Saturday, February 26, 2011

I will be running this I thought this song to be appropriate..

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Palm Spring tram

My creation
So now that I only have my kids every other weekend which royally stinks because I do miss them. OK.. the bright side is I have committed myself to spending lots of fun weekends with them. OK.. so I am on a budget but Its kinda cool to try to find things we can experience together that are new and affordable. So last weekend since I had not had them for a full weekend in forever I just melted in fun- ness ( i know this is not a word) with them. Sunday we went to The Palm Springs Tram.. breathtaking journey up the sheer cliffs of Chino Canyon. Begin the 10 minute ride at the Valley Station – elevation 2,643 ft. and end at the Mountain Station – elevation 8,516 ft. The tram rotates inside so the kids and me too thought this was so much fun. I just got really excited. Here I am in San Diego were its raining and 2 hours away there is a ton of snow and just a super cool experience. My kids went sledding and it was just so beautiful. I didn't have my camera so I cant really show you what I thought was so beautiful but the expirience was amazing. Cold but amazing. So if you live with in a couple hours of Palm springs dont miss the tram..I cant wait to go back and maybe try snow shoeing. Sounds fun hu. Walking with tennis rackets on your feet...yaeh..

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Did you know that's its never as bad or as scary as we imagine it to be.
Did you know that if you hang on to that sparkle of hope that's right in front of you..
Things will turn out OK. Things you never imagined you could get through
feeling and situations you thought why...why me
You can get through it.
because we are all amazing in our own way.
Beautiful in ways we cant even imagine
but the key to our letting our light shine through
The key to healing our soul
The key to coming back to that genuine smile that comes from inside
is that we must believe in ourselves.
Be our own fans
Love ourselves
talk to ourselves with self love...
On this amazing Day
Thursday Feb 24Th
Tell yourself many times how wonderful you are.
Its OK..
because you are just that
even if you cant see it right now..
trust me your perfect in your own way
we all are..

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Serious Rambling from my brain...


Is there something you do when it comes to Love that you need to fix or help or at least understand...
I do. Its not a good thing either but maybe writing about it will help.
I am a runner. I run away and I do it quickly. I run away from relationships with my girls friends when they start not to feel so good. I think the big girl thing to do is communicate...Ahh that word. I have books and books on how to better communicate.
I wish I could communicate as well as could write on my blog, Maybe that's why I love my blog.I find freedom to be me here.
I am trying to understand my patterns better. It is a little scary you to see yourself and then say wow..I do that.
I guess the first thing is trying to understand why .. Why do I have this behavior.. I know why..
I try really really hard to keep my heart safe. I don't want to grow up and have my heart turn hard. I guess in avoiding that from happening I have been missing out on the what could have beens of relationships with my girlfriends..( this feels a little scary putting this out here ) but maybe talking about the stuff we keep just to ourselves will help...
I am the go all out girl. I love life and have a passion for feeling things. I love being happy but I also like being sad its that feeling of knowing I am human and in the sadness I appreciate the happiness and in the happiness I appreciate the sadness.
The thing that I am personally fighting a battle with is letting myself fully love someone. Then trusting that they wont ------------.
I keep that personal bubble around myself . I don't really know how you know when to take it down. Do you always take it down and just let people hurt you or better yet and this is key ...Let people love you. I believe more people will love you than not. Right?
I run away. I run to this place inside of me that is very safe and has always been ever since I was 4 or 5.
OK so maybe being aware of the situation is a good thing. right ?
Then maybe acceptance ....
Then what..
Do I go with it.. What do I do when something even if its the smallest thing does not feel right or good or just reminds me of something that felt wrong. Do I go with it. Do I run?
I am in a thinking here....
can you hear my brain? I guess
The right answer would be take a chance and believe in your ability to nurture your own heart. right or wrong. I know I have the ability to love myself the way no one else can. To believe in my spirit and soul. I know it honestly lies in yourself. I do love myself and I like myself too.. I also know this life thing is not always easy. We must or OK I am having an aha moment in all this contemplating its that ability to love myself through this. Its my ability to honor my thoughts and beliefs. I own my self love. I just must learn to trust a little bit more..OK.
baby steps..
So after this post if you think I am a little crazy..that's OK. I am a very emotional and passionate girl and with that comes all of this..
I am consistently letting myself be more open to my imperfections...oh man..There are so many..but maybe I will only let in a couple at a time.
Baby steps are good. The most important thing I have learned from this post is no matter what we are going through or were our thoughts and life experience may take us...never stop loving yourself because Love is key..and tell yourself everyday you love yourself. Self talk is huge. Tell yourself good things about yourself and then just go with it...
So my amazing soul sisters thank you for reading and go out there and love yourself...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The San Diego Zoo

Yesterday, while it was raining we went to the zoo.
I know hu.. The zoo in the rain how fun. I have not had my kids on a Saturday for
a while since there Dad (x husband) moved back into town.
This was my first Saturday in awhile with them. I missed whole weekends with my kids.
Paola is not in the pictures she is with her grandmother right now.
So, Isa Christopher and I got on our jackets and we headed of to the zoo in the rain.
The animals were all out. They love the rain. My kids were kinda like little crazy monkeys the whole time. We spent a good 5 hours exploring. There is not anything I would rather do now that I work than spend the whole weekend with my kids.
There excited about the Polar Bears until we see the elephants . Then its all wow mom look ..
I love the mom can you buy me this or that...
I love the no I wont. I have to say 20 times before they get it.
I know before I know it they wont want sugar straws anymore.
I loved the fact that we got rained on and had to find cover with strangers until the rain stopped. Then the sun came out for about 10 minutes and yup..There was a rainbow.
So wouldn't you know it that on the drive home both of them feel asleep.
One of them slept right into the night..
He was tired..
Isabella and I stayed up and painted..
Hope your having a good weekend and don't be afraid to get wet...
Its kinda fun !!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My bucket List

My first 50K
Yes, I am checking things of my bucket list..
Do you have a bucket list ?
This is how my bucket list works..
First I don't really show mine to anyone because there are certain
things I need to keep mine until I am ready to make them happen
I have my before I turn 40 list.
That's next year so I have to get my butt moving on this.
So I wanted to share two things I am crossing off this year that I made happen.
This part is important to me too. I have to make it happen for myself.
It has to be 100% all me.
First thing is I am going to Squam in the fall..
I am so excited I guess it feels to me like I made it to the Boston Marathon
of Art Retreats. I don't know anyone that's going and the reason that is important to me
is because You know the saying do something that scares you everyday.
I think its true. I believe if I go alone it will stretch my character and I will grow.
I will have to make new friends and just that thought alone. That I will meet new and creative woman , Brings a huge smile to my face. Its all the things that going alone with no one to rely on to say hello to someone first but just myself that scares me in a good way. I kinda feel like Yeah G . There was a time when I would never do this now I am signed up and on the lay away plan to Squam..Oh and Kolleen guess what..I am taking Pixies class. Only because I could tell in Oregon when you spoke about her how much you admired her so I got her class. I figure if you like I will too.
Next thing is I signed up to do my first 50K..
Ok so on my bucket list is to run 50 miles before I turn 40 and 50k is only 33 miles so this is my baby steps..Towards that.I would like to put it out there that I cant run really fast but I can go for a long way at 9 minute miles. That's what I would like to do but since its a trail run it will probably take me longer.I met this lady during a run right..She was 50 something and a totally Bad ass runner. She had a tattoo that said eat run sleep on her calf. Her name was Maggie. She is an ultra runner and I was talking during a race she was listening to me. She told me that the Bulldog 50K is hard and not to do it for time but just to try to finish it. Yeah I was thinking the same thing I told her. I am excited to just experience the race. I am excited for the story I will have after its done and hello the pictures...Things that worry me about dong it is I still have not found the right sun block..It will be like how many age spots can I get in a day sort of thing if I don't find the right sunblock.. Oh well...
Back to my bucket list..
I wanted to share with you some of my life stuff..
Ok so if you have a bucket list and you want to share with me I would love to hear from you.
Have a great wed ..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The san Diegito Half Marathon

Here I am once again doing one of the things I love most...Running
This past Sunday I ran a half marathon that takes you through Rancho Santa Fe those are the really nice houses in San Diego. They are really amazing neighborhoods with lots of land and huge houses and lots of hills. This I think is one of the harder but prettier courses for half marathon in San Diego. I was really surprised this year because there was not a-lot of people running compared to last year and the year before but it was perfect weather and the volunteers are really helpful..Its a nice event.
I know I must have 100 of these pictures but here we are my dad and I after the race.. OK so Joe who is my sweet boyfriend his friend Matt ran with me. He is a runner but he does not run as much as I do. Still he runs so my dad picked me up early so I would be on time. (thanks dad) then we went to pick up Matt at his parents house and at 7:30 we were at the park picking up Matt's number and getting his goody bag. He was scared because he had not run this far in about 2 years, 13.1 miles up and down hills is a long way...
Well let me tell you that Matt kicked my butt....yup he
Matt ran 1:57
I ran 2:01
Yes, he won..but I am OK with that..Right....Here we are at the beer garden getting ours after the race ..Can you tell how nice it is here in San Diego ?..we are so lucky..Oh my dad took a video so I am going to try to figure that out...Happy Happy Running friends....

cheers ..G

Monday, February 14, 2011

To my Valentine..

Roses are red
Violets are blue
my heart feels content and in love
When I am near

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Serious Journal Love

I would so marry this journal right now...
How many colors do they come in and can I please have 5...
OK 6... The possibilities are endless....
Journal Love
The smash Journal hmmmm
Paper Love
So do you love this video as much as me ?
ok so I did some research and they come out in April..right around the corner...


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Emma at The Old Globe

My dad took me on our date night. We went to his favorite place. The Old Globe to watch musical theater. I loved the show we watched it was about a not so good but very cute match maker. I love how these actresses have amazing voices. I was thinking how I don't think I could ever do what a performer does. Learning all the lines and having such amazing stage presence. I am so glad I got to go... It was nice to hang out with my dad in something other than stinky running what I learned today or I should say I was reminded of is how amazingly talented humans are..We all have our thing we are good at and tonight I wached some really good performers...Thanks for that dad...
Thanks to Carrie who babysat my kids so could go..My girlfriend rocks....

Monday, February 7, 2011

I am so loving this song right now.

This is

I wanted to share the song that I have been listening to on my I-pod for about 2 weeks now.
I have gone to see the Gypsy Kings in concert about ten times. 8 times with my mom. She loves them just as much as I do.
We go to these concerts and dance non stop. So I honestly can say I have heard this song at least 30 times in the last two weeks.
It makes me feel free and like I really need to take Flamenco dancing lessons. That just sounds like fun.
I just wanted to share some of the music that really makes my whole body happy.

Sundays Xterra run

OK so this is the starting line for the Xterra race. 15k of trail running and yes this one was hard. First of all I thought was going to be on time but my dad convinced me on the way that he knew how to get there and if you know me you wold know I am direction handicapped so I went with what my dad said but he was wrong so after a little getting lost to finding the coarse situation happenings. We found it but the sad thing was i stared 20 minutes late. The really good thing about starting late is all the cool people I met at the way back I never would of met at the front.
This race consisted of running up and down 3 steep hills and it hard and I was tired after the first hill but then I started talking to all the cool 80 year old men running.. I met a lady named Maggie who is a hard core runner and she has ran 3 100 milers and was 51. I love talking to her until she told me to be quite I am trying to run here. Then I moved up and so on. I loved this race because it was so challenging but also because i pretty much ran it alone. except for the peeps who were nice and told me there running stories. I loved that.
Oh and I have a new fav music for my I-pod. The Gypsy Kings . I listen to them and pretend I am dancing flamenco in Spain with a re and white polka dot dress. That was my run dream this Sunday. Have you ever ran ? You should try a little bit if you can. Its so great and fun.
Here we are my dad and I. Yes I wore the same shirt both days. Yes I washed it. I just love it because it protects me from the sun .
I did this 15k in one hour and 33 minutes. that's fine for me. I hope you had a great weekend too. Happy Monday...G
so I found this guys blog and he made a short video of the run... cool stuff

Saturday morning and a fun run.

I started Saturday morning bright and early . This is a picture I took of the sunrise as I was driving to a small organized race. I do love the quite of the morning and the anticipation of going to run.
I was on time. Does not happen often but I try. There were only about 500 people there and that's not a-lot for San Diego. I really need to get running again if I am to accomplish my goals I have set out for this year.
This was part of the coarse.. my brother live 2 blocks from here. You run to the end of this street and turn around and come back. All types of people watching. You can give people high fives on the way back or just say hello to make the time go by and it just makes it more fun.
I was thinking as I was running right in the middle of the pack. I was thinking how I am a middle of the pack girl and how I liked that. I had lots of room to get better so I could work and work on it . I also was not in the back . The middle was a perfect place for me.
After the race I noticed there were having a crochet club sign up. You could make beanies for a cause. cool hu I didn't sign up but I talked to them and it sounded like fun.
So I did the 10k in 51 minutes. That's fine for me but most importantly I wore my very cute argyle socks during my run to keep my legs and funny maybe even a little dorky but hey that's OK..Its me...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Going to run..

Happy Saturday Morning. I am sitting here waiting for my coffee to brew so I had some time to check in. I am doing an organized run this morning and it should be fun but my dads foot is not better yet so I am running by myself ..kinda weird. I am sure it will be fu and I will know someone there.Ok so last night I went to Blicks Art store.Joy.. I walked through there over and over. I bought the cutest masking tape and lots of pencils and paper and new paint brushes. So fun. So I came home after and my mom Gloria is staying this weekend with me so her and I stayed up I painted and drew... I did this cute little girl most of yesterday at work.. I know I am so busy.. Should have lots to share today. I am painting a bedroom and re doing it with my mom and Carrie...
Hope today is going to be great day..

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy first day of February

..Guess what I didn't have to work today. I had to take my kids to the dentist and it took up most of the morning so I didn't go ..That gave me a sweet 1 to 3 p.m period open. So with these couple of hours open I decided to take them just for me. I went for a run.I didn't run for that long but I took my time running and just being. Though I do have to admit that my scarf sister reminded us on her blog a couple days ago about her love of hearts. I like hearts too. Hello.. we are girls who decorated our journals with hearts and stars and more hearts. There is nothing more beautiful than having a happy heart. I feel the older we get we are more aware of being truly grateful when your heart is happy because yes it will eventually change. Its just the way it is. I am an emotional female so when my heart chooses happiness its bliss. So Chrissy loves hearts too so for the month of February she has invites us too post hearts. Maybe hearts and stories.. Hop on over to her blog for a little heart love.
Yes, this is the weather in San Diego.. So pretty hu !!! .. Please excuse my sweaty face as I was running but stopped to take this picture. I have navy blue nail polish on.. Oh I am listening to my old new favorite Cd.. I definitely ran and danced and had made some people smile.. I was listening to Gypsy Kings Bola re. That Cd makes me want to move all over. I was day dreaming today of the time I went to the Gypsy King concert with my mom and wore a crop top that was big time 60s. Bell bottoms and all..I was so happy because I love the way the pants moved when I danced. My poor mom..She was a little embarrassed.
Back to my day... ( sorry )
OK, so this morning Bella got a wishing bracelet at the dentist so I had wishes on the brain and I saw this ... So I crawled on the dirt to take this picture.. Love the Idea of being able to make a wish anything you want and then all it takes is for you to blow and poof your wish will come true. Its the dream part I love...
This is were I usually stop just to look.. Its so pretty and I love that the people are all living there lives, They look so happy together. Couples hold hands, mothers taking pictures of there kids. People reading on there tummies. Its a nice place to people watch.
I was doing my thing ...running walking looking dancing thinking about my kids and yes thinking about Mr. Joe. Day dreaming when all of a sudden there it was in front of me......
Its must of been because I had Joe on the brain..
Chrissy's heart...
So to my Dear Friend Chrissy, I love your beautiful mothering nature. I love your sweet voice and how you are able to just be genuine. I think you have a perfect heart. So here is my first heart of 2011. Its for you my friend... You do see it right? I love that is broken but since its tree trunk it will hold itself together and stay strong...
Have a great day,
May your heart find bliss today,