Thursday, February 28, 2013

Charity Wings Presents

My girlfriend Elena is hosting an Art Party...
At Thorn st. Brewery in North Park. Its a fund raiser for The Art Center Elena is opening..and Jaime Severtson Dougherty will be doing a live painting. So she will create from start to finish right in front of us an original Bloom Girl. To get you tickets early you need to go here..
Have a wonderful Friday..

Monday, February 25, 2013

Bloom Girl

I took a class this weekend in the little town of Poway..I first met Jaime Dougherty our teacher at a Prima Class in San Diego. Jaime is crazy talented just go to her blog and look at her work. She is an avid scrapbooker and a designer for Prima and this girl can seriously draw paint create..She is a very talented artist. I always think its so nice when such a talented artist is willing to sit down and share  her talent with the rest of us..

Here is the girl I created with Jamie's help.  I love her she seems so glamourous to me...Jamie will be teaching another workshop in April at Stamping Details in Poway.. and there is still room if live close by. I love having a class to look forward too specially if its local. I hope you had a good weekend ok I am off to pick up my kids..

Friday, February 22, 2013

Pretty Things Friday

I decided that I needed to start carrying my Camera in my purse again. I got a new purse for Valentines day and it has the perfect amount of room in it..So yesterday I took pictures of all the pretty things that caught my attention. Just pretty things...
Have a great weekend ..

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My little Pocahontas

Today I figured out the bright side of having this messed up cold that just loves me so much it refuses to leave me..The bright side is I got to stay home today and work on my little Pocahontas. That is the only bright side..I loved how she turned out. She is sweet and kind.

I also feel she is thinking about life and looking into the horizon.
Eeek I like her..She is my little Pocahontas. The funny thing about her she started out as something completely different . Then she was becoming a fairie then suddenly I just saw what I wanted her to be and she was worth all the mistakes and yucky phases. Giving up is not an option..That's why we have gesso to cover up and start over..anyway I hope you are not sick and have a great day..

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Tuesday

Hi Guys, How did this weekend treat you. I got to do most of the things I set out to do.. Bella and I even got a little painting in. These are my Bella's mini paintings for her doll house. I love her sweet little art. I have been fighting this nagging cold for way to long now. I almost wish I could just get in the ring with it and be done..Instead I have a box of tissue in my car a box next to my bed..Not fun at all. I went for a short run with my dad this sunday hoping it would make my cold go away..I did not. 

I have been working on my Pocahontas. I am a little stuck but hopefully I can be done by this weekend. Oh by the way I found out what happened to Charlie the man that fell during the half marathon I ran 2 weeks ago.He is home and he is doing well. He is not really sure what happened but he is ok now..
Thats a good thing :)
I hope where ever you are you are warm and cozy..

Friday, February 15, 2013

Weekend plans

What are you up to this weekend ?
My weekend I think will have a lot of whats going on in these pictures..
mini-road trip
and more
all in company of my kids..
Have a wonderful weekend..

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines..

Valentines seems kind of exciting hu !! So much pink and open hearts..Friends thinking about other friends. Date night for so many moms and dads. Sweet breakfasts being cooked and romantic dinners. Special candy for our kids or a loved one. Lots of text to our special friends and lots of taking time to write special notes to those we love...Even if Hallmark made this holiday I am happy they did..

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Oh Tuesday...

This Tuesday afternoon we took a small side trip on our way home..A very special fruit salad was calling my name..So there you have us.. eating a fruit salad outside on a Tuesday afternoon...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Charlie and AJ

I went to the bank this weekend and I met one of the employees..We talked about life as he fixed my account and he told me it was his second day back at work because he has been on disability.. He looked really young so I asked him what happened. He told me this story..He was hit by a drunk driver and he was pushed of bridge and he broke his back.. No one stopped to help him. He somehow found his phone and called his mom and told her he loved her and next thing you know he woke up at the hospital. He was paralyzed but soon enough with his mom and dads help he learned to walk..His mane is AJ. He told me he never gave up hope and asked me if I thought after that experiences like that is good things happen to people.. Yes I was crying at this time and so was he. I did something that 10 years ago I would have been to shy to do..I stood up walked up to him and gave him a huge hug and told him how grateful I was that he was alive and that I knew the world was a better place because he was here... I am so glad I had the courage to say those words to a total stranger..I know that life is short..I just felt the need to tell him..
I had another experience this morning..This was hit me more..I saw an older man have a horrible seizure while I was running a half marathon with my dad anyway I got to hold this man and calm him down while help came.. He was healthy one minute and the next he was on my lap trying to stay with me..He had a strong pulse when the medics took him away. So here was someones dad or husband on my lap. I told him what I would want someone to tell my dad or son if something like that happened to them. I held him with so much love. His name is Charlie..
Charlie I hope you are doing great..
So there I am running to the finish line with my dad after this experience and all I could think is how important it is to tell the people we love ..
I love you..
How important it is to love our family regardless.. 
To put that card in the mail to that person you keep thinking about. 
I just kept thinking how important it is to do those things our heart is asking us to do and not to be afraid ..
I feel so lucky to just have this miserable cold..I feel so lucky that I got to run with my dad. That I got to hold Charlie and tell him it would all be ok. To not be in a hurry so that AJ could tell me his story. This is one of those post that I write because the universe spoke to me this weekend ..Yes Life is short but we can do and love until the last day... Hold your family and friends close  but do not just stop there.. Strangers need us to smile at them. They need us to care too. Hope you had a wonderful weekend and stay warm.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Part two...Tea House Studio

Let me start my post by saying yes I felt very short.
Day two was perfect. Mindy was really good about showing us hands on how her process works. She also got us to relax and just have fun and play. Let me tell you I have not seen Mindy in 3 years so I was so excited to see my friend. I also met Marilyn at the some time I met Mindy but Mindy was my room mate so we had time to really bond. On this trip Marilyn and I shared a room so we got to stay up late and talk.. 

Here is Mindy teaching us...I love how easy she makes it look and how honestly beautiful and real all her paintings seem. 

If you ever have a chance to go to a workshop with either of these two girls I highly recommend you do it...

Like they say at the Tea  House Studio after a weekend of hanging out with creative girls you cant help but feel

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I went to The Tea House Studio

I was lucky enough to be able to attend a very special painting class at a very magical studio this past weekend. 

There are a couple things that made this a very special weekend for me. One this would be my first time visiting The Tea House Studio.. This sweet space studio  always looked so inviting to me on line. I also would get to see Mindy and Carissa again..

The two day class was was taught by both teachers. Carissa started of day 1.  I was impressed by how well she was able to explain her process how comfortable and at ease the entire atmosphere felt. I really took a-lot from day one. I was battling a horrible cold so I was not feeling great but I tried my best to not think about the cold and listening to Carissa explain her process and having her and Mindy encourage us on was a perfect way to spend the day. My favorite thing was how both teachers is how they really teach you in a way that helps you relax and get in touch with that little girl inside. 

This very sweet teacher is vary passionate about her art.. I feel so blessed to have been a part of this. 

Here are my little creations from her class.

I loved every moment of this weekend  except for having this cold. I will share part two tomorrow ..Have a wonderful night and I hope your not sick....

Monday, February 4, 2013

Music Monday

This weekend I went to San Francisco. I took a little weekend workshop at the Tea House Studio. I will show you my pictures from the weekend tomorrow. They played a-lot of Jack Johnson in the back round this weekend.At this one point this song was playing and here I was lucky enough to having such a good time..

Saturday, February 2, 2013