Tuesday, October 29, 2013

So long October

I am finding it hard to believe that this month is also almost gone.  I am wondering is this what happens when you have a baby.. time just flies by. Its a am finding that its a weird place to be in. Its a little lonely only because I am not working and life as I knew it has changed and in the same regard its exciting because we are now making new future plans that include this little guy. I also want to share how much fun I am having being a mommy to a baby this time around. I am 10 years older than I was last time I had a baby and I feel very comfortable and relaxed about taking care of baby Jack. He is an easy baby. He is a great sleeper and eater and so far the worst thing that has happened is at 6pm almost every day he gets a little cranky and cries. That makes for an easy baby. Its also really cool watching my other kids interact with him. Each one loves him in there own playful but very protective way. We really have not taken him anywhere and that is because he did not have his shots and his dad was just not taking any chances of having his little boy getting sick. Maybe that's another reason I have not blogged I have not been out much lately. Now that he has had his shots so we can go out and start exploring today we went to Target to get his Halloween Costume. ...
Then we walked though the park a little bit and that seem to be enough for him.
The one thing little man does not like is being in his car seat. It breaks my heart to hear him cry when I take the kids to school. I pull over a-lot and go in the back seat and soothe him then I continue on my way. I am hoping to figure out a way to make it so that driving is easier for him. I try not to go anywhere unless I absolutely  have too , but I am hopeful that soon he will grow out of this. There is nothing worse than hearing your baby cry.
I want to share whats going on with my weight and training. I am down to 140 pounds .. I am honestly working really hard at this whole losing weight thing. I have a trainer come to the house twice a week and work out with me for an hour and then I am running 3 days a week ..about 20 miles a week. I am still slow but all I really want to do right now is train my body to run again and  start to get good miles in.  Its honestly a little crazy to me that when my mind wanders or I day dream its usually about running. I miss how it makes me feel so much but with 4 kids and all the responsibilities of being there mom my time to run is limited. I am looking forward to the day little man can hold up his head and we can go for runs.. I see a Jogging Stroller in my future. I have spoken to a bunch of people and I think he has to be around 5 months old before I can run with him in the stroller..
I have a couple goals for next year..I am going to run a marathon a 50k a 50 miler and a couple half marathons. The part about this that excites me the most is training . I love love training for races. It gives me something for me to work hard at. It just makes me happy to be able to work hard. Its just like being a mom its hard work to be a good mom but as long as you raise good adults then thats your medal at the end of a race. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I am two months old

Look who is 2 months old..Its the baby Jack. I have been  loving on this little guy day and night. My kids are all so happy and in love with him too. He is getting a little spoiled but I do not mind. Here we are waiting for his big sister to get out of work. He does not like the car seat and it breaks my heart when he cries :(  I got him all these toys he can look at but he still a little sad back there. He started making little noises and he smiles all the time. I get so excited every time he smiles. Its like the first time every time. I am having a really great time being mom to a baby all over again. Its so cool how its brought us all so close. My older kids all want to help out. Everyone want to hold him all the time. 

With all these people in the house he is becoming a good sleeper. He sleeps through door bell rings and kids laughing and big brother rapping. Music yes lots of music being played but somehow he is learning to sleep through it.. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Another day in paradise..

I had a great run today that came after not feeling to great. I have been a little blue. Its been interesting trying to find my mojo again. I don't like feeling like I don't want to do the things that make me happy. Its a little funny that I know what I need to do to change it ..I need to do the things I don't feel like doing work through those feelings maybe shut of my brain a little and 20 minutes later I feel good again. Its been a little gloomy around here so maybe that's whats going on.. I did go on a semi long run today and I really didn't want to but I was nudged to go run so I did and I turned my music of for a while and just let my being take it all in. It was awesome .. I went for my longest run since I had my baby..I just loved it. I like how I feel when I run. I feel free..I think maybe birds feel this way when they fly.. I love being outside..The air is alive and the clouds move. I love the feeling of moving quickly and going from point a to point b .. I guess it just felt great. My dad always says that running makes you feel like you took a huge q tip and cleaned all the spider webs out of your head. I am so glad I did something I really did not want to do today..It made my day a better day.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Week

I want to report that this week was a combination of lots and nothing. I found myself going out. I left my house..and staying in just holding my baby. I did not have my kids this week unfortunately for them they are with there dad. This means I have lots of time to just hold my new baby and love him. It also leaves me with lots of time to think. I really miss my kids when they are gone. It literally hurts my heart. I know I take way better care of them and its a very sad feeling to have to send your kids to a place you know is not a great place to be. I don't really have a choice.. I got side tracked sorry.
I went on a long run with my dad too. Its was not really long but 5 miles was good and guess what I got my time down to 11 min miles. I am working harder than I have had to but I know in three months it will all be worth it. Its crazy how many running apps there are. My favorite being map my run. Its really neat. I am down to 146 and that keeps me motivated to keep going. My question is what do I do with all this extra skin around my belly ?will it go back ...I went to see John Mayer last night with my daughter Paola. We loved it and I can honestly say we got along all night long..we even held hands for a bit. I am so glad its so good between us right now. She is growing up to be an amazing young lady. I am such a proud mom...Things are good right now and I will take that..

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello October

Hello October.
The last month seem to just fly by me. I miss blogging so my visits here might be simple but I shall step it up this month.  I started running and holy cow guys it has been hard. I don't mind the challenge but its a little disappointing to take so many steps back. I am seriously slow right now. It is a-lot harder to carry the extra weight around. I get tired quicker but I guess the hardest thing is how slow I am going even though I feel like I am working really hard. I am out of breathe.. and 5 miles feel like 15.  I am signed up for a half marathon in January and my goal is to finish it in 2 hours. I am on 9th day of my 100 squats a day and I am hoping I will feel the difference in the next two weeks.  I am also not having junk food but this thing called losing weight takes  dedication so here I am. I have 4 runs under my belt and I ran 17 miles last week. So the picture above is kinda how I am feeling about running right now. That cant stop me because I will never see results if I give up..I will keep running even if it feels like walking..

I truly believe that creating healthy habits in our life bring positive change..