Monday, August 30, 2010


The beauty of what is beneath me me
can not compare to the the beauty I feel when you hold me in your heart
The security that I am trying to give myself in times of solidarity
Is now coming from the nurturing and calmness I am learning to accept from us
When I am scared you look at me and listen
when I cry you let me
when I dance on top of mountains you laugh
When I tell you that I love you you reassure me with your glance that you do too
I am peacefully and slowly trying to do this for myself
but for now thank you my friend for seeing me
thank you for the space you are holding in your heart for me today
by. me

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sedona/ day 2 and 3

I really like Sedona. Its so calming and it feels so good to be here. Everywhere I look there is so much beauty. I love that these cactus's that are in the shape of hearts. Its like there saying yes we are sharp but look we have hearts too..OK maybe they just told me that.
There are so many places to hike. Some of these places made me feel so quite inside . It felt like someone turned the volume way down in my head and body. It almost feels like a consistent inner peace. How cool is that !
Places like the one above made me feel like sitting down and being close to the ground.
I love nature and I admire how much beauty it gives us. Even old tree branches give us bridges to climb.
yes, good company helps !!! I am in good company..
I felt like climbing high and touching the ground and the water..
The v shaped place in the ground is my favorite but I am not sure why..
They had a great spring and that's why there is so much green right now.
We climbed to the top of this rock..I climbed in a dress too...
So, Sedona was very good to me. It filled me with love for the earth, nature and all the blessings it brought to me. (Chrissy look a heart rock in a tree for you)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sedona/ August 2010

Driving in to Sedona...

I am visiting Sedona for a couple of days. Its about a 7 hour hour drive from my home. I do love driving to far away destinations but I like it more with easy company. So, here I am. I have done some fun hikes and eaten lots of yummy food. We went to this place called Elotes for dinner. My dads sister told me to make sure to go because the chips and the food were amazing. As, I was walking down the hall I said hello to this lady and found out she was from Alaska. She heard the same thing about this restaurant The chips and the sauces were so so good.
The temperature is in the 90s so not to bad . I did get a reading while I was here and all I can say is WOW!!!! She had all these stones and asked me to choose the one that spoke to me..I chose the creativity stone..It was very spiritual and peaceful.
This has been a very settling trip for me. I have some silly pictures to show tomorrow. Good night and thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I went to see Dave 2 days ago. He puts on a great show. I really had a great time. I went with my good friend Mike. He is a great dancer so when I hear this song I just picture him dancing and smiling. It just makes me happy.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thinking on the run

I had a bit of a long run this morning . I look forward to those runs because it is a-lot like therapy to me. Lately I have been pensive. Letting myself settle into my new life. Here's the deal. I feel as if the universe has been telling me to stop trying to be. Stop trying to be what you are not Gloria. I can hear the universe relating this message to me. I see it in book I pick up. It comes up in conversations I have with people. This morning I read about it on Jenifer's blog. So, as I started my 20 mile run I gave my run to that thought. Who am I? what am I trying to create? where do I want to go ?
I put the thought in my mind and I let my higher being just fly with it. This is what I came up with. The title to my blog. Creating free spirit. I don't want to create my spirit to much anymore now I want to accept my spirit for what it is. OK , now this means being honest with myself. This means I have to take of the rose colored glasses. oh man..This means accepting my faults and seeing the reality of my imperfections. That is hard. I am doing one a week . For example I know I am put things of because I am afraid , things that have to get done anyway. I a going to start to take ownership of those pieces of me I don't really like because there still me and I bet there not that bad and here the trick when I take ownership of the fact that I am afraid to pay my bills because I might not be able to..guess what when I sit down to do it, I am OK. its OK. I am going to start to accept all of me in little pieces.
So the answer to my questions I started out with this morning was this you are were you are supposed to be. You are going were you are meant to go. You create a better you Daley. For me because there seems to be so much going on it seems like exercising my love for myself everyday helps. How do I do that. I whisper to my self I love you G.
We could try this together..Tell me how it works for you. Oprah once did a show and what she said changed my anything for 21 days and it becomes a habit..I have been running for 6 years..That's how I started I got a calender and I ran for 21 days and it became a habit. So what if for 21 days we whispered to ourselves ..I love you Gloria or I love you Kollen or I love you Jennifer or I love you Cathy...OK you get it right? ...maybe something will shift in us..I am going to try ..OK so lets just see what happens..let me know OK.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

With Love, me

This picture was taken at a retreat I went to in Oregon. Unearth, It was a life changing for me and I believe for everyone else there. Its like going all by yourself somewhere to learn about art and yourself only to find that you arrived at a place where everyone has arrived with open arms and excited to meet you to learn from you to greet you, love you and fill you with encouragement . The girls there got me and even though we were all different we all had one thing in common our vulnerability and our ability to reach out to each other. There was no judgement. Just love.
I learned a-lot from my experience. Liz introduced me to meditation and yoga. Her voice was soothing and she brought love for all of us.
I also meet a woman by the name of Marilyn. She was so sweet and her words full of such maturity. I thought what a wonderful mother she must be. Thoughts of her being fill me with such joy. (thank you )
I carry what i learned with me at this retreat everyday. I have a pretend back pack with me all the time. I fill it with things I have learned and tools I need and most importantly with hope. I fill my thermos with a little hope everyday. This retreat was a fill me up. Now I carry that foundation those woman gave me with me everyday. I also know that life gives me what I take from it. I am choosing to take love, joy and understanding.
Today I had my track work out at 7 a.m. It was hot and I am actually afraid every Tuesday to show up. I am the slowest and I think the oldest, but I try really hard to do my best. My best has begun to be enough for me and it brings me joy. To just show up.
Today during my work out I thought about all of this and I wanted to share with you that all the possibilities of life are here for you and me. We have to choose to take chances and we have to give ourselves credit for our courage. I know its not easy but its not that hard either. Do things out of love, share your female knowledge with the rest of us. We can all learn so much from each other. So let us reach out to all that life has to offer...

With Love...Gloria

Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer Time

I have been hanging out with my Teenager and my dad..I convinced my dad to go swimming with me at La Jolla shores.
I really did not want to go swimming at first but once I got over the scary thought I just did it. its really funny because 2 years ago when I wanted to do a triathelon I was so scared to go I had my girlfriend hold my hand to and in the water for about a week. I did get confident but it took a-lot.
This time I was not scared to go in. I was excited and I did not wear a wet suit either, I only swam a quarter mile but I did it ..No fear..So since my dad wont really let me go alone its perfect because it gave him a reason to try it. Guess what he loved it. Its so perfect .My finger is pointing to that little white dot. Thats what we swim too. I am happy to say Its been fun..I am not scared either, such a great feeling to overcome a fear.
So this weekend is full of fun stuff for me. I have a weeding to go to ..I love dressing up and I have a half marathon on Sunday and I hope and double hope it will be my fastest yet..I have been training for a marathon in October ..I hope to qualify for Boston soon...but I have to take 15 minutes of my time..I know I can do it eventually but you have to give 100 percent effort to do so...So this sunday at the half marathon it will be a good indication of my send me fast fairy dust on sunday morning ok. Have a great weekend ..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

for what they are.

I was blog hopping and I went to Heartwing Sister because I really like what Kolleen has to say. She sent me HERE. The message is
" We love things for what they are"
By. Robert Frost

The colors of the land.

Birds sitting together in the afternoon
friends you love to be around.
Teddy Bears you want to hug
Yummy treats
Beauty hidden in the leaves
I hope you can find some peace on your path today ...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Open the shades and let the sunlight in.
Stand in your window until you can feel the warmth
get ready, go outside, smile
and may let your journey begin today!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Water colors..

I discovered water color pencils and they told me they liked playing with me...Have a great Saturday...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Baby Steps.

Do you ever feel like you are doing well . Life is moving in an OK direction and your getting through all the uncomfortable things you put off. Its like the space between the good and the bad. I get to this space and am often I am a little nervous about moving in any direction. because I like it here. I am holding a space of acceptance. What ever it maybe I accept it. Do you ever do this? I find that painting lets me soar inside..It feels like when I dream I am flying. Maybe because I know I need to accept what ever may come and let it be. No judgement. When I fly in my dreams I usually always just know that this is cool and I accept it ..In gloria's head this makes sense..
It also scares me because I am insecure about it. So I don't really ever share anything I paint . but I want to now. So here I am sharing. Let me say first that I am in love with Kelly Rea. She is the Oprah of my life. Her book is always in my purse. Her words sit in my heart and help mend my hurt. Other times they help me fly. I am so grateful for her words and thoughts. She honestly gives me courage to live a good life. On that note I completely copied her instructions and let myself be in that space of in between with her words.
I made this...I am kinda happy scared..because I like it and I made it and that scares me, because maybe just maybe inside me somewhere I am an artist...OK. I am crying as I write this because one of my life lessons that I need to learn is that I can do it..because I am worth it and its OK to worth it..It's part of my baggage..That I am trying to put in the trash. I will get there eventually .I know this. The trick is not to give up on ourselves and to keep love alive for ourselves and those we care for, keep the love moving!!!! Not let the crap win but let us make us stronger..but we have to try.
She will be going in my dinning room..So here I am taking baby steps toward the light I see guiding my path...I hope a. You own Taking Flight by Kelly-Rea best book ever. and b. This helps you too...Happy living G

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Let Life.

Let life.
It wanted me to tell you that.
Pretend that you’ve never before heard an ocean wave.
Or birdsong. Or knew the fragrance of a flower.
Let life in.
Let it appear in your heart like a child
who challenges each of your territories.
Pretend that you have never heard of being left.
Or of being captured. Or contained.
Let life in again
but this time




Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another lovely day in Boulder

This is the view from the patio of the Rio on Pearl street..They have the best margaritas in all of Boulder..I didn't have one it was way to early but I did have their tortilla soup. Yummy
Here is what I know about Boulder..This place is a little magical. You can feel the inspiration of life here. Its very comfy here. People very earthy here. You can walk to the outside mall from almost all the hotels here. There are lots of street performers too..They are so creative.
I remember when Paola was little and we lived here we would walk to the mall get gelato and sit on the floor and watch the different street performers and then just walk home..
Its almost like home away from home. I have great memories of this place. All my kids walked in this mall when they were little.
Kiffer got the coolest hat and random people walked up to him and blew on it..all day. He loved it.
This is Boulder. Cool hippie kids playing awesome music and me sitting on the floor with my kids just listening...You just should make sure you have some cash to give them because there such good performers..

I loved this sign . Is it not cool. I said can I take your picture he said for a dollar ..I said I gave all my cash away..He said if you could would you help us? I said if I could I would buy you the coolest VW van so you could go everywhere in it..He said Thanks...
so tomorrow I go home to San Diego but I will miss this sweet piece of heaven on earth. Boulder......

Monday, August 2, 2010

Boulder, Colorado

I left San Diego were it was gloomy at least were I live. I arrived in Boulder and it appeared to be sunny and warm.. Sike !!! its raining here.. at least after 3 pm.
My kiddos are very happy they get to see there dad and spend a whole month with him..
We stopped at this little temple/store...Oh wow.. The things I saw made my heart sing. Let me start by saying that I was brought up catholic and went to a Catholic school forever so I have a-lot of faith but I also have a-lot of guilt. I feel guilty when I walk into any kind of religious center that's not Catholic. I know, I know
This part of me is drawn to Buddhist teachings and well when I walk into a temple like the one I saw yesterday and see things like this...
My heart feels settled.
I feel centered. Optimistic. Calm.
I have only really tried meditating once and it was all all day , I loved it
Next we drove to Estes park.. Yes, I went there with my x husband and the kids and we got along. My kids need to see us just getting along and we did. In Estes Park was the Hotel The movie The Shinning was shot in..Scary hu !!! I don't know about you but that movie scared me the bigibies out of me. So when I was asked if I wanted to go inside to see it..I said no thank you,
It s huge and it is very pretty, but this was good enough for me!!! Tomorrow I am going the coolest 60 s second hand store. Oh man ,I almost forgot I have been drawing like crazy and I will share my silly stuff soon..Have a great tomorrow , and by the way I heard Tuesdays are great days for everyone who reads this...G