Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ten Miles Later.

Part 2
 of Saturday morning run.
So after I finally got up this morning and made coffee,  I got my gear ( water bottle and Gu and headphones ) then I got in the car drove 20 minutes to Lake Mira Mar to meet my dad. I felt really tired and grumpy so It was nice when I stepped outside and realized the weather was perfect running weather.That would be a little chilly. It is 5 miles around Mira Mar Lake so we went around twice and then did some walking so we could chat. My dad beat me the first time around and I beat him the second time around. I was not told we were racing until after we were done. I had my I phone and I was listening to Pandora.. I listen to the Micheal Jackson station when I need to feel groovy. 
So when this song came on I was so happy. I ran a little faster and snapped my fingers and at that moment I realized this is why I run. Moments like this.. Just pure happiness in that moment living. Its so great when you recognize that. It does not happen always but today I felt groovy and happy as I ran and since I started out grumpy it was a nice difference. So with this tunes in my ears and perfect running weather life was feeling good. After my dad and I went to Denny's and had banana pancakes and coffee.
So even though I really wanted to stay in bed this morning I am glad I made myself wake up and go..sometimes the stuff we don't really want to do end up being the things that make us happy..
So ten miles later I was smiling.

I am up...

This Saturday morning all I would like to do would be sleep but I promised my dad we would do our long run this morning and so I have to get up and go. I think the best way for me to get my butt out of bed early is knowing someone lease is waiting for me other wise I would still be in bed. This brings me to how I would love to be able to get up every morning and do a short run around my neighborhood. I tell myself Gloria if you wake up early enough and go run I will get you a manicure ...but then I thing man.. I can do my own nails..So sad.
For the month of April its going to be a goal of mine to get up 3 day out of the week day and go for a short run..I don't know if I would really do it but now its out there...The funny thing about running is 2 hours from now after my run I will be so happy and giddy because I love running just wishing I could do it every day....So of I go with my dad for my run.

Friday, March 30, 2012

BLog Heaven

I am so happy about how pretty my blog looks...
When I first saw it I had to cover my mouth just like in this picture.
A big thanks goes to My Girl Thursday..
I love it..
She created my new blog design .
 I feel like my room got a really cool makeover.
This month is ending well..
Ill be back later

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happiness is Good

I have been working on my happiness attitude. When things feel out of my control I close my eyes and I tell myself Miss G an hour from now you will feel so much better. This is just a feeling and even though it seems very real just let it pass and then just accept it and take a couple steps forward. This give me clarity and maybe not a-lot but in moments when I feel like it just to much to handle. A little goes a long way.

I also want to remind you how important it is if you are a crafty girl to always carry a note book in your bag. If you jump over to Elsie's Blog she has been sharing really inspirational ways to make your own journal. The journal Idea works well when practiced. I find that if make it a habit to draw an idea or just write a simple thought in my moleskin it actually honestly helps me feel good inside. I am not sure if it simply inspiring to just write or maybe its coming in touch with your creative self a couple times a day that feels so good.

I know I write this all the time but exercising is so helpful. Walking , jogging ,yoga or even better dancing. Close the door and turn up the music and dance. Its so good for you when your not feeling 100%.

Here is another little secret that works for me. Play. Playing is different for al of us but give yourself permission to play. Some days I play by making doll clothes and other days its taking my camera out and taking pictures. Let yourself figure what playing looks like for you. Then practice playing.

I feel that my soul needs to be nurtured and believe me I could have had let my heart turn into a rock but I choose to be a happy mom and a loving patient human being. I find that when I don't do the little things that I wrote about. I don't feel so great. So I paint when I can. I run when I can. I draw in my journal and write little notes. I stop often and take deep breaths and close my eyes and I have a lot of faith. I felt like sharing this with you..

Good Night.

I am so grateful we are ok.

Holy Cow..I have to share with you what happened this morning and what I am so grateful for..

I was on my way to take my two little ones to school this morning. There was a red light ahead of me so I slowed down and stopped about 3 feet from the car in front of me. I was talking to my kids when suddenly out of no where someone hit my car from behind really hard. ( I drive a Prius ) I heard my Bella start to cry and next thing I know I am hitting the car in front of me. It was really scary. I was just at the red light waiting and suddenly it happened.. I pulled over and the car in front of me did too but the car that hit me was gone..I never saw it..He drove away. I held my kids and thanked God they were OK. The guy who I hit jumped out of his car looked at mine and said I am fine..suddenly got back in his car and he was gone.

All I could think is I am so grateful that my kids are OK. I am OK. We had our seat belts on. The kids were sitting straight. I was grateful the seat belts worked and most of all that I could hold them in that moment and reassure them that they were safe.
Driving is not to be taken lightly..texting and driving is not OK.

I am going to be crazy safe for a while because it really made me realize once again hoe fragile we really are. So drive safe and be careful.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Here is what's going on..

So here is what’s going on with me... I have been working on staying positive. Even though life can get tough sometime it’s our attitude that determines how we feel. So when someone does something to me that I feel is hurtful, I am choosing to acknowledge the way I am feel, then I write it in my journal and I let it go. This allows me to have a positive shift in my spirit and changes the dialog in head... Move over self-pity because here comes my happy place. I can feel the warm and fuzzies now!!!

We have heard it a hundred times “happiness comes from with in”. I don't think I realized that how I feel about myself has a huge impact my life. My biggest super power against this is “Fake it until you make it, baby”. You know imitate confidence so that as the confidence produces success, it will generate real confidence. If I "act as if" put on my happy face and do things that make me smile; I relax and those bad feelings go away... Picture this, those negative thought are a big balloon. I put on my happy face, go for a run, hold my kids, paint or just simply watch a funny movie. Then POP I have deflated that yucky balloon and the bad feelings are gone... The balloon is on the floor...

Its so important to find what you love to do and then just do it... It does not matter if you suck at it. If it makes you happy then that is why you do it...

The time I have on this planet has taught me a-lot. I will be 40 soon and here's what I am just figuring out..

I choose Happiness and for me that means making time for those things that make me smile.

I am working on accentuating the positive...

Try it and let me know how it works for you...

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday..

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stories and a good weekend

What a great weekend I had, for starters I had my kids, which always makes me smile. In fact my kids always multiply my happiness. I started out my Saturday morning with what else a beautiful run in the rain. I feel like sometimes the only thing that really clears my head and allows me to focus is a good run. It never ceases to amaze me how, as I make the turn and head for home, all I can think about is who I love and why I love them. I think about how sweet my son is when I pick him up from school. I think about how Bella and I hold hands while driving in the car. I think about all the sweet text messages Poala sends me.. Then I walk in the door drink some water and fix myself a perky cup of coffee..

Saturday was a jam-packed day. We celebrated my dad's 64th Birthday... He is an amazing, loving, sweet man. I can't imagine my life with out him. He is the one person in my life I know I can count on. He has supported me my whole life. Every little girl needs that father figure in her life. If you have been reading my blog you know my real dad wasn’t around much, so God sent me Uncle Mike. He has been married to my real dad’s sister for 30 something years. He took it upon himself to step in and be my dad. How lucky am I? Despite the stress associated with my divorce, over the last 5 years, my dad and I have grown closer. How cool is that? We run together, talk on the phone every day, and have date night once a month… I am so grateful for all he has done... So here we are my brother and his wife, my sister and our kids celebrating my dad’s birthday...

After Mike's birthday luncheon I hurried home for Isabella's dress up sleepover birthday extravaganza. What could be better than being 9 and having your girlfriends over for a sleepover? They put on a fashion show for me and stayed up late telling jokes and harassing Isa's older brother. Watching them sing happy birthday and eat cake I couldn’t help but thing these are the things that matter in life… These are the perfect moments in her childhood that she will remember for a lifetime... It makes me want more kids so that the noise, laughing and craziness will never end…

We wrapped up the weekend with a little frozen yogurt and Ms. Pac-man. Did you play Ms. Pac-man when you were little? Do you still play today? My sister played Centipede and my brother Carlos and I would play Ms. Pac-man non stop. When I would get to the really high levels I would always sing that song "Maneater" in my head...

Oh-oh, here she comes... She's a Maneater
Happy Tuesday

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Color and a good tune

One of the things my little sister enjoys is looking at well manicured nails.  She also loves having her nails done... So consequently I have been purchasing more nail polishes... I am having a great time checking out all the fun colors available.

I also love adding coats of glitter.. The problem with glitter is getting it off takes a lot of patience but I still like it!!!

Grey is fun too and it makes me feel hip... My sister only likes pinks and reds, I do not like either.

This one is my favorite...

Here I went with a layer of purple with confetti... I like the effect but once again it took forever to get it off...

This is one of my favorite pictures... I love my little sisters hands... they're small and chunky...

Have a happy Sunday ...if you live in San Diego than you must be in the middle of our big storm, so try and stay dry. I also wanted to share a song that I am seriously loving right now..

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Painting...when we can

I guess if you really want to do something you make time for it, right? Everyday when my sister takes a nap or at the end of our day together, I am making it a habit to break out my little basket and get my creating time in.. It makes me happy and it relaxes me to just paint... I feel so lucky that my friend is able to join me a couple times a week to paint.  We take over Carmen's room and we make stuff.  If you have been following my blog you know my sister can't speak but, I can tell she loves to watch us paint... She just smiles for miles... She loves having visitors and in her room. I think she digs all the chatter...

Jenny made these two radio girls don't they look great? So groovy...

These are my girlfriends... I am not done. Tonight I will be adding all my words of wisdom... I love painting all different types of girls... I love my friends and all the connections I have made... I love what I have learned from my them... Look for these and more at our NEW Etsy shop later tonight...

Have a great day.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Tranquil 4 ever

I look at this and I think about all the Art retreats I have attended...  I love hanging out with other girls and making art.  What I have found out is that when you go to an Art retreat with an open heart beautiful thing happens.  I have made so many friends that hold a special place in my heart and will last a life time.  I totally know who the girls are on my little boat. One held our hearts and helped us heal in Manzanita. The other brought us to a place that held inner peace while our leader lead us through this journey.. I wish I could attend retreats all the time.  While I was sitting on my dinning room table thinking about the friends I have made, just painting away, my girl friend Elena came over and sat next to me. She picked up a brush and added her artistic touch to this piece.  This peice is special to me because my friend added her love to it..  So there you go..  I have so much to learn and I am loving the process... Remember friends life is a journey not a destination.
Hope you have a great day..xoxo

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My friend jenny and I

 Jenny was my first best friend.  I met her shortly after arriving here from Mexico. (Yes, my hair looks horrible.  I know it's a bad perm. I just had to get that in there so I can move on with my story.)  Jenny and I hit it off right away. We were about 8 when we met and Jenny was really, really shy and well lets just say I was not.  We were a good pair.  Some of the things I loved about Jenny when we first met was her blonde hair, blue eyes and how we both loved to draw and write each other notes.   Jenny and I also liked sitting around and watching MTV. 
 When I was about 10 my family and I moved within a mile from her house...How cool is that?  Jenny is an amazing artist... When we were little and we would spend endless nights at each others house.  I constantly asked her to draw me unicorns and I would sit next to her and watch in aw...  She comes from a family of artist... I would draw Holly Hobbie and Jen would draw horses... We never fought we just hung out..
 Jenny became a baker and I became a wife and mom... She would fly out and visit me when I lived in Colorado.  Whenever I would fly to San Diego I always made sure I saw her. We have always stayed in touch..
 A couple years ago I got divorced and Jen and I broke up. It was terrible because I lost both of my closest friends... It took over a year for us to be able to talk again.. What happened sucked, ROYALLY 
but as time went by I felt a huge need to forgive.. I needed to make it better somehow for both of us. I missed my best friend. 
So we talked we cried we made up and I am so glad we did. Jenny is a total crafter and what I mean by that is when we get together we make stuff. So my little sister was in the hospital for about 6 months and I was there as much as I could be.. Usually 5 days a week.. Near the end of her extensive hospital visit Jen and I made up.. So she started coming to visit my sister and I.  Being the crafter that Jenny is she said "lets make pillows, lets draw, bring your stuff and ill bring mine." So within a week my sisters room looked amazing.. We made so many cute things.. I still take care of my sister now that she is home and recently, I asked Jenny if she wanted to make some stuff to sell on Etsy..  I have all these paintings that I have wanted to put on Etsy for a long time and Jenny makes the coolest pillows.  Her paintings are cute to..  So I put some of our stuff on Etsy.  So if you want to go check out my new little shop it is on the side bar... Jen's stuff is also in my shop.. I know its a long story but I feels good to tell it... We have been friends for 32 years.. She was my maid of honor and she was there when I had my first baby. 
Ps. I sold my 1st painting with in hours of opening my store.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Grateful Monday

I am grateful that this morning I ran out of coffee because I had forgotten how much I like tea with a little bit of cream.
I am grateful that I have blog because it keeps me connected with woman I admire.
I am grateful for my kids they remind me to have fun and laugh and they help me keep my spirit young.
I am grateful for music because it lifts up my spirit and fills me with happiness.. don't you get excited when your favorite song comes on and you turn it up and just sing...
I am grateful that everyday brings with it an opportunity to do things different and start over.
I am grateful that I can over come all things because I have faith that lives in my heart ..
Have a wonderful Monday..

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bella is 9 today..

My wonderful little girl turned 9 today..We had a great day and as she fell asleep tonight she looked over at me and said thank you mommy..I had the perfect birthday..
I could not ask for more and for this I am grateful..

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Its a good day to run..

My Saturday morning run starts with lots of self talk..It starts like this...I love my bed and do I really need to get up and go run..Yes I do..I do need to go run. I need to go outside , clear my mind listen to my favorite songs and let myself go...

So I get up and get ready...This time I took my water bottle and I ran one of the hardest runs I have found..I up up up and up a big hill.. Its about a 13 mile run but today I only did 10.75 of it..I love running..I love dreaming and running is perfect for that..I can dream and plan and be happy...I had lots to be happy about today because guess what I sold my first painting on easy...Crazy hu..I was so afraid to open an   ETSY store. I am not sure why but I was. Now I am excited !!! and more excited to make more stuff.. I was also thinking about how I am a little bit of an ADD crafter..I love doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that..

This picture was taken about 1 mile from my I am running home I was dreaming about how even through life is tough and one is not sure sometimes ...not sure if its going to be ok..I guess as long as in our hearts were ok the situation thats happening around us is just that a situation and we are not what happens to us we are the person we choose to be when those things happen...
There you go of the wall running stories..
Have a great Day..

Friday, March 2, 2012

Loving March

I know its a little late but Welcome March...I am so looking forward to embracing all that you have to offer.. All the pretty pictures that need to be taken and the great art there is to be made...short sweet trips to the art store. My little girl turning 9 and trips to the American girl doll store. Keeping a cute happy house for my kids and me. Reading stories that make me smile and oh making doll clothes.
So let me introduce myself..I am Gloria and thank you for stopping by.. I am happy to share my journey with you.. 

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