Saturday, November 14, 2009

A-lot to say..on this Sunday...

I have a-lot to share...My life feels like its a little bit on fast forward...I am running from grocery store to my kids classes to who knows what...I hope to slow down next week...and just chill...Okay ,well I painted my gourds and all I have to say is Thank You Kelly-Rea for all your inspirational talent you've shared with so many of us, I am very grateful to you...I feel that through Kelly-Rea's book and her blog I am not as afraid of the white canvas. I am okay with messing up and starting over or not. I believe she opened the door inside of me that said Hey Gloria, just let it be whatever it may be...That is good enough...You are good enough..
Its really hard to for me to believe that all the time but the fact that I have started trusting myself with it sometimes is very cool..I think in those moments when I have artistic balls I really try to tell myself okay Gloria what does this feel remember this feeling because its what you want ..You know be there present when I feel it..Artistic Balls are those moments when I let myself flow in whatever medium I chose and I don't judge what I am doing ..I let myself flow..After all its not a contest , its not going to be judged its just something that made me happy to create at the time..
Do you love color...I love me some color...I love random colors that go or maybe don't go..I just like color ...I made some headbands and I am not done but I still wanted to share all this big color..
The last thing is tomorrow at 4am I will be getting ready to run with my dad ....13.1 miles
I haven't really trained because I am injured but I'm going to do it anyway...because I love it...I am already a little nervous but that's good.. OK..well good night and have a great Sunday....
and Ill post some race pictures tomorow...I am going for anything under 2 hours..

Yeah...reading this I know I am all over the place...but so many things get me so excited...I just love it all...good night.
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