Tuesday, July 31, 2012

22 miles in pictures.

Sunday was my long run day(22.5 miles).  As part of my training and in preparation for my short and long term goals I had to do it.  By completing the run strongly I was able to build my confidence and quantify that my training is progressing in the right direction. I think training is like building a house, every run is like laying the foundation but a long run is like putting up a whole wall.  My hope is that by the time I get to my 50k ( Sept 22nd) my house will be built.  I believe that if you put in the work you can achieve your goals.  It is important to set yourself up for success.   In my book long runs require planning.  You have to buy goo and the right foods to eat along the way.  Then there is your liquids.  Personally, I use a camel back so that I do not have to carry a water bottle.  Water bottles can be annoying after an hour or so. God forbid you forget your music and don't forget to charge your iPhone. You also have to glide up.  After checking your list you are ready to go...  I turn on my GPS walk out my front door and I am off.  I would do this on a trail but I am afraid I will get lost.  I like running where there is traffic and people, I feel safer.  By the way any running done by my house is going to include lots of hills.  I ran from my house to the beach and along the way I saw lots of pretty sights.  Being a runographer (copyright pending) I took lots of pictures along the way.  It helps me pass the time.  My dad and couple from my Ragnar group met me with about 12 miles to go and paced me the rest of the way...  I love the picture that I took of my dad from Sunday(he is so cool).  He is so great for meeting me I like having a running companion.  The great news was I didn't have a tired moment.  I felt good and happy the whole way.  My girlfriends on Instagram sent me messages of encouragement which always makes me smile, I really do love running.  The other thing I started doing recently is taking an Epson salt baths after my runs.   It is so great for sore muscles... Thank you Charleen for that great tid bit of advice.  Well folks that's my long running story.  Have a great day.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sublime Live

This weekend started out the way I way I want every weekend to start, Live Music.  I had heard a couple months ago that Sublime w/ Rome and Cypress Hill were coming to Chula Vista's Cricket Wireless Amphitheater.  Paola and I love Sublime. I remember running my first marathon and listening to them on my Walkman(remember those). We went to the venue and Jockeyed to purchase our tickets.  I thought to myself I hope it's not sold out thankfully it was not.  We had a-lot fun... knowing there are some groups that Paola and I both love helps me feel young.  These bands do bring together lots of crazy happenings.  I danced and I know Paola was thinking "Oh my Gosh how embarrassing my mom is dancing." The good thing is she knows if there is live music my booty is shanking. Paola looked really cute and I felt very much like a mom. ( I like that).  Saturday morning came quick and I had to wake up super early to drive to my Saturday  run.  Unfortunately, I didn't make it.  I guess I had to much fun the night before.   I allowed myself to sleep in and when I woke up I went for a shorter 10 mile run.  When I get home tonight I will post some pictures from Sunday and let you in on how making a dress is way harder than I thought. 
I leave you with an Extremely cool Sublime video. I know they are not for everyone but they make me want to run faster and dance more.  And that works for me...


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pretty things that make me smile

I am a girl that is choosing everyday to do her best to be happy.
What are you choosing ?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hi Summer....

Hi, How is your summer going???  I had my kids this weekend and my life is always better when they are with me...  We had a really good weekend.  Sadly, I did not get around to making the dress I keep dreaming about but I will...  I did buy a cute dress at forever 21 and the colors just make me smile.  Early Sunday morning I got my 20 mile run out of the way and I felt great.  My kids and I decorated my girlfriend's front door because her husband  completed a really hard 50 mile race.  That was fun it felt like adult toilet papering but in an good way.  After that we headed to an Asian diner for dinner.  My son is now open to trying anything I order and its fascinating to see him discover new foods.  I am so proud of my little man.  this is my thought process when ordering...  I think about what I would love to see him eat then I order.  I love eating out with my kids because they love food and I never feel like I've wasted my money.  For years my son would only eat penut butter and jelly sandwiches, so don't fret if your kids are that way.  They will grow out of it someday... My son is 11 and he's always hungry and excited to try new things.  I am still waiting for my 9 year old daughter to make the transition.  Despite the fact that she loves to eat she is not as adventurous as my son.  Sunday night was game night and we played Sorry... I always feel badly sending my kids back to the start.  I wish I didn't have too but it's part of the game.  The pictures above were taken by all of us...  I love asking them to be little photographers. Who knows maybe they will like taking pictures as much as I do.  Maybe they will make a carrier of it.  It serves a dual purpose as it is also a very sneaky way of getting pictures of my kids... I hope you all had a great weekend...

Friday, July 20, 2012

Eat and Run by Scott Jurek

I just finished this book..It was a really great read and super inspirational. I think you will love it.. It's a really good story about a normal man with an abnormal amount of passion and strength . It's a story about never giving up on yourself. It's a story about how life is hard but we must keep going. It's a real story about enduring all that life has to offer and kicking ass in the process..All my friends need to read this book...I highly recommend it. Good night as I have to be up at 5:30 to go run :)

Checking In..

Hi...Friends, I thought I would check in and talk a little bit about what's going on in my life (besides running).  I have good news to share as of 3 days ago I am legally divorced!!! Yeah Me!!!  It took me more than 3 years but I finally got the SOB to sign the papers.  It wasn't easy in fact it has been a very emotional, gut wrenching journey.  They say if we are not growing we are dying and I definitely think I have grown as a woman over the last three years.  I also feel that good things are ahead of me.  My X-hole believes if he doesn't sign the divorce papers he doesn't have pay child support... As frustrating as this has been I hope to get him to do what he is legally obligated to do, pay family support.  Like most women the only reason I stayed in an abusive relationship was because I didn't know how I would be able to support myself and my three kids.  Ultimately, I did not believe in myself.  Guess what I did it! I am not living large by any means but I am happy. I provide for my children, despite the fact that X-hole hasn't paid me family support since December.  I pay my kids medical insurance because he does not.  I live in a cute house, I work, I am a loving mother to my kids and I think that having less has made me much more creative!!!  I am always trying to come up with ways to have fun with my children.

I believe in living in the moment.  I love my life and I am working hard on having peace with my past.  The demons that follow me where ever I go. There is a Zen saying I really like: “Wherever you go, there you are”.  It took me some time to finally understand its meaning, but maybe before I had not been ready to embrace the concept. Now I’m ready and my translation is: “Enjoy the process”.  You can't run away from your past. I love myself and if I have learned anything it's that self encouragement is huge.  I practice the art of talking pretty to myself. If you don't, you should try it, because it works...  Next week I will share some of the paintings I have been working on. They remind me of my sister.  I hope to put them all on my Etsy shop next week..

Ohh... One more thing I have been thinking about making a dress a lot lately... I think I am going to make that dream a reality this weekend... You know one of those A-line cream colored dresses... I have been feeling the need to sew.  I know this post is all over the place but my head is all over the place. So there you have it.

"My words reflect my thoughts: My thoughts reflect my beliefs: and my beliefs run my life."

Thursday, July 19, 2012



I was on flickr organizing my pictures today.  While on there I started looking for running groups and came upon a new word I had never heard before...


I looked it up online and its not a real word however, I like this word a lot.  In fact I am going to incorporate this word into my vocabulary.  Furthermore I have decided I am a Runographer. A runner who takes pictures. 

Photographer + Runner = ME

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tijuana Half Marathon

The Tijuana Half marathon was perfect. I first heard about the half marathon from an acquaintance at my Monday night run. I tried to find information online but there was nothing posted.  After several emails and a couple of calls I was able to find someone who gave me the email of the event coordinator. The director of the event gave me all the information I needed to sign my dad and I up for the race.  Upon signing up I had to set up a meeting to pay the entrance fee and pick up our bibs.  So get this... as soon as we see the guy my dad says "I know him, I read about him in the news paper..."  The guys name is Hector la Flecha and he was recently written up in the San Diego Union Tribune.  He has competed in and  won several marathons and half marathons that my dad and I have raced in. For example:
The A.F.C
San Diegito
The La Jolla 
and he recently won the masters at the 
San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon
The guy is so Cool..
So here we are totally excited, I felt like we met a movie star.

As you know I ran a 1/2 marathon on Saturday in Julian, CA so,  after a long nap, I drove to my dads. We had to be up at 4AM and at the border by 5:00. From there we took a bus across to the Starting line and by 6:30am we where running.  I am not sure if you know this but I was born in Tijuana Mexico.  I was running on the streets my mom and I used to walk when I was little girl.  I also ran by the apartment I lived in with my late Husband. The though of him made me sad but at the same time I talked to Roger (my late husband) and knew he was watching over me and cheering me on.  I could hear him saying... "Hey skinny what are you doing?" and just shaking his head.  It was not an easy run and I say that because I was tight and my legs were tired from the day before.  It was also hazy, hot and humid...  Despite the fact a ran a grueling race the day before I finished a respectable 2:03.  I was happy with that. They did a really nice job putting this race together. The streets were so clean and they prepared really well for this race.  I also saw lots of people from all over the world.. Tons of Kenyans, people from Colorado, Canada, Oregon and even Florida. They awarded lots of prize money and big prizes brings out big crowds.  Their award ceremony was so cool... One participant even won a new car.  In case you can't tell my dad and I had a great Weekend...

Til next time,

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cuyamaca Three Peaks Half Marathon

My race review. I was actually scared and nervous to do this race. I think it's my lack of trail running experience that led to my fears.  The first thing I noticed was how few runners were in attendance.  There were only about 80 people running and I was one of them, how cool is that?  The scenery was beautiful and the weather was crisp, perfect race conditions.  There was a woodsy smell in the air due to a recent rain.  The course was made up of a single trail, along with a steady climb up Stonewall Peak and then came a very taxing downhill jaunt.  I felt great, I was never tired or hot, it was the perfect day for a run.  There was a water station half way, and a very nice lady filled my water bottles, and I was off.  At one point I was running alone and I was listening to Regina Spektor, I felt like a fairy in woods... so free and happy.  I love being outside and running through the woods.  I recently I stopped wearing my running watch so every time I asked someone "do you know what mile we are at?" I was pleasantly surprised when the told me "you are at mile 6, 8 and 12."  Not only did I love it but I did really well!!!  I was happy with my time but I was happier with the fact that I never got tired.  I had so much fun. I like this trail running thing a-lot.  It feels spiritual to me in so many ways...  As crazy as this may sound I have to get some sleep because my dad and I are running the Tijuana half at 7am.  Stay tuned and I'll tell you all about it..

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Running Story

Here I am running during the San Diego Half and yes I am happy.
Can you tell? I just saw a good friend who happen to snap this picture.  It is funny to me that running makes me so happy despite the fact that I have to consistently work at it.  No different than relationships or a job...  I am far from being a great runner.  Although I did finnish 17th in my class on July 4th, Yeah ME!!! I love the social aspect of running as well.  Whenever I attend a race or a group run, I am very friendly.  Always sure to extend a warm hello or good luck wish to all I see or meet.  I don't feel I am a competitive person.  Well with the exception of my dad. Even then I am not upset if, on the rare occasion, he should happen to beat me... I am congratulatory and tell him he ran a good race, you beat me...  Last week I was at a race, with my dad, and I saw a lady I know.  She proceeded to tell me that we are running in some of the same race.  One in particular is only a couple weeks away.  I was like great I look forward to seeing you there.  She went on to say "Gloria I ran that race last year and I won it."  I was excited for her and congratulated her on the victory.  She then stated how hard the race was and and due to the heat lots of people dropped out.  I politely listened but in the bak of my mind I was thinking... Lady are you trying to psyche me out?  Trust me I am not trying to win the race I just want to finish and have fun.  I am attending the event because I love this sport and hello the cool medal...but I didn't say that instead I nodded and told her OK I'll see you in two weeks and I walked away... So here is what I learned from that interaction...
Negative yucky people suck!!!
Winning a race has never entered my mind.  I am a participant of running races, I am amazed at what the human body can do and always think, wow that person won...  I often ask the winners if I can take my picture with them... Yes, I am that girl... Believe me everything that woman said stayed with me... She intimidated me and t worked.  I have been thinking holy cow can I run this race? Will I  able to finish it? Will it be to hard for me? It's so dumb on my part. It's a half marathon... I have run lots of 1/2's.  I can do this.  I can run this race.  She is dumping on my to make herself feel better, that is seriously messed up...   The sad part is she was feeding my own self doudt and insecurities.. Next thing I know...ahhhhh..its alive!!!!
I learned so much from this interaction.. I learned that I would never psyche another person out.. Build up don't break down... This includes telling myself good things.. Killing the insecurity monster with in...  Let me leave you with this thought...  be nice to one another.  Everybody is fighting their own battle there is no need to pile on... I want people I know to be happy and do well. I am a lover not a fighter.
P.s. To her I say!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Simple Days

All life connects. Nothing happens that is meaningless.
-Kobi Yamada

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hey Summer..

Hi guys, Now that summer is here I will most likely not blog as much just because I don't have to many things to share. It feels a bit slower over here and my kids are hanging out with me all day.
We have made it a priority to take as many trips to the beach as possible but mostly in the afternoons. (after work) I love watching the sunset and grabbing bean burritos.  We just walk around with no plans other than being together. I have convinced myself that after 5 pm the day is mine. My only obligation after 5 is to my kids..I love that.

The other thing I love to do is to send mail. My friend Jen is doing this great project that has to do with mail love...Check it out here.
Love Notes

There is a lot of running taking place here. I love running. I love running with my dad. I love running with my friends early weekend mornings. I know that what I get from it is what I put into it and that works for me.

Summer time is also pedicure time..I love getting my nails done.

OK, so last week my dad and I ran the fourth of July Independence day run and I had my fastest 15k ever..I was super excited because I did it. I came in 17 out of 80 girls my age.. That makes me want to work harder and run more. 

Then when I get a little time I paint while my sister takes naps.
My friend Elena met me at the beach the other day.. Our plan was  to just hang out and do nothing. We hung out until 9 pm and laughed and tried to get a heart picture and we talked and talked.. I think summers are supposed to have special non planned evenings.

This summer is feeling slow so far.. I love that. The priorities in my life are Loving all that I do. 

I am making the best of my life.  Loving each day and doing my best to be present in all that I do. Its not always easy but If you just keep going forward, putting one foot in front of the other somehow eventually things work out .. Here are a couple pictures of my life lately.. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mom + Kids + Running = Fun

You'll all be pleased to know that I have kept up my training.  Monday and Tuesday are typically my days off.  There is a fun run on Monday nights that takes place about 30 minutes from my house.  It has now become our family fun run night.  Now you should know my kids are not runners and they don't consider the run to be fun.  So I have been trying to make it fun for them and I think it's working. Yeah Me!!!  I helped them both pick out special clothes that are just for running.  Isabella has decided to barrow all my pink stuff.   Second thing I had to do was make sure they knew where we are starting and where the finish line is. I think they get that from me.  I like to know what's going on so I try not to surprise them during the run.  I try not to push them to hard because I want them to embrace running.  The third thing I do is I get really excited about going out with the group.   I always take the time to introduce them to the people we are running with.  It's so cool to me, when the owner of the store we meet at says "Hi King family, thanks for showing up."  I also like hearing "That a girl Bella" from one of the ladies who thinks Bella is such a cute runner.  The most important part about the fun run to my kids is... Where we eat after the run... So I tell them if you jog, limit your walking and most importantly don't whine... We will go out after our run... Guess what it works...
This week we went to SUBWAY.
It's simple but my kids love eating at Subway.  It's a treat for them to go out to dinner. All this stuff works and now they are excited about running on Monday nights. I need to say this for them. Like I said I don't push them, we jog about 2 miles in 40 minutes..maybe 2.5 miles.  I make sure they are having a good time.  No sad faces here.
Christopher said to me that this is our new family tradition... I guess the lesson for me is this... If I make it fun and respect their limits we can have family fun run night.. It's not the distance it's just being together... "Quality Time"

If you ever want to get your kids outside more, go with them.  Kids just want to be close with their parents...

Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Pretties

The last couple of weeks I have been slowly working on turning my inner volume down.  I am doing this in an effort to hear what's going on around me.  I have been taken walks by myself, with out any musical distractions and I just listen.  Last week I  took my kids to the beach.  We all took our journals and I asked them to take a couple of minutes and just write.  It was so cool to be sitting there, with my kids, doing something we love.  The more aware I am of how good my life is the sweeter my days become. 
Worry less live more.
Have a happy monday