Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Years

Ahhhh I want to wish you a very Happy New Year ! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Thank you for the sweet messages that let me know you care and the words of encouragement. I have had a wonderful time this year watching my kids grow up and cooking lovely dinners for them. I have really found my love for reading books and I feel so grateful for my simple life at home. I am getting older but I seem to be OK with it now. I really can not put into word just how excited I am to welcome a whole new year. 2016 !!! baby
I always welcome the new year with my word for the year. A word I want to hug and welcome into my life. This year my word is HONEST. Fear has always kept me from just being honest but it is time for me to just speak my truth and let the rest go. If it does not serve me I do not need it. I am letting go and being honest with myself about it.
That is how I will choose to head into 2016 and I hope I learn grow and find more of me…
Happy New Years to you !!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tis crazy Life

                    Stop being who you were, and change into who you are .
                                                                            Paulo Coelho

Beautiful Quiet

There seems to be a beautiful quiet the greets me in the wee early morning hours. As I walk out of my car and make my way to the trail my heart seems to know that I have arrived. Then slowly I start. All I can hear are my shoes as they hit the trail and my breathe. I want to be very quite as not to disturb all the lies before me. This will be the only time of the day that I will get to be out here alone with nature. In the stillness. My body craves time in the mountains time spent running.  My pace is irrelevant what matters is how this consistently heals me. It teaches me to be humble to take my time to just be there present. I try and take it in to let it move through me. It gives me so much it has become a spiritual experience one that I am so grateful for. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Its the end of the year

The end of the year is here..  and man I have a had a wonderful year. I never thought I would be in this  great place. Things are good. The number  #1 thing I have learned is that if you find something you LOVE something that fills your heart and soul. Something you do not get tired of doing. DO IT

You do not have to be good at it when you start . You do have to practice practice and show up. 

I have hobbies that I just love. I found running and 14 years later I still love it. I think its the longest relationship I have ever had. This activity has taught me so much about myself and had humbled me at the same time. The biggest thing that it is OK for a me a mother of 4 to take time for myself. That guilt you carry as a mom when you leave for weekend or a couple hours  is real but I have learned that I deserve time for me. I feel like running makes me feel excited and that flows into my life as a mother.
 I had a really exciting time running this year. Distances I dreamt of running but never thought I would be able to.
Finishing the San Diego Grand Slam is by far my biggest running accomplishment for 2015 with that came running my first and what I thought might be my only 100 miler. My first 100k that was the hardest on my body but I got through it. Then I found out I somehow by the grace of God got into Western States 2016.(WTF) I am so excited and I feel so lucky to have such a great opportunity. I have been spending time just trying to figure out what I need to do to succeed. My family is 100 percent in and willing to help how ever they can. I am so grateful. My dream is to go to Auburn and just have a great race and that means finishing in under 30 hours.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas

Hi.. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season. Merry Christmas ! I was able to get a run in early this morning. It was perfect. Getting up early kinda sucks but its so quite and peaceful in the early moments of the day.

I had to put my feet in the water this morning. It was cold but perfect. I went up to my knees put my hands in the air and just took it all in. Thanked God and the universe for all wonderful things in my life.. I am so looking forward to Western States next year. I still can not believe it but I will take it.  Stay Positive and healthy and Happy Holidays..

Monday, December 21, 2015

28 miles…Why yes please

This weekend our run took us to Lake Hodges. It seems like we run there a lot but it seems to be our most of our winter runs take place there. You can run a long way and still see people along the entire trail. Saturday we ran for about 6 hours. Mt girl friend is going to race a 50 mile race there so we are training. Ever since finding out I got into Western I feel like I really need to convince myself that I can do this. My friends seem to think I can so now I just need to believe it too. That's why when my GF said she was running 28 miles I felt like I wanted to join her. It was not a hard run we kept it easy. I just love spending all morning outside so when I was asked if I wanted to run the 28 I said yes please 

Jazz Hands Peeps

It really felt like a great morning. It was cold and the sun was out. There was lots of talking going on and we saw friends out there. I am really excited about Western so much so my tummy hurts every time I think about it. I just need to keep showing up for long runs long work outs and anything else I can do to make sure I run that race in under 30 hours. I am sure I will be focusing a lot on that race.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Malibu Canyon 50k race report

Malibu Canyon started of well. I drove up the night before and stayed at my sister in laws house. It's a 3 hour drive from my house so I decided going the night before would be smart. I am a terrible tired driver so I just avoid it now. I stayed with her the night before and then only had an hour drive in the morning. I arrived at 6:30 am and that gave me plenty of time to get ready in my car and check in. Everything was very well organized . I really like my tech shirt and I also got some socks. Gotta love swag :). The weather was that perfect morning running cold weather. You can stand being outside with out really needing a jacket. The sky was a clear blue. The sun was shinning really bright but it was still chilly.

Over 100 people gathered at the start and then just like that it was ready set go. I really liked the small group of runners that gathered it felt like a small race. Everyone said hi and good morning. many people asked if this was your first 50k.  I saw a friend I admire from San Diego Karen. When I ran the San Diego 100 back in June I remember some lady at mile 70 something at some aid station held my face and told me I was going to make it and that I just needed to keep going. I will always remember that because it was at that moment that I believed I was going to make it. Karen was that lady and while I was running I put the two together. Those volunteers at the aid stations can make all the difference in the world. God Bless all of them. 

There was 2 big ass hills. The 50k had 5900 elevation gain. There was tons of climbing but as you can see it was not rocky so it was really nice.There was only 18 percent single track. 74 percent dirt road and a little bit of asphalt.
 I have friend Jeff Hooker who I  is a really great power hiker and runner . He does it so well and I have watched him and he has walked me through his style so I practiced as much as I could . It was the perfect place to practice practice, practice. I honestly do not think you can ever practice power hiking enough. 

 I really enjoyed myself. It was so pretty and as I was running it dawned on me that in 2010 I had run this course and failed. This is the same course as the Bull Dog 50k and because I failed (DNF) at this once I felt really good about how much better I did this time. I am telling you this never gets old. The picture is of Malibu Canyons and I could see the most insanely huge houses from the trail.
This part of the run was short but it felt very Patagonia. It looks warm in this picture but it was cool.
My shameless #runningselfie

I made a  new friend and it turns out we have run other races together but we never met.
 I finished at 7hours and 15 minutes and 8th in my age group. They had aid stations every 5 to 8 miles and everyone was friendly. I filled up with water got some chips and I was golden.
My legs look so skinny in this picture. They are actually really big and buff (JK)…
 Once again I had a wonderful time met new people and heard some great stories. The race director was really nice and friendly. If I could change anything it would to not drive home the night of he race and I wore the wrong shoes for sure. I love the mini adventures in my life that running theses races provides for me. Thank you for reading. G

Friday, December 11, 2015

50k Weekend Yay

Hi Peeps. So you know that feeling you have when you have not signed up for a race and the year is coming to an end so you want to just plan a quick end of the year thing because well you're a little nutty and you can't help yourself. That was me right before I found out I got into W.S. I have to be honest I also needed a little me time. Having a big family can sometimes get loud and I am not complaining just simply stating that I needed a just for me run. The other night I was on Ultra sign ups and there before me was a race and long story short I am running it tomorrow . The Malibu Canyon 50k   I am going to spend the night at a friends house that lives close by and then go RUN. I am excited I have only run in Malibu once before when I ran the bull dog in 2011 my only DNF. I know this will be a much better experience because I am a different runner now. 

Here is the elevation map. Looks like fun. I am excited for a couple things. I know I will make new friends. I get to run for a couple hours all by myself on a trail . I also feel like I need start taking nutrition seriously and I am going to observe how I feel through out the day more. So I will be back with a full race report soon. I hope your long run this weekend goes great.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Days of December

Getting ready for Christmas ?? I am trying to get a little Christmas in everyday. Today we headed over to Balboa Park. We saw the big tree by the Balboa Theater. We tried to watch the puppet show. We stayed as long as Jack wanted to and that was about 25 minutes. That's OK when your 2,  25 minutes is a long time to sit still. We had lunch at the Japanese Gardens and we walked around for a couple hours. It felt as Christmas as you can feel when its 80 degrees outside. Happy Holidays.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Early morning runs and unexpected blessings

Today was the day it happened. I woke up at 5:30 am I slowly rolled myself out of bed and then I got dressed. Lately I have been so happy to go out on these really early morning long runs. It was a really cold morning you know the kind of morning you Thank God for the gloves you remembered to bring with you. We started right on time and today we had a small group show up. I love the fact that we are out there for hours just running and talking. It is enough time to practice my form work on my breathing and think about life stuff. My dad always says long runs are like putting a Q tip in your brain and getting rid of all the cob webs. When your done you feel all new. This is so true. Today I ran with a runner I really admire because she is a bad ass. She is a strong female and I admire that. I was kinda able to keep up with her for the second half and that is partly because her shoes hurt but hey I kept up. I have been feeling better about my runs. Maybe I have been excited because I feel that slowly I am improving at something I love. So after our 20 something mile run we went back to the car and I looked at my phone and I had 50 messages … 
The messages said…. Congratulations G  You got into Western States from all my friends.  I ran to my girl friend hugged her and cried a little. Dreams do come true. I got in. Me a totally middle of the pack and sometimes when its over 50 miles near the back of the pack runner. Gloria the girl who is just happy not to make her friend wait to long to for her to catch up. I got in. They picked my name and I can't explain how happy and scared but mostly crazy ass grateful I feel. I got into Western States number 297 picked. Today it really happened my biggest dream came true. 

Friday, December 4, 2015


This was my today.
It was simple. Time at the park and a much needed run. Pine cones and dirt. We came across broken drinking fountains and we saw two trains. We played with puppies and laid on the grass. Today we kept it simple and that was way more than enough. 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

15 Hours | with Ann Trason

Exploring with Jack

One of the lessons I have learned this year is that nothing can compare to the time I have spent with my dad and Jack going on our little day trips. Even though I feel tired sometimes and like I don't want to drive an hour away to go visit some tractors I have learned to change my perspective and then the whole trip and day changes. Yesterday we went to the Automotive and Tractor Museum. I am not a tractor girl but I literally tell myself ," G you are going to have a great time let's just do this with a smile." Then I have such a good time. Jack is 2 and at two everything is new and wonderful I try hard to look at stuff through his eyes. I try and not have crazy expectations and just enjoy myself. I ended up loving the tractors. 

So this place we visited was about 5 acres of old tractors. model cars and old engines from the 1920's. There where mechanic out there running the model T cars and it was really interesting. My dad wad in heaven and so was Jack. I guess one of my big lessons for 2015 has been to stop fighting it. I am choosing to accept all things that come my way. Choose Happy 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happy December

Can you believe December is here ? I have heard that so many times and yes I can. I can see my children growing up right before my eyes. They are so much taller and mature. Jack is talking in full sentences and I have a couple more wrinkles and I feel this is exactly like it is supposed to be. My second chance and as time flies by I try and close my eyes as often as I can and take a deep breath and thank God. It feels right.
I went to register my car yesterday and I tried to connect with the lady that was helping me. She was gathering all my paper work and I asked how her Thanksgiving was ? I put my phone away so I would not be tempted. I made eye contact and just like that we connected and that took over. She had lots she wanted to share with me and I loved her story about how her mom celebrated the Holidays.( I think she was about 60 )  She thanked me for asking and just like that I felt happier and I think she did too. She held my hand before I left and said have a nice day.
I want to see the people that help me. The clerk at the store and the lady at triple AAA. I want to try and be really grateful for there services. I am going to practice that this month. I think most people want to be seen and everyone wants to be appreciated. I think its a great way to spread some Christmas cheer . So here we go into the last month of the year.