Monday, August 28, 2017

Meditation on the run

I went yoga today and the teacher told us to try and lead from our heart. I put my hand over my heart and tried to visualize . Then she said feel your emotions go through your heart almost like your coming in from the back door. I never thought about love coming from my entire heart and how about it going through . I love that visual I picture my heart and good energy flowing from the back door through to the front around and back.
I went on a short run today and I have been working on keeping my heart rate low when I run I can go farther for longer.
Today I just focused and sat with love flowing through me. I had the coolest, easiest feel good but quite run.  It felt like I really just meditated while I ran . It left me feeling special.

Friday, August 25, 2017

A new adventure coming up

Some of the best people I have met have become my friends out on the trails. There is something about spending an endless amount of time running with someone that makes you specially good friends. I never thought I would run a 100 mile race. I remember training for a marathon and thinking 30 mile weeks where insane. The last couple years have been so much fun.  Running has helped me become a stronger person both emotionally and physically . I used to be afraid of so many things and lets just say that has changed. I feel confident. 
My friend Robert and I will running The Tahoe 200 in about 10 days ! I am so excited and nervous but more excited than anything. Robert was so awesome he paced me at Lost Boys and we run well together. He runs better than me so  guess I fallow well. The race looks like its going to be crazy so much everything. going on. The elevation is crazy so I have been hiking my butt off. I have been running my butt of but I have been learning  how to listen to my body when I am feeling tired and slowing down with  a purpose. I am so looking forward to this adventure ..

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Just Keep Moving

Today I went to visit Chris and it was so sad. I go a couple times a week it feels right. The kids and I feel better every time we go. This morning I went for a really early 8 mile run before the day got going. I had stopped running early and you know what running early made my entire day so much better. I noticed a huge difference in my mood and my energy level. I was able to focus on good memories about Chris. I guess I am writing this because even in the crappiest of times remembering to keep moving helps so much. It helps in the saddest of times.