Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I am feeling better now...

So, Yes its been a while since my last post and I am still sitting here thinking about what happened.I was going along my life witch is mostly about these kids and myself but guess what I got sick.. I don't really get sick. I always thought about how grateful I was that I was healthy. Specially because I have a little sister that's been really sick most of her life , I think about it. I also had a husband die at age 28. So I know I am usually a grateful healthy girl.
Well, last Sunday I started feeling weird. I felt like I was getting sick but I still did what I had to do . I got it done and then got home went right to sleep and went to work Monday morning. I felt sick at work maybe cried a little bit but I got over it and then finished my day. I got home and then I knew there was only one thing I wanted...My mom , sounds weird but I just knew I was sick..I had a high fever ,I had the shakes and I had this head ache that I think of as a hangover on crack head ache. It was so painful and horrible.. My mom soon came after hearing my voice and next thing I know we are on our way to the emergency room.
My mom gets me situated and they give me strong medication for my headache and gave me a shot for my fever and told me well, it could be spinal meningitis but we don't know take these pain meds go home and if you continue to feel bad come back. So ,I do that...
next comes Tues ( i feel bad) ,Wed ( I feel worse) ,Thurs ( I cant function i am in so much pain), and so every day I had been feeling worse and by Friday I was done...
So, Friday I go back to the Emergency Room and end up staying the weekend at the Hospital. I was scared and it was very painful. I am hopeful they are treating what I had because I am feeling better even though I am exhausted. I hated being in the hospital and I was not a Happy all...during that visit. The nurses were very nice to me .. but I hated the pain.
So that's were I was ..kinda sucks hu !!!!!!
Now , I am feeling better and I am sleeping a-lot. I am seriously tired. My kids are with there dad and I am with my dad. I am really happy and really excited to start feeling like myself again. I did learn a-lot about myself while being sick. I will share it later once I have sat with it and I fully understand it.
For now..Thank you to all of you who were there for me..You know who you are..I am very grateful. I will also be sharing later what changes I will be making in my life due to getting sick. I am very happy to be healthier but I feel shook up inside due to what happened. I am still scared I will get sick again. I am sure that will pass. I think maybe I will try Yoga..
That's all for now I will be back soon...
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