Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Friday to you !!!!

I know I have seen this floating around many blogs but its precious so if you have not seen it before check it out ...... its so real.
So when I sit and really listen to her message I agree 100%.. I love being alone or should I say with myself. I am sure that's a huge reason why I love to run ..It's all about me. I think it would be kinda cool to take yourself out on a date alone. I know I hated going to restaurants alone before.. I would think Oh my gosh what will the person next to me think.. Now, I don't care. I believe learning to really be alone could be kinda scary.. That would mean put the I phone away. Maybe I will try this whole Idea soon. It sounds like fun..
I hope you have a blessed and amazing weekend..

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

14 Things I am grateful for ...

The first thing that I am grateful for this week is the fact that I actually got my butt out of bed early and went for a run this morning..
I am grateful for warm weather that helps you feel motivated enough to go outside and move.
I am grateful for the color pink...
Pink Flowers make me feel sweet.
Pink nail polish makes me feel girly .
Pink dresses make me feel fun.
Pink *Pink*Pink*
I am so grateful for you.

I am grateful for little owls * big owls* Owl piggy banks * Blue owls* Owl candles
They touch my heart and make it go ahhwww
I am grateful for weekends that stay with you way longer than two days.
I am grateful that Soy Lattes at 140 degrees ..This way I don't have to wait forever to drink it..
I am grateful for sweet moments when someone tells you for no reason that they Love you.
I am grateful for birds that sing there heart out .
I am grateful for cold beer.. Specially a nice cold Hefeweizen with a lemon please.
Did you know that "Hefe" means yeast and "Weizen" means wheat so Hefeweizen is
"yeast wheat"
I am grateful that we have choices.. We can choose to be Happy* Sad* Excited*
I am grateful for those nights when you sleep straight through until morning.
I am grateful that I am healthy.. ( because being sick kinda stinks)
I am grateful for honey nut Cheerios. You cant go wrong there.
I am very grateful for baby lotion.. Because sometimes when I feel like man I want another baby.. Baby lotion on my hands takes care of that .
Have a wonderful day..

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Un-expected fun

Yesterday evening I joined the local monday night run witch I tend to do maybe twice a month. As my dad and I were walking up the store owner asked us if we wanted to take part in the local scavenger hunt. I said yes... right away with out asking my dad just in case he thought about saying no. So the owner tell us we need a group of three people. Hmmm
I looked at my dad and said wait let me see if I can find someone...
and I did... So now we have a team of three its a six mile run and next thing they are handing us a list of what we need...
Spring Scavenger Hunt
****All pictures should include teammates****

Pic of swamis sign
pic of giant Tiki
Pic oat the kook
Pic of blue cars
Pic of your team and stranger forming a cheerleader pyramid
Pic of your team and a random surfer
Pic with park ranger
Business card or menu from Bull taco
Vigi's Old fashioned Chocolate covered doughnut
Pic of a house with the number 8
Pic of each lettered street in Encinitas
Picture with a lifeguard
Pic with a classic car
Un broken Sea shell
Pic of surf breaks with letters S or B as the first letter in the name

So of we go.. now I don't ever run with my phone because its so big so I left mine in the car and the new friend I made who was now a part of our team... Her name was Marina had her I phone with her... Yeah...
So we ran all over from taco shops to the beach to find an UN broken sea shell. That took us a long time. Then finding a life guard was tough too.. Its 5:45 pm after all.. So we finally found a tower climbed three flights of steps and found a lifeguard ..
We all asked him with lots of excitement hey Mr. Life guard can we get a picture with you...Its a scavenger hunt.... He said yes...
We ran back a couple miles and turned in our pictures and we were so excited... We told each other how great we did.
We got our score 95 points. That sounds good !!!
Then they give out prizes...
OK, we are giving four sets of prizes..
First last place...
with 95 points the Blue team..
That's us... really last place ..Oh well!!!
We won... and we jumped with much excitement for not everyone can come in last place.
Only one team has that honor...
That's us....
We got a really cool water bottle but the cool thing is that I made a new friend..
I am so glad my dad with a little nudge from me became a yes guy....
and we had a great run.
Happy Tuesday to you

Friday, April 22, 2011

I am dreaming over here

OK, well here we go.. I am so dreaming over here..
I am turning 39 soon .. so I have started the things I intend to experience before I turn 40..
This is on my list
to experience Coachella...
Does this not look so fun. Here goes my day dream..
I am at Coachella with my scarf sisters in our cute bohemian dresses listening to this song, dancing and singing...
ahhh so fun so great.. Lets all go next year ok..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

13. things I am grateful for.

Happy Morning,
I am going to do my 13 things I am grateful for...
Maybe you can tell me what they all have in common.
1. I am grateful for air freshener that makes your car smell good even when its a mess inside.
2. I am grateful for Mr. Coffee maker. Love it !!!
3. I am grateful for face Cream that makes you feel instantly softer.
4. I am grateful for lunches made the night before. Does not happen often but makes a huge difference like this morning.
5. I am grateful for Blankets that keep you warm on the couch and must make you look inviting because next thing you know all my kids want to be under it too.
6. I am grateful for extension cords that make it so you can sit anywhere and have your computer on your lap.
7. I am grateful for Happy Easter pictures that cover my fridge. I even love the tape on the corners..
8. I am grateful for Pandora because music makes me happy.
9. I am grateful for Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches they always comfort anyones hungry tummy in my house.
10. I am grateful for Hallmark because of them I send out lots of cards.
11.I am grateful for Calendars because I love looking forward to dates.
12.I am grateful for pre made mixes.( they make me feel like I can bake)
13.I am grateful for sweaters that keep us warm and are soft to the touch.
So what are you grateful for today?
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Be yourself ; everyone else is already taken. Oscar Wilde

Figuring out who you are is the whole point of the human experience. Anna Quindlen

I have not failed .I have found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison

You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm. Collette

Just keep going. Everybody gets better if they just keep at it. Red Sox Legend... Ted Williams

I believe it a good thing to remind ourselves that even if we mess up. Say the wrong thing . Do it wrong or forget to do it, really in the big picture .... its all OK.
We are all here to learn from each other. To open ourselves up to what may come. That means taking chances. You know how each of us is amazing. You know right like you are an amazing human being and God loves you and your are beautiful just because you are a part of something bigger. So lets not stop trying, Lets tell ourselves nice things. Let your self talk be powerful and hey even if you don't believe it today that's OK ..Tell your self anyway..I am smart ..I am beautiful inside and out and I am loved.. Why..just because you are the best you EVER....
and don't let anyone tell you different ..

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dreaming over here

Do you let your thoughts just go...
Do you let yourself have moments were you just dream.... I am very grateful for what I have and sometimes when I want to dream I feel a bit guilty. My mind wanders to that place that says G love what you have. Be present. Well, yesterday as I am lying in bed with both my kiddos I just dreamt. I let mind go to that place that made feel relaxed and content. Want to know where I went...
Ok...I saw myself driving to great hiking trails in my RV. The windows are open and I have my camera in hand. I am not driving , I think I was going to Alaska or maybe Yosemite. There was an adventure to come. The air was warm and maybe I was going to race along the way. Thats what I want in my future. A small R.V. painting supplies I can play with along the way. A video camera so I can make cute videos and send them to my kids because in my dream I am at least 10 years older witch makes my kids all over 18. I send them video post cards.. Then we drive and read and eat at local dinners. Tell each other the same stories. Then we arrive to out location and we explore..I want to explore and hike and watch magical sunsets. That's were my dreams take me.
I can also hear this song in the back round of my dreams.... So I will not feel guilty when my heart wants to dream. No Sir.. I will just go with it and see where my heart takes me. I am so happy to be feeling better. I am so happy not to have any pain. My back still hurts but I am sure that will pass. I am just content and dreaming over here in my little corner of the world. Do your dreams take you to magical places ?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

13 things I am grateful for ...

1. I am grateful to be able to feel the sun shinning on my back.
2. I am grateful for my I phone.. keeps me feeling connected
3. I am grateful that Spring is here
4. I am grateful that I get my kids tomorrow.
5. I am grateful that I have my own car and I can go anywhere I want in it.
6. I am grateful for sadness because then happiness feels so much yummier
7. I am grateful that God never leaves my side.
8. I am grateful that I do not hurt anywhere.
9.I am grateful that at this moment I want to cry because I feel so lucky to have my peeps who love me...
10. I am grateful that I had my nails painted pink 2 weeks ago..still makes me smile
11. I am grateful that I love oranges
12. I am grateful for all the moments when I stand in the middle of the street and look both ways to feel the world turning around me.
13. I am grateful to have a blog where I can just be me and beautiful people visit me. Thank you

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I am feeling better now...

So, Yes its been a while since my last post and I am still sitting here thinking about what happened.I was going along my life witch is mostly about these kids and myself but guess what I got sick.. I don't really get sick. I always thought about how grateful I was that I was healthy. Specially because I have a little sister that's been really sick most of her life , I think about it. I also had a husband die at age 28. So I know I am usually a grateful healthy girl.
Well, last Sunday I started feeling weird. I felt like I was getting sick but I still did what I had to do . I got it done and then got home went right to sleep and went to work Monday morning. I felt sick at work maybe cried a little bit but I got over it and then finished my day. I got home and then I knew there was only one thing I wanted...My mom , sounds weird but I just knew I was sick..I had a high fever ,I had the shakes and I had this head ache that I think of as a hangover on crack head ache. It was so painful and horrible.. My mom soon came after hearing my voice and next thing I know we are on our way to the emergency room.
My mom gets me situated and they give me strong medication for my headache and gave me a shot for my fever and told me well, it could be spinal meningitis but we don't know take these pain meds go home and if you continue to feel bad come back. So ,I do that...
next comes Tues ( i feel bad) ,Wed ( I feel worse) ,Thurs ( I cant function i am in so much pain), and so every day I had been feeling worse and by Friday I was done...
So, Friday I go back to the Emergency Room and end up staying the weekend at the Hospital. I was scared and it was very painful. I am hopeful they are treating what I had because I am feeling better even though I am exhausted. I hated being in the hospital and I was not a Happy all...during that visit. The nurses were very nice to me .. but I hated the pain.
So that's were I was ..kinda sucks hu !!!!!!
Now , I am feeling better and I am sleeping a-lot. I am seriously tired. My kids are with there dad and I am with my dad. I am really happy and really excited to start feeling like myself again. I did learn a-lot about myself while being sick. I will share it later once I have sat with it and I fully understand it.
For now..Thank you to all of you who were there for me..You know who you are..I am very grateful. I will also be sharing later what changes I will be making in my life due to getting sick. I am very happy to be healthier but I feel shook up inside due to what happened. I am still scared I will get sick again. I am sure that will pass. I think maybe I will try Yoga..
That's all for now I will be back soon...

Monday, April 4, 2011

So I have been thinking...

I have to tell you that I have officially started running again...
I took some time off with out really wanting too..
but just because I guess It did not sound like a-lot of fun.
My dad is was injured and well that was a great excuse for me to not run.
I think I was a little lazy and yes trying to be a single mom ,work and then add running
I was not having it....
I was reading one of my girlfriends blogs and she asked the question ...
How do you get yourself to do something you know is good for you but you just don't want to do ?
My answer is this... Things that are hard for us to do usually require work.
They usually require a change in habits and will power..
Lots of just do it will power..
So for me what works is getting others involved . Asking a friend to meet me for a run. Having my dad come over after work and say OK ..I am here go run ..Now !!!!
Joining groups of people who do what you like...
watching movies that are about what your passionate about...
surrounding your self with positive energy that has to do with what you want to change.
I ran a couple days last week but it was enough to jump start my sleepy running G.
Its not easy, sometimes I get out there and just sit in my car telling myself just go ten minutes then you can stop...Well, After ten minutes I am not about to stop....
Yes little mind tricks...
So I expect to start babbling about running again and how much I love it...

"Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them." -Albert Einstein

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pictures from our Palm Springs Trip

“He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.” –Proverb