Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Doing a little soul searching...

It seems like everyone is going through something right now...I am trying to get over something and I believe we had good days and we have bad days but we still should try to keep moving ...I try hard to look at the bright side and there is always a bright side...Honestly you just have to look for it..Yes it helps that on some occasions I wear my rose colored glasses but hey they work..Mine must be Ray Ban or something...I also look for inspiration everywhere...I try to only talk about how crappy I feel to one person....lucky person ????? I don't know ...I do think part of happiness come with the word try....Just keep trying and don't give up on yourself...We are all beautiful , we are all imperfect in some way or another but we are all also perfect in so many ways... Okay well I found this challenge blog and its cool..Its deep..Its called Point Blank Period...Well here is my take on there first challenge..
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