Friday, November 29, 2013

Viva la vida

 H friend , I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I had a very special time surrounded by new family and old. I even got to paint a little last night and I finished my latest girl. I love Freda and I can't pin pint exactly why but I do. I recently went to see a Freda exhibit. Everything was a replica but I do not care . They where real to me. I really love when I want to paint something long enough that the entire process is exciting to me. 
I got to see the replica of where she wrote Viva la Vida. Live life.  So I wanted to paint it on my canvas. I like the cactus because they remind me of Mexico. 

This is my creative space in my house. Its coming along slowly but its perfect for now. I am going to put My Freda for sale. I decided that I would like her to make someone happy. Selling my stuff is scary but I am going to put her on the side bar ..

Life is pretty amazing. We go  through so much and if we stop long enough we might get to see all the colors that make up our journey. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Check In

What is going on Sunday check in.
Baby Jack is growing growing.. This last week he learned his hand are connected to him and that he can grab things. So he is working hard to grab everything. He knows when I leave the room and he does not like it. He yells when he is hung but I must say he is the cutest yell ever. It sounds like a little cat. He is now wearing 6 to 9 months clothes and I feel he is growing way to fast.

So guess what….I am almost at my pre baby weight. I have been working hard to get rid of the extra weight because I want to fit into my old clothes and I like my body at 125. I feel way more secure and that weight suits me. I feel strong at 125.  I am back to running and I feel as  good as I did before I got pregnant. I ran Saturday with some old friends and I ran better than I do when its just my dad and I because you push a little bit harder when other people are watching.( I do )  I had a great 12 mile run and  6 miles of it where up hill so I was feeling really good. On my run I was thinking I should do this again tomorrow and if I can run this long this well then I can run a marathon in 8 weeks. right ?? This morning I ran 8 and I felt great .. My feet hurt a little bit but that because its time for new shoes but besides that I feel great so I decided that yes I am running a full in January. I love how excited that makes me. I will be a different person crossing the finish line this time. One of the ways I have changed in the last year is I feel more mature more settled in who I am and my age. I feel like I know what I am doing and I know what I am capable of doing. This girl will not be worried about time when she runs in January but she can run a 4:15 marathon no problem and that's what she will be doing. I am going to just take my time and run . I believe that when you love doing something you need to just do it and not worry about anything else or anyone else. You need to just do what you love. Sometimes this is hard to do but keeping what your passionate about close to you makes you a better person. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Baby Jack is 3 months old today

Happy 3 months old to my little boy Jack. He is such a blessing in my families life. 

he is an easy baby a funny little man. His little personality is starting to show. He is a whole 13.5 pounds now. 

I love being his mommy..I love changing his diaper and getting up in the middle of the night does not bother me at all. I just keep looking at him my heart just fills with gratitude…
Little baby Jack is 3 months old today...

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Thoughts

Today I was asked this question by my trainer. Gloria how do I get someone who works out twice a week with me and is trying hard to  eat better to start doing cardio ? Cardio is tricky . I know when I started running after having my 4th baby I was very self conscious. I wore black pants and a big shirt and I struggled. My first couple runs were far from runs…They where walk and run a little. I made myself go out and run for about 20 minutes the first time. I felt really sad after my first attempt at running . I felt like I had such a long way to go but I promised myself I was going to keep going. I would not give up on myself. 
 Cardio is key to loosing weight and diet . back to my trainer ..I told my trainer that I believe that you have to love yourself enough to show up for yourself. saying no to sweet bread has been hard but after you do it for a while and see results that kept them out of my mouth. Going for a run is how I love myself its how I show up for me. I have 4 kids and they need me all the time. Therefor I need to be happy and healthy and running does that for me. I love myself enough to run. I told my trainer I know that the first step is always the hardest so maybe going with his client would be good. Then I thought about how my first couple runs after having baby Jack I would of loved to have some one with me. Working out is hard it is but showing up for ourselves should not be. Loving ourselves should not be..

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Here I am...

A friend once told me that the girls I paint are me. I did not really think so but in this case yes its me. This girl was inspired by Daniel . Here I am today taking care of my little boy Jack. He is so cute and such a great baby. I love taking care of my kids . I always thought that I was supposed to have something to say when people asked me what I do. I always felt like if I said I am a a mom that would be a let down. I am so over that. Now  when people ask me what do all I want to say is I am the mother of four children. At this point in my life nothing seems as important as showing up for swim practice , making breakfast for my kids before school and even waking up multiple times in the middle to feed Jack is something I am enjoying. I know that time just flies and before I know it my kids will be grown so I am trying to enjoy as much of it as I can. 

Here I am.
I like this paining. I look like I am thinking about  where I am right now. I feel really lucky that I have these little people that need me.. and that I need with all of my heart. I feel like I am showing up in the parts of my life that I really need to be.