked at the fish and listened to all the people around up playing music. 

Here we are. I decided we would have Japanese food for lunch. So we sat by the organ pavilion and waited for our food.
To be continued….