Wednesday, August 28, 2013

He has arrived

He has arrived
Hello and guess what..My brand new baby boy is one week old. He arrived last tuesday right on time. Everything turned out better than I could have imagined. I was really scared to give birth but it turned out fine. I am completely over the moon in love with the new addition to our family. This little guy Jack is such a good baby and I cant stop looking at him. He is sleeping through the night but then again he is sleeping all day. I feel so incredibly blessed. I love being a mom and I always new I was going to have  4 kids and that my fourth would be a boy. I have been waiting for the little guy and now he is here..
I gave him the name
Jack P. Roberts
8 pounds 4 ounces
21 inches long
So far the first week with him has been beautiful. The 50 pounds I gained and all the great things that come with pregnancy were worth it..I will be sharing more pictures soon..

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

She fills me

Hello and Good Morning. I am sitting in my sisters room just her and I hanging out. I have always loved being in her presence . She is such a blessing to my life. She represents everything that is pure and good to me. So very early this morning I came into her room and she was awake so I just sat with her and held her hand. I will be heading to the hospital in about two hours and at 1pm I have a scheduled C section so I will get to meet my new little boy. I have been really happy to see how excited my children are about having a baby brother. My daughter Paola has been so good and Isabella and Christopher could not be more excited. Its crazy to think that we as woman can make babies. Its a crazy miracle. I feel that everything will go well and that soon I will be sharing pictures of my baby. Sitting here with my sister  makes everything better. As I sit here I feel like crying and I am not sure why. I feel so grateful to be able to stay here at my moms while I recover. I feel so loved by my other siblings. I know my best friend is thinking about me today. My heart needed to feel settled this morning. I feel it is now. Have a great day and I will share more pictures soon.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Night Walk

Tonight I went on a walk with my little family. My body felt like saying no but my brain was saying yes. I felt like I needed to go outside for a walk all day today. As we walked during sunset I was reminded of why I love going outside so much. Going outdoors is such a good thing. I feel so much better happier and I laughed a-lot. It was a challenge walking a couple miles but hey I did it and I am so glad I did.. Have you been outside lately. Its a amazing what a short walk can do for the spirit...

Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Night Pictures with thoughts

I am so excited to be able to wear these as soon as my feet are no longer swollen. 

I love this hair style on Bella.

Starting next week no more pizza for a while.

Looking forward to being able to work on my projects with out my hands hurting.

Yeah for vitamin C..

Soda for me Coffee for Miss P

I love my beautiful Miss P.
As I sit here taking it easy but feeling very emotional. I know that very soon everything will change as a new little person enters my life. I hope everything goes well. Its crazy to think that today he is in my tummy but soon he will be in my arms. I hope to be able to start doing a picture a week of my kids. I am looking forward to moving in two weeks and working on his nursery. So much to look forward too.. This is one of those times that I am actually looking forward to change..
after all
change is good.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

6 days to go

Good Evening and how are you?? I am really nervous and excited to be so close to my due date. I am having a C section so it for sure going to happen on Tuesday unless something happens this weekend. I wonder what this little baby is going to look like. I am excited to see his little feet. I am also really excited to move on to the next chapter..Having this little baby in my arms ..I am also looking forward being able to sleep. Sleeping has been very hard lately. It just hurts to sleep but I know its all worth it. I will keep you posted....

Bella makes Art

My girlfriend just turned 40. That's a big deal . Happy Birthday Jenn . I asked Bella what she wanted to give Jenny for her birthday and she said mama I would like to make her a painting. I love that she calls me mama but what I love the most about my daughter is how much she loves to make art . Its so fun to watch how fast she does it. I think its because she is not afraid to mess up. She knows she is a wonderful artist and it shows. I hope I am always feed her love for art. My friend Jenny has two cats so Bella painted two cats for her. 

This is a proud mom showing off her daughters art. Have a wonderful day..

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bobble and Color

I went on a retreat a couple years ago. It took place on the coast of Oregon and it was pure magic. Be present retreats.  If I could I would go every year but I feel blessed that I was there when I was. I met a wonderful lady with a great personality while I was there..Her name is Kelly and she is an artist. She is also a writer and she makes beautiful jewelry. I bought myself a bauble bracelet from her Etsy shop last week. Its bright and happy and I love it. I hope to add a necklace soon :) ..Go check out her cute shop and if you need some color in your life this bracelet is the way to go...

Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Drawings and stuff

Morning and happy Monday. How was your weekend?
I had a weekend that was full of surprises ..I had a surprise baby shower how cool is that.. My sister and mom put it together. It was really sweet. I am so weirded out about sharing the pictures because I am so big and my double chin is just not convincing me. The being pregnant thing is just not my thing. I am really excited about having baby Jack but the whole body transformation thing is just not for me. Its hard to see myself in the mirror right now and maybe that sounds weird but I am being honest. I know its only temporary but the simple things are difficult. Bending down, walking quickly , getting in and out of the car. All simple things but soon I will be holding my new boy and I won't care about any of this stuff ... I know..
 On to other more positive things.. 

I singed up for a new class..Go here
Its fun and its making time go by quickly.. I have to tell you that Art is healing . I just have so much playing with my art supplies..

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Scrapbooking bits

I have been working on getting my favorite instagram pictures in a cute album. For this project I chose an 8 by 10 scenic route album to help me keep it simple. I had my pictures developed like cute polaroids..and now its all up to me to get them in an album.

Most of the paper I used is from the Amy Tangerine line.

I have to tell you that what I love about taking pictures with my IPhone is that I seem to capture sweet moments like this one.. My phone is quieter than the radio so when I take a picture half the time they don't know because the radio is almost always on.

I dont know how much Christopher would like this layout.
I can hear him saying mom.. but I love it.. Hope you found some time to be crafty...

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Life is Good...

Hi Guys, How was your weekend. Its already August 6th. Time goes by quickly regardless of if your having fun or not. I went to a crop this weekend and I am eager to show you my layouts but I have not had the energy to take pictures of them :(
I have about two weeks to go before I give birth and I am so ready to have him. Today was a tough day I felt really emotional and sad and I think that's just the way it is. Some days are good and some are just yucky but what I know 100 % is that life is good. It just is. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday Night Paints.

Hello Saturday Night.
Here I am sitting on the couch on a Saturday night. My feet are swollen and with 16 to go before I have this baby boy I am right where I need to be. I did get out just for a couple hours tonight. I went to Charity Wings Art Center and took a painting class.  It took all of my super power to get there because I was so tired but I am glad I got out of the house and it was fun. 
I dont think I ever would of tried to paint a wave but its good to try different things right ? Thanks for stopping by and I am going to sleep now...or at least try to sleep.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Red Hat time

Hello ..and Happy August
Good morning peeps. I am happily painting along in the early morning hours as my not so little ones but little to me sleep. I am still on Lesson 2 of Taschas class. This is my girl with the red hat from the class. If you have been reading this past week the class is inspired by Modigliani . I watched the movie of his life this weekend . They have the entire movie on you tube but before you go jump on over there let me share with you its so sad. I cried . He was an amazing painter with a very tragic life. I am really glad that I was introduced to his art. I went to the book store yesterday to see if I could find a book about him or his art but there was nothing there. Amazon here I come.