Monday, February 27, 2017

Training run in the dessert

I slept about 3 hours on Friday night. Jack is sick and his coughing along with just being his mommy kept me up. I ended up getting up at 3 am I contemplated getting ready to run or getting back in bed. I knew when I sat up in bed that running would win. I have learned that when ever I hesitate on a run either because the drive is so long or the weather sucks or I just feel lazy that if I just get ready and leave the house I will have a great day! It usually works that way. I got up and made coffee got ready and looked at the forecast. It said COLD !! 40 and windy :( Then I pack every jacket I own just because having my jackets in the  car helps me feel more ready. 
Our run was the first 18 miles of the Lost Boys course. Can I just say it was really difficult. A total work out. My mantra when running really hard stuff is this is making me stronger. I just say that over and over and over .
We climber boulders that used to be waterfalls and we just kept running. Then I realized that for me this was one of those runs that you get what you put in. It was really pretty out in the dessert and the sky was bright blue. The weather ended up at a perfect 70 degrees . I got to see my friends and yes getting 3 hours of sleep having to leave my house at 4am and being uncomfortably cold at the start of our run was so worth it. This weeks run felt like an adventure. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday's training run

Today's run took place in Cuyamaca. We ran 18 miles of the  Orriflame course. It was so cold my teeth kept chattering. Last year when I ran this race my feet where in bad shape and running down the rocky Orriflame course was so painful and it took me forever. I felt running today was a big mental boost I felt way stronger running down and even though I didn't feel great running up hill that is okay because I just ran a 50.  This running lifestyle it is a very good one. Wishing you a very happy Sunday. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

My Lake Hodges 50 miler race report

I woke up 5 times the night before the race and the last time I woke up I yelled, " oh no I missed it I over slept."  My husband kindly told me it is 4 am. I think you're ok. I was nervous because even though I was excited to be a part of such a great event I decided to run it last week so my training could have been better. I know that I would have benefited from doing a couple back to back long runs but I needed just think about the training I have been doing and remember how well I know the course.
 I got to the race 30 minutes early and got my bib #245 got a hug from the race director Paul (awesome human ) then before you know it we where off. Right on time. 

A couple things I loved about this race. The weather  was perfect perfect. I wore a short sleeve running shirt and shorts. I didn't need gloves and I was not hot or cold . It was perfect. The trails where perfectly clean because of all the rain we have been having and everything was green. I felt great at the start. I was running 11 min miles and just stayed at that pace. I met new people and had some fun conversations. I was excited because the Trail Crashers where hosting an aid station 15/35. ( I get to see my friends twice) and  just knowing I get to spend all day running this amazing course Paul set out for us how could I not be happy.

The sun came out briefly and it was mostly over cast. (perfect running weather) There was also an aid station every 5 to 10 miles fully loaded. The aid stations had everything you needed. The course was so well marked (thank you Paul)                                                I felt good and happy most of the time. The hardest miles for me where 43 to 49. I was just tired and my tummy was not happy. I also know that if I would have dome some back to back long runs I would of been mentally better prepared for that I am tired feeling and my body would of pushed a little harder. 

 This was just a great day. I wanted to do better than I did in 2015 . I ran it 10 minutes faster and this is weird but I felt like I was going faster than 2 years ago. The difference is I ran at a consistant pace this year. Instead of running walking I kept it under 12 minute miles for most of the race. Baby steps

 The course is awesome. I was talking to this lady I was running with and she told me she does this race every year and the thing that bothers her is there is to much running on this course. I thought about it for a while and I think what she meant is that its a flat course. I love it ! I love the running part of this whole situation. I loved seeing so many familiar faces and the volunteers are just so good to us runners. I felt like yes the race director likes us he is making sure this race goes of with out a problem and thats what it felt like.

I was so happy to be done. My finishing time was 9 :45 thats my 50 mile PR.  A huge Thank You to Paul Jesse for putting on an excellent race. The voluteers for taking great care of the runners and my running group The Trail Crashers I love them there support makes me try harder and my husband for coming with Jack to the race.  

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Lake Hodges 50 here I come

This is Lake Hodges  we run here  a-lot. There are lots of trails and its close to everyone. Maybe not close but about an hour drive and that's close. It is really pretty and you can get a ton of miles out here. The San Diego 50 miler is this weekend and I decided last minute I wanted to run it. I love The Ultra running community in San Diego. I always feel like it is such a treat to be part of racing or volunteering at any Ultra here.
I haven't trained for the 50 miler but I think I will be okay because I have kept up my training and I feel excited.The last time I ran this race in 2014 It took me 9:55 minutes so I would like to do better than that.
I am going to use take it easy and see if I can just keep a steady pace the entire time. The Trail Crashers are going to have an aid station at mile 15 and 35 so I get to see my friends twice.
The world outside seems like such a mess right now that getting a good long beautiful run will be awesome medicine for my soul. I look forward to telling you all about the race . It this Saturday at 6:30 am so please send me good running thoughts. Have an awesome day !