Sunday, March 31, 2013


Hi Guys..
Whats going on ?
I hope you are getting ready to have a great Easter Sunday. Do you have plans for today or are you taking this Sunday off to just relax and enjoy ..Ether way hopefully you are having nice weather and you get wear dress. I am going to brunch with my immediate peeps and then driving to my moms for an Easter egg hunt. There we will have lots of yummy Mexican food to celebrate. I missed blogging last week but I had an off week.. I am wishing you lots of Peace on this Sunday and sending you a big hug..
Hoppy Easter.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend in pictures

Welcome to pictures from my weekend. It started of sad but shopping at Ikea and lots of sleep helped.. I also got some walking in and breakfast with a good girl friend. I took the picture above in a little town called Ramona thats about 45 minutes from my house. I watching TV and I saw this show I think it was called Diners drive-ins and Dives .. They showed this diner in Ramona that they said they had the best fried chicken..
I love fried Chicken..
So after a little convincing we drove up. I was really let down. Can you believe it when they say you can not believe everything you see on TV. You can't..seriously false advertising.  
I did my walking ,I also got new shoes..
I love Shoes
 I hope you had a good weekend and may this week be better than last. Talk to you soon..

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Listening to Frank

This is what I have been listening too lately.
 In my past life (When I was married) we had a big living room and it had hard wood floors and I used to play this Frank really loud and my little family would run to the living room and we would pretend to ball room dance. I used to take dancing lessons and my mom used to dance professionally so I could pretend well..
There is something about Frank Sinatra's voice that is so beautiful and elegant. I was sitting with my aunt yesterday and she was telling me about how life has so many ups and downs and how this ride we call life is like a roller coaster..Honey she said you are riding along and everything looks good and next thing you know you are dropping straight down and before you know what happened you are going up again. I totally agree.
 Looking back on my story I often feel like holy cow I have been on the Matterhorn.. That crazy roller coaster. Looking back I would not change a thing or experience. I totally get that everything we go though makes us who we are and I like myself.. 
I do often feel insecure about my number.What I mean by that is I have been married twice and divorced once. My dad tells me that because my first husband Roger whom I loved with my entire being went to heaven that I should not think about that one..I feel I want to think about that one and count it and never forget my first marriage.. I got married in Vegas and I wore the cutest mini skirt white silk dress. I was so quite back then. He wore a grey shirt and black pants. We got married at the Chapel of harmony.(how fancy hu )  Somehow while Roger was in chemo therapy I got pregnant. I was so happy but he was crazy happy. I knew Paola was a blessing because how many people do you know that get pregnant while there husband is in chemo..mot many..Roger told me when Paola was born that he never knew he was capable of loving anyone as much as he loved her..I felt so good about being able to give him such a great life experience that allowed him to experience loving your child . The last thing I remember about when he was alive was the way he looked at Paola and I. I was 24 when he went to heaven and Paola was 2. That was a great life experience. Its funny how I feel insecure about sharing my story..I think I feel afraid that someone will criticize me..When really as long as I am good with God and I like myself and I am good mom I am good...
why do I even have those dumb insecure thoughts.. probably because I am a girl.. I used to label post like these ramblings from my brain.. I think I will label them Little pieces from My Life Story..I hope you are having a lovely weekend. I am sitting in my bed with my knew blanket sharing listening to Frank..Have a wonderful Day..

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gotta try this..

Yesterday I had a sweet surprise I went to Starbucks and the wait outside was crazy long so I parked my car and ran I was waiting in line I heard one of the baristas talking to someone about there favorite drink.
Iced Hazelnut Macchiato Upside Down
so I ordered one. I tried not to mess up the name but I did..
Finally the cashier figured out what I wanted .. My coffee drink was  really strong. It was also sweet and a bit sour. I loved it. So here I am sharing.. Let me know what you think I hope you like it.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunday's post on Monday

This St.Patricks Day was a blur..
It started of by getting up at 6:am and getting ready to go run the Hooleys half marathon. My friend ally came to my house and three of us road together to fancy Escondido. My dad was waiting for us because he is almost always early. It was a little chilly out but that's great when you are running because you warm up really fast. My dads plan was to run with me but I knew I would this would be a run I would take at a much slower pace than usual. Kathy Loper puts on a lot of races in San Diego and she does a great job this race was no different.

Kathy Loper races are well organized , affordable and they give you great bling. I almost forget they are usually small races..Believe me its better to run with 11hundred people than 20 thousand. (thats my preference ).. My dad loves running halfs so this was the most perfect way to start of his Birthday. Here is a small fact about my dad. He is full Irish and born on St. Patricks day and his name is Michael Patrick..The other small fact about my dad is he loves celebrating his special day..So thats what we did...

After the run I went home got my little family ready and made some food and drove an hour to my dads house for his Party. I was so happy that everyone showed up for him..The whole family crew was there..We ate and laughed and watched old family movies. 

So happy Birthday Dad...We Love you so much....

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy St.Patricks Day

Hi Guys..What do you have planned for tomorrow ?
Its my dad's Birthday on St. Patricks day so we are going to run a half marathon..I will be run jogging and my dad and crew will be running. Then my whole family will be getting together to celebrate my dad turning 64... I will post pictures from his birthday get together soon. This morning we drove down to the San Diego bay and ran a 10k. I took it slow but it was still fun. I think just being outside and moving is a good thing. I met with my friend Ally there. I have known her for about 6 years and she is pretty rad. When we first met our life revolved around Scrapping at the Pink Pineapple..Its always nice when you have history with someone. Have a great Sunday and I will share more soon...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring is here..

Hi guys.. Do you like my new Blog..
I am so excited. There are so many things to be excited about right now. The flowers are blooming and for the first time in my life I planted some sunflowers and a tomato plant.  I can not wait to show you . I have never been exited about plants before. I bought soil. Holy Cow that is huge for me.
I have had to take my running down by 75%. I can only run a little bit for the next couple months so I am focusing on other things to get me outside and keep me smiling.
Is there something you do that makes Spring extra special for you?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Art Walk in North park

Saturday night I went to an Art Walk in North Park. It was cool they had Project Figment there. They do interactive art. So everything in there booth is consistently changing because people keep adding to it. They educate people on art awareness.

In this picture they knitted a cover over a frame and you write your desires on it and weave it through. I cant tell you mine or it wont come true !!

Here we are..Elena and me. 

This is North Park at night. Its this groovy part of San Diego. They have lots of bars, restaurants, art studios , vintage shops, coffee shops and dessert bars...YUM

This was a painting on the wall and all I can think when I look at it is if I was cartoon I would want hair like this..

It was a fun night and I am glad I went. Its been a while since I went out on the town...By the way I have a huge surprise to tell you about this weekend and I am also getting a blog facelift :)

This is me taking time to smell the roses....

Monday, March 11, 2013

Running to a River

Happy Monday
You know how life can get so busy and we find ourselves running around.. Last week I found myself driving from place to place. I felt this need to stop. I felt like things were passing me by and I almost could not stop because I had so many errands to run. I did not like that feeling at all. So I Stopped. I took a little time and drove by the beach I parked my car and got out to STOP.
 I ran up and down the beach 5 times. I rolled in the sand. I layer  down and then I felt so much better. I think I needed to play.  

Then I grabbed my camera and took these pictures. Playing is important. I started thinking about what I do that I would consider playing. I need to play more. I think running counts as playing because when I was younger I ran all the time. Doing things that are simple and just for fun nurture me. 

When things feel stressful or they seem to have a hold of you. When life is going by really fast..I highly recommend taking 5 to 10 minutes to just play. Maybe Rubik's cube in your car. Pulling out a box of crayons and coloring on a piece of paper.

so take the time to play..Its good for you...

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Our daily Life

Yesterday was special because I had my kids. I do not always have them because I have to share them with there dad.  I decided we would go the The Encinitas Diner for dinner. I love diner food  because it represents this country to me. Its one of the things I love about The U.S. they feel warm and you always know whats on the menu. We had meat loaf and fried chicken..The three of shared both dishes because there was so much food. We sat talked read magazines and ate dinner. I thought to myself I just love this little dinner..

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Color Purple

When I was younger I was not a huge fan of the color purple. Growing up my mom loved purple my brother Carlos loved blue I don't remember what the rest of my siblings liked but I loved green. Green was the color of trees and it represented being outside to me..I loved playing outside with my brother Mike and Carlos. We rode our bikes and played tag until my grandmother called for us to run inside...
Lately for some reason I have noticed purple. Purple flowers, Purple make up and purple clothes. I was going for a walk the other day and I saw these flowers...I thought to myself..This is the perfect shade of purple I like..Its so vibrant and strong. What color do you love and what memories does it bring for you ?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Isabellas turns 10

My youngest baby turned 10 yesterday and we celebrated by taking her to the American Girl Doll store in LA.  I had to work so unlike other years we left way later than normal. I was really upset at first because I wanted to be there all day or at least a couple of hours but I explained to the kids that I had to work and that at 3pm I would pick them up and that by 5 we would be there. We actually avoided all the traffic and  I am happy that it turned out fine. 
I was worried things would not turn out the way I wanted them too. I finally just let my expectations go and it all turned out well.

Can you see the excitement in her eyes.. 
This is the reason I that even if I got of work at 2 am.. I was taking this little girl of mine.. She was so happy with her new Birthday dress. I also let her put on a little eye shadow. She was Crazy happy...

It was magical in so many ways. Just watching her eyes light up when we entered the store. Noticing the way her big brother was pretending to be into this whole experience. The three of listening to her tell us about every doll and being completely engaged..

Here we are with our new family member Saige .

What could be better that having this amazing little girl be my daughter..(except for having her sister be mine too) I am so looking forward to watching her just be a happy ten year old..Picking up little doll shoes and knowing I am going to have to make a special place in the living room for her Dollies.. I love being her mom..What can I say..

Monday, March 4, 2013

My Bella is Ten

This is what Bella's Birthday week looks like so far..
Fun with Cousins.

Fun with friends 

more fun with family, Birthday Breakfast and  I am getting ready to head out the door to take my bella to The american Girl Doll store to buy a doll..Thats what we do every year on her birthday..I am so grateful to the man upstairs for giving me such a wonderful daughter..