Sunday, August 16, 2009

Americas Finest City had perfect weather...

I could not have asked for more perfect running weather than what we were blessed with this morning...I got all my stuff ready and was out the door 10 minutes late witch is on time for me.(I am working on that) so I was in a hurry and there was lots of traffic to get there because its Sold Out...but I make it and my dad is freaking out because he has been there waiting for me for about 30 minutes expecting to miss the bus because of me...I have never missed the bus that takes you to the starting line but come close way to often....( I am working on that too..) actually so close I am almost always on the last bus..
So even though I haven't started running my adventure has already started. I hand my dad his bib in the middle of the road because that's were he is waiting for me..He runs to the bus I go park and I run to the bus with about 4 other female runners who are also a little late...We make it and were off...about 6:50 we arrive and hit the Porta-potties ...The line was to long so we didn't get to use the bathroom..(not so good for later) So ,I decided that since my dad was given the opportunity to run this race by a really cool fast running Buddie I have who decided not to do the race but didn't mind giving my dad his bib to use that I was going to run with him the whole is something about running .It really does not care how old you are if you train properly you can get pretty fast...My dad is 60 and I am 37 and he can keep up with me just fine...Sometimes he smokes me...( i love that) He trains hard and it shows...So the gun goes of and we start...The first 7 mile were totally chill...We just kept our pace and ran together.Than I needed to use the potty. I kept thinking I must have to use it at some point so I stop tell him to just keep going both of us knowing that I probably wont see him again and my dad thinking I am going to beat her..ha ha..I stop and look in the bathroom and decide I cant use this thing ...not today I go on my way and have a xxx caffeine gel..It gives you energy for real and I have to catch to my dad so I go and yup the hills are next...I love hills when I run because I like working hard it just makes me feel good to run up the hill. I like hills...Mile 11 I see my friend who ran with me for a little bit and that totally just brightened up my day..Now I have like 1 mile to and no sign of my dad so I go all out for me ( i am not very fast, I just like this sport ) and then with 30 feet to go I see him running behind me. I passed him and he didn't like that so I got faster and he got faster and we both ran hard and we finished together held hands and cried...because at that exact moment we were both thinking how lucky we were to have each other and it was just good life stuff...To top it off the photographer got a picture...Hello how happy am I. All I can think about is our time was great 2hours and1 minute and we did it together and once again San Diego had perfect weather.not to hot..I am an average runner who trains and loves the sport and it has changed me. It helps me be imperfectly okay...and that's perfect..Have a great Monday
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