Wednesday, May 25, 2016

to WS training camp I go

 It's here the Western States memorial weekend training camp.    I just laid out all my clothes for this weekend.  What do I take? Everything that has to do with running is what I want to take. You know just in case I need it all. I got new shoes yesterday and I will get my new insoles fitted in them tomorrow . I know I probably should not of gotten new shoes but my feet where killing me and new shoes feel the best to me. I feel like my little broken bones in my feet are healing. I have been so careful only running on soft sand but still getting my miles in. It will be interesting to see how my feet do in the Canyons of Western. (I can't even believe they picked me )
I am going to over pack of course but I will have what I need to be able to run the 70 miles in 3 days. We are taking a little road trip up to Auburn so it should be fun. I will keep you posted. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Morning Routine

I thought it would be fun ti share some of my favorite morning routines. I am a creature of habit and once I find something that works well I try and make it a habit as much as possible. This past year I have learned a-lot about healthier choices I could make that are simple and easy to include into my life.
1. I wake up and first thing is I say Thank You for letting me wake up and it sets a good place for thinking head to be in.
2. I go down stairs and have a glass of warm water with lemon and lately I have added some mint. Here is a link to some lemon water benefits.
3. I  take 5 to 7 minutes to do some stretches. I usually run 5 days a week so these babies seem to really help my legs.  I alway like looking on Pintrest for help with changing up mu routine. I like these this routine the most. 
4. My morning smoothie. There are so many great ways to make a smoothie my favorite is
1 cup of frozen spinach
1 banana
1/2 cup of peaches and pineapple blend and right now I am adding mint leaves too. After its blended I add some chia seeds too.
5. Then before I walk out the door to take my kids to school I go to the bathroom and I look in the mirror and tell myself that I am going to have a really good day G so keep smiling and stay on track.  Positive self talk is awesome . It really helps my attitude. My thought on this matter is. You have to go through the day right . So why not give yourself the chance of having a great day by changing your attitude ...

Monday, May 23, 2016

44 peeps

Holy Cow Batman that was fast .
I just had my birthday and turned 44. I woke up on my birthday and for the first time in many, many years I had no anxiety about getting older or needing things to be different. This year I woke up and I knew that I am on the path I am supposed to be on. I am right where I am supposed to be. It was a great feeling.
I woke up made breakfast for my teenagers and then drove them to school . Then my little man and I went on a walk and even that was a sign that I was where I needed to be. My dad took me out to lunch and Jack and I went for a swim in the early afternoon. SO far so good. I drove home and picked up the my kids and reminded them it was my birthday !! They gave a me a hug and all was good in the world. Then later than night I went out dinner at a Mexican food restaurant that had mariachi. It was a really good day. My  big sister sang Happy Birthday to me and that made it a complete. The best part was through out the day I felt settled. I did not feel sad at all. There are so many reasons or stories I had told myself in the past that just made my birthday's feel so melancholy. One of the things I have learned in this past year is to try to be present and with that comes learning about the self talk. Its really crazy the things we tell ourselves or the negative self talk that goes on in our brain. I have been consistently working on that and lately something clicked where I now feel a calmness within me because that talk has gone down a  level its mostly positive. I am giving myself a break now. I feel like I have earned it.
It is nice to just be present and I also changed my view on WS. I am going to go into the race grateful to be there and grateful for every mile I am able to run. I will be proud of myself for even showing up and taking part of something that is so much bigger than me . I am going to enjoy the journey and stop stressing so much about everything else. My birthday wish is that my feet heal well and world peace. Happy Trails .

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Thank you DEbbie for the picture.
It's nice to know that I am this happy when I run.. I know I feel it and it shows. I went to the doctor to find out why my feet are in so much pain and he said I have two tiny broken bones. 1 in each foot. The sesamoid is the name of the bone and there fractured. He gave me a cortisone shot that hurt like hell and said it should get the swelling down and feel better. Since I will still be training for Western I am sure it will continue to hurt but what can I do. I guess just be smart with my running and hope for the best. 

I will revise my training plan tomorrow and go from there. 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

My PCT and DNF race report

picture by Christopher ferrier
 Her DNF
Once upon a time in a far away land this Mexican girl named Gloria thought she was a bad ass and tried to run two 50 mile races with in 2 weeks. Then as she was running the second one along came the distance bit her in the ass made her stop and walk and before you know it she could run no more. So she turned in her bib and felt like shit and cried. The moral of the story is respect the distance.
Here we go. There are so many books that I have read and listened to that tell you to never DNF. It is supposed to be the worse thing ever. I had made it out to be the worse thing ever and I thought that would never happen to me. How could you ever feel so bad in a race ( beside 100 miler that is another animal) that you would have to stop. It happened to me. I should of known. I should of been sensible enough to know that I am not a runner that can just run Lost Boys 50 miler and 2 weeks later run The PCT 50 miler. Instead my thinking was I need to do  as much running as possible  for Western States. Why ? because it is a once in a life time opportunity and I should be able to run that much. Maybe this does not make sense to you and maybe now looking back it does not really make sense to me either but there it is. I got caught up in myself and did not respect that fact that I needed to rest and I just got to a point where I can run 50 miles WTF am I thinking I can run 2 so close together. The distance taught me not to let me ego get the best of me.  I need to slow down rest and respect every race I sign up for. I just need to slow down G.
I did my normal 5.9.5 this past week. Then I stayed at a friends house and got to the race on time. I had been feeling tired but I took lots of naps so I thought that was enough. I was really excited to be there with all my friends that I really admire and love. The race started and I went out in the middle of the pack. I usually try and go out near the back of the pack because I like going out slower and then getting warmed up and then going faster. That's what works for me. Lets remember I am not thinking about placing and in my heart I am not doing it for anyone else. Running these distances has become one of the great loves of my life and I do it because it makes me so happy.
I went out to fast for sure and at mile 6 I felt really tired. I put on my music thinking it would make me feel better right ? nope
Then I had a GU and It gave me energy but it did not help enough. I kept moving along and all I could think was I just need to find my happy place. That place I find in the mountains where the miles just fly by. Mile after mile passed and I could not find it. Then at mile 20 I just felt this tired feeling come over me. It was exhaustion fallowed by grief. Not a good combination. I walked to the half way point and at the turn around  I saw Angie Shartel and the one and only Scott Mills. They brought my smile back gave me words of encouragement they could tell I was not having fun. I started on my way back. I then walked 3 miles to Penny Pines. I knew Julianne Storm my pacer for WS was volunteering at the aid station and then between the crying and feeling horrible I knew I wanted to stop running. I did not want to finish or continue anymore. My legs felt so heavy my feet hurt and my heart hurt even more. As soon as I saw Julianne she hugged me and talked to me and let me know it was OK. The Aid station volunteers where amazing. They all where so kind with there words and told me many times my real race was WS. I needed to rest up and be ready for that race. Scott Mills told me that for every mile you race you need 1 day of rest. That means 50 days of rest for a 50 miler. I did not know that or I conveniently forgot it. I only got to mile 26 and  I felt sorry for myself but as soon as I got a ride from Julianne down to the start line I got excited for my friends they all looked great finishing and a female won the over all race. This was my first time watching my friends finish and what a great feeling it was. I was so excited for each and every one of them. What a day with lessons learned and a humbled heart. I can not say in word how much I love this sport and this Ultra Running community we have in San Diego. It really feels like a family. Stranger will literally give you the shirt off there back if you needed it in the San Diego Ultra Running Community. So I do not have a bib or a medal for yesterdays race but what I do have is a very grateful and humbled heart. In a weird way yesterday was a good race but for other reasons than finishing. I hope this makes sence somehow. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Its time for the PCT50

Tomorrow is the PCT 50 miler. I will be running with a bunch of friends and taking easy . I am going to try and use this as a training run for W.S. This would put me at 70 miles for the week. I am nervous and excited. It is going to be a beautiful day so it should go well and be fun. This is almost a 25 up and 25 back down race. I am trying new nutrition and I feel rested so fingers crossed I do better than last year 11:45. I am going to shoot for 11 but my first priority is really enjoy myself. Life is to short for anything else. I have a picture of my sister I am bringing with me. So I am off and I will tell you all about it Sunday .. Happy Trails G

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tuesday talks

Tuesday. Today was a good day Jack and I hit the beach with my dad. It is Mothers day in Mexico today and I could not stop thinking about my mom and what she must be going through today missing my sister. Losing someone is like going through life under a dark cloud but you still have to go through it. I think it might be that motion of moving forward no matter how slow that keeps us going. You just can't give up. When I am really tired during an Ultra and I get to yet another big hill I find myself saying baby steps G. Just keep moving taking baby steps and before you know it your at the top.
I was able to get my run in 5 miles and a did my yoga class at home too. Today was simple we had taco Tuesday the kids got there homework done and my dad stayed for dinner. I am so grateful for simple easy days. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday Mood

I read the best quote :Stories have to told or they die. and when they die ,we can't remember who we are or why we are her.
Sue Monk Kidd
This is one of the reasons I keep this blog to remember. This weekends long run was emotionally draining just to get too. I got up and started on my way and next thing you know I am all tears. I just felt sad all over. I got there just in time and before I knew it we where running. We started with an easy 12 miles toward Raptor Ridge and I felt fine my legs felt happy to be moving and before you knew it I was just having a good time with The Trail Crashers enjoying our Saturday run. It is so weird to know here I am running and my sister is gone.
I really need to get my ass in gear again with less than 7 weeks until  Western States I just need to get all my runs in. The weather was awesome Saturday Cloudy with a chance of rain. We did another 10 miles the other direction and called it a day at 22 miles. Becca does a great job getting the group together and it was a big turn out. Running is a great way to clear your mind for a little bit. I am loving my Lost Boys shirt. I am so proud to be wearing it. Literally I NEVER thought I would get the point where I would be able to finish a race like that one.  You have to try it if your love a good challenge and beautiful scenery. Last week I ended up with 40 miles. Life happens and so I am OK with it. This week is already looking better . I got 2 work outs in today and it should be a 70 mile week including the PCT 50. That's Saturday race. I plan on taking that 50 mile race as a training run for WS. Last year I ran it in 11:45 so I would like to the same or better considering I think my legs are still tired for Lost Boys.  Whatever happens I will share. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Life thoughts

 I am a dreamer and I know that. I dream about things I want to do and adventures I want to take my kids on. Many times I can't afford what I want to do so I break it down and start where I can but I do part of it .  This running thing is one of my biggest dreams come true. It is crazy because I never thought of myself as an athlete I have always been a mom a wife and a daughter. 

I think athletes are the winners and the sponsored people. When I race ( see that even sounds funny to me). When I run these awesome ultra-marathons I always feel so grateful to be able to run in the woods hours I feel so whole.  There is a part of me I did not know existed before I found trail running. The girl in me that runs theses long distances she hates all the stuff that happened to the child I was once and I swear that through running I have slowly healed and forgiven . I was able to let it go but for some reason it makes me feel bigger than being left and then on that trail I suddenly feel found. The opposite of abandoned is adopted cherished , defended. Trail running gives me all these feelings. This leads me to believe that really no dream is to big. My dream of getting lost for hours in the woods came true and my dream of healing came true. Like everything it takes work and really coming face to face with ourselves . There are no short cuts but with work you can do so much and live such a good life. I am insanely grateful to be alive and to be able to have kids and run. When I wake up I say thank you lord for today.  
 Yesterday was one of the hardest days of my life . Losing someone  that is  so close to you and knowing you will never be able to see them again feels like having your heart ripped out and you just feel so sad it hurts. I know my sister is in heaven but it still hurts.  My sister and I had a special relationship you can see it when you look at pictures of us. The way she looked at me and the way I saw her. I felt like she was both my baby and my little sister. I loved her little hands so much. She was really special. Having her in our life was a huge blessing. She taught my family so much.  How can you complain about life or feel sorry for yourself when your sister is in a wheel chair and can't talk but she is as happy as can be . I know she changed my heart. You know when I was little every birthday when I closed my eyes and I wished that she could walk. I would think please when I wake tomorrow please let my sister be able to walk.  My wish never came true she never walked but her spirit soared. 

Tomorrow we have 24 mile run and I know that after my run I will feel better for a while. So if you ever thought that the whole exercise thing does not helps your mood and helps you heal . I miss my little sister so much...

Lost Boys 50 mile race report

 I woke up at 3:15 am on Saturday morning. I rented a cabin about 10 minutes away and asked a friend - fellow runner( Jonathanelo Fields and his crew Jeranimo)  if I could get a ride with them to the start line the Anza Borego Desert Floor. I was really nervous and scared about the weather conditions. We got the the start line at 4:30am and the wind was so crazy you could feel it pushing  the car. I opened the car door and was literally pushed by the wind and yes it was cold. It was so windy one of the porta-potty flew over.  I was  worried about being cold so I decided to that the thing to do would be look at this as a off road running adventure and dress for the adventure ahead. I wore 3 shirts. A tank top and a short sleeve and a long sleeve. (it was honestly cold)  Then I got a little excited about the conditions once I was able to change the way I saw the race I was OK and I saw a -lot of other crazy running friends and that settled my nerves too. Hey I was not alone in this craziness and as soon as we started I just thought about how much I love this and how I had all day to share this run with my sister and I was golden. I was super impressed with how well the trail was marked. There where multiple orange ribbons for every turn. As soon as I knew I was not getting lost I was able to just run and focus on the day ahead. It was a beautiful challenging course.
This time of year there was so many flowers in bloom in the desert. I had to stop and take pictures. So here we are running pre dawn. So its dark but not to dark and then about an hour into my run I passed a mountain on my left and the sun slowly came out. It was amazing. I was feeling great and stoked to be out there. After all the day was just beginning. 

So these picture really do not do this course justice. It was magnificent. I saw Paul Jesse and his crew at the first aid station and you really don't need much at this point but it was so nice to have him say Hi Gloria with a smile. I did not need anything so I just kept going.  There was this really cool part of the course that you have to climb. That was awesome. We ran through all theses desert washes and mountain valleys. 

Now we had about 18 miles of Jeep road and 28 miles of trail and It felt we went up hill forever and ever. The aid stations where awesome . The volunteers got you ready quickly and everyone was happy to see you. I felt great the whole day. I thought I would run it in about 12:30 hours. Becca Roan was my crew and I saw her at the two most important aid stations. She gave me clothes and a new pack with water. I thought to myself this is what it must feel like if your a serious rock star runner. It was awesome and she was a great friend and crew all in one. Robert was my pacer and we started running together at mile 30. This was the second time I had a pacer and what I felt was this new excitement to talk and share my race with my friend. It was awesome. I was really not paying as much attention at this time because I was tired . I ran in front of Robert and 3 times he saved my butt from getting lost. This was because I was tired and just did not see the orange ribbon poking me in the face. Once again I was so grateful to have a friend who was willing to run in the cold with me for 20 miles just because. Thank You Robert Pardy ! The last 5 miles where really painful because my biggest problem are my feel. They hurt so much when I run on rocks. I took some aleve but my feet just hate rocks so I took my time trying to find the softest rock. ( there are no soft rocks ) I would say besides that I had a beautiful day. I felt like Carmen was with me. I could picture her flying along side me. I told her I loved her and it was nice to be out in nature feeling tired and knowing she was my companion. This race was seriously awesome !!! I want to do it again but next year !!!! This was great training for WS