Monday, October 31, 2011

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Miss G..

Dear G...
You are will be moving soon and I am so proud of you..
Today you will find a house to rent and you will make it a wonderful home for your kids . It will be warm and have  a really good vibe to it. In this house you will create your own memories.. You will be happy and your kids will know it. Yes, this is a big deal but just let it happen and don't get caught up on what you don't have... instead just look at all you do have.
This is going to an amazing journey and you need to remember how wonderful you are..
You can do this
you can do it well..
So just fly my sweet girl and when things get scary just hand that over to God and he will give you the strength you need..
No more doubting
smile big
be you
go forward
this is my mantra for right now..I have it written on a piece of paper and I am reading it to myself many times a day... 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

12 things I am grateful for...

The things I am grateful for on this Thursday night are..
I am grateful for the smell of pumpkin pie candles.
and yes the actual pie is better but the candle last longer.
I am grateful for that moment when I  first get in the shower and the water is perfectly warm.
I am grateful for my neighbors yard ..its filled with leaves and when I look at them I smile.
I am grateful for those people who believe in now.
I am grateful for warm afternoons when I am sitting by a window and I can feel the warmth on my back.
I am grateful that I can go whenever I want. 
( need a road trip soon)
I am grateful for my my sister when she gives me big hugs..and just hold me..we should all just hug the people we love and not let go...for a while 
I am grateful for the memories of sweet moments that bring me right back to that place. 
I am grateful for the act of putting my warm hands on my face. It feels sweet.
I am grateful for things we see in store windows that make our heart go crazy..
Like fox cardigans
But what fills me with gratitude this day is holding my little sisters sweet little hands...
I hope you know how special you are and that with a grateful heart you and me and us...are going to be more that just OK.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mon Petit Chateau..and her dream came true

My sister made her dream come true. She opened her own store. Its a huge and beautiful. A place for where children can pretend that they are in a magical kingdom. The clothes are provided.. You can dress up as a knight or maybe a pink fairy princess with butterfly wings. Your options are limitless.. and guess what there is magical train that will take you were ever your imagination desires. 

Children's eyes light up and of they go. My sister had a vision and she made it come true. She wanted to have birthday parties kids could remember for ever. She also saw a little cafe...The mommy cafe. In this mommy cafe you could get excellent coffee and pastries while you watch you child play.

She has created a play were both moms and children can relax and have magical day. The moms can pretend they are at a french bistro because ohh lala ...Its so shabby chick.

The best part she is full time hands on mommy with a big heart and Im so proud of her...

Big congratulations to my beautiful sister...
p.s. If your in san Diego and want to take your kids to a magical place to play or would like to book any kind of party.. Look up Mon petit chula Vista..

Friday, October 21, 2011

A week of journaling...done

This week I challenged myself to journal for a week. I did it ( yeah me ) and I am glad I did. I think its very therapeutic to not think and just write and draw and water paint. Water paints are fun because you can really relax and get in touch with that kid inside of you that just wants to paint.

its fun to see pretty things show up on you paper.

My favorite saying  that I heard in my head was do not be afraid for I am with you always.

Does that ever happen to you ? Your writing in your journal and there it is ...That message you needed to hear ? I really try to clear my mind and listen to for it..Once in a while I hear it..
OK so I love journals
I love pens
I love pencils
I love watercolors
I love letting go AND just creating

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A trip to the Pumpkin Patch

The other day we went to buy our pumpkin and while there we were told that we could not purchase the biggest pumpkin they had...We were very upset..

Evidently the big Pumpkin is for display purposes only!!!

After the playing of a game and  winning a huge rubber bat our mood changed completely.

Somehow life was better, the pumpkin didn't matter anymore and we were all smiles...
Hope you have a warm and happy Wednesday.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Good Morning Miss Monday !!!

Good Morning, I have been thinking about what I will challenge myself with this week. I thought about doing something that scares me like last week and I know it was only red lipstick but it made me a bit more brave to just get over not doing something because of what someone else might think..I thought I would look silly but by mid week I thought I looked rather fancy ! So this week I thought what I would do is something I want to do but just keep putting off ...
I am going to write in my Art  Journal everyday for 7 days..I am going to write my grateful list and do all my homework for an upcoming retreat I will attend in 2 weeks. I will write a story or two and seven days from now I will have at least 10 pages done in my fancy homemade journal.

This is not something that scares me but its something that I just do not do...I would like to but I dont..Thats all going to change this week. Then Monday I can share what I learned..about myself.

I hope you can make sometime to journal or draw or write some poetry this week. Do whatever is is that your heart ask you to do..mine wants me to write so starting today I will do just that...
Happy Monday

Friday, October 14, 2011

Red Lipstick day 5 and other stuff

I had a -lot of fun wearing red lipstick this week..I don't wear it often but I am going to now.
I felt a little afraid to wear red..but not anymore.. I now this was a silly week of blogging but sometimes silly is good...getting over little fears is good too..even if its a fear that's as silly a wearing red lipstick!!!
OK so
Its Friday night and I am on my couch thinking about what other thing is challenging me right now,
What challenge could I try for next week..

Do you have some small thing that you could try to overcome next week..
maybe something you would like to do but your a tad afraid too..
or maybe the challenge just feels to big..
baby steps works for me. Instead of looking at the big picture maybe just trying it for 5 days would be a good start..You know feeling it out.
I have not really ran for more than 2 days in a week since my last 50k that I couldn't finish..
I haven't really felt like running but my mood would be way better if I ran at least 5 days next week..but for me that would mean going early in the morning and I don't like getting up early so would mean getting up yucky early and exercising...
OK so that's were my brain is....

Thursday, October 13, 2011

What I am grateful for today !!

So I had to write my grateful list today !
It was calling me.
I am grateful for the Ideas that fill my head..
Ideas of pretty little paintings.
The time it took to create them.
The state of mind your head is in when one gets to play with paints.
The five letter word Peace..
Peace that I pray will fill my heart.
Peace that we pray the world will find.
Peace that surrounds us when we stop to look.
The hope that this word brings..
May that word be with all of us...

I am grateful for the world outside my house.
I am grateful that we have fresh air and cool nights.
I am grateful for the earth under my feet.
I am grateful that the beach is close enough I can run there.
I am grateful for who ever invented making wishes...
For when we close our eyes and make a wish our heart is full of hope.
We believe...
That a little bit of magic we all have.

I am so grateful for a good cup of coffee....
I grateful for foam I drink at the bottom that is followed with a bit of sugar...
The sugar I put in the coffee that went straight to the bottom and is waiting for me.
I love drinking my coffee fast.
since I wait for it to be kinda warm, I have to drink it fast or it will be cold..yuck cold coffee!!
I am grateful for the past month that I have spent with my little sister.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 3

On day 3...I found this tutorial and I wanted to share...why because ohh..I am loving this Red Lipstick
Maybe my collection of one red lip stick will grow...
happy day

Red Lipstick day 2

Red Lipstick Day 2..
Tuesday was a full day and I wore  my red lipstick...Its not as red in the picture because this was taken late..
I spent the day with my little sister and then ran of at 4 to pick up my 3 kids make dinner and then go back to downtown to meet my dad for our date night. Last night we went to see
The Rocky Horror Picture Show..
The Old Globe is a beautiful Place in Balboa Park were they show lots of great plays. My dad and I go to about 8 a year. Its that time of year again. 

There are three theaters here, some bigger than others but they're beautiful. 

My dad and I ...getting ready to go back in after the intermission...Do I think anyone should see this play with there dad??? no
I honestly did not really like the play. I don't think I understood it to well, I am very glad I got to spend time with my dad though...and I wore my red lipstick too.....

Monday, October 10, 2011

Join me for a Red Lipstick Challenge !!!

Yes, Today is Monday October 10th and I have decided to start this week of by wearing red lipstick.
I am going to wear it all week long. Why you ask?? I am a little afraid of wearing RED LIPSTICK. I feel that it can be loud and I have decided that's OK. I also feel its kinda sexy and it makes me want to smile and dress up too. If you need a little simple fun pick me up then you to could put on red lipstick.
Today was day 1..That's me driving to see my little sister and taking some pictures with my I phone at stop signs..
Mondays red lipstick report: I felt like a had a little kick in my step today..I wore black and that's also not a color I wear to much but red and black go well together. I had fun just knowing it my lips were red.. If you want to join me wearing Red lipstick leave me a message and tell me about it...I know this is random but its also kinda fun...

Happy Red lipstick week...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Some Weekend Pictures

I do believe I love taking pictures..
Hope you had a great weekend.

Friday, October 7, 2011

My sweet little brother sent me this song this morning.I really liked it, so I wanted to share..
Thank You Lalo..

This morning I am up bright and early. I have my beautiful green and blue Anthro mug full of my favorite coffee with vanilla creamer, YUM.  The sun is not out yet but it’s on its way. I am dreaming about all the wonderful events October brings for my kids and I.  Living in San Diego has its benefits...Sea World, Lego Land and Balboa Park are the ones that come to mind. I am thinking about maybe getting the kids costumes early.  I’m also starting to think of all the fun memories we will make...
 There is so much happening at this time. 
So besides my sweet sister the other big thing that's got my head spinning is I am going to be moving soon. I am scared but mostly excited because my kids and I get to create a new space that we will call home. I keep imagining a place that has a cute garage for all my crafting stuff... Change is scary but like everything in life it’s all in how you look at it... Be happy G. That's what I tell myself. It’s weird how different my life was 3 years ago. I was married...and I didn't have to worry about money. The one thing that kept me in my miserable marriage was how scared I was to leave. How would I take care of my kids... Let me tell you I would not trade the peace of mind I am experiencing now for anything. I don't miss the tummy aches I had because I knew he was coming home. I hated being near him because of the unpredictability. It’s funny how when you’re in a verbally abusive relationship you make excuses to yourself that this is normal. Even when you know deep inside it’s not. It affects your kids and slowly verbal abuse and all the stuff that comes with destroys your self esteem... It’s not worth any price. I am living proof that you can leave and be OK. Self Esteem can be rebuilt. It really can. You surround yourself with people who love you. You don't need a lot of people just a couple. Talking to someone helps. I think the most important thing is forgiveness. The one we give ourselves. For me it came in the car. I was alone and then I forgave myself out loud. I kinda yelled. I forgive myself and now I vow to love myself. I will treat myself with respect and make sure that anyone I choose to let into my life will do the same. I didn't plan to write about this. I love my life and all the wonderful things that surround it...I would not trade the size of any house or any amount of money for what I have now.  I have a healthy relationship with myself and all the people in my life treat me with the respect and understanding I deserve. There is life after a bad marriage and it’s pretty good. 

Hope you have a great weekend.

Everyday brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick of your shoes, and dance-

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thats all I am doing this Thursday

I am sitting here at the hospital with my little sister. She is doing a little better. That’s a good thing. I have my yellow cowboy boots on and my very colorful scarf on. The scarf that makes me feel better. My sister is sporting lovely blue gown compliments of the hospital. We sit here together day after day and there usually is no Internet here so today is a lucky day for that. My sister has been unable to eat so she will be getting a feeding tube later today. I was against it at first because I thought, really another freaking feeding tube, like my sister needs another surgery… However, after the doctor spoke to my mom and explained that she needs the proper nutrition to get stronger, my negative feelings of a feeding tube faded. My sweet sister sits here quietly like a sweet angel. She can’t speak at the time because she has a tracheotomy and I do ALL of the talking. She knows my entire life now. I read magazines to her, specially my old Summerset magazines. The pictures are fun for her to look at. I now watch TV with Carmen ...Ok so our favorite new show is the Ellen Show. I know it is not new to TV but it is new to us. I love the way she dresses and dances she seems very real. Love it... I love that she does not really have any food on her show too. Why because if Carmen and I are watching TV and food comes on my sweet sister tells me she is hungry:( That makes me sad.

I am also spending lots of time with my mom. She sleeps here so when I get here in the morning we talk.. That’s nice too. Ok so when I walk into my sister’s room in the morning I love seeing her. I miss knowing that she is consistently ok. It’s amazing how much we all have to give. I guess I never really thought about it before but as human beings we do not really run out of love to give. Maybe its like the more love you practice giving the more love you make inside of you. Thats a nice thought.