Friday, September 18, 2009

Clever Knits

I found this amazing super cute little store in Vista...I didn't actually find it a fellow scrapper at the Pink told me about it. She said there is a new store called Clever Knits they have beginning knitting classes...I found the store and I signed up for crochet 101...I know I should be learning to do one thing at a time.I just cant I want to learn to do it all..I know a little crazy but for some reason I feel like I am in some kind of hurry and I am eager to learn. The other thing that I am becoming aware of is that I get it. I understand how to knit I understand how to crochet...I don't understand Math or Algebra....but this stuff I get...I might not be very good but I don't care because I love doing it.
When I was little my Nina (actually my aunt Martha) I lived with her for a couple of years she is my uncle Mike wife...anyway she is very creative she made pottery and she made crochet doilies a-lot. Okay when I was bad or talked back...She would make me help her make little crochet flowers..I am sure that in my childhood I made at least 100 flowers...I think I always loved it. Sitting with her making something. I always wanted to do that with my little girl one day. I thought about how fun it would be to sit with my daughter and make little baby blankets or socks...whatever...I am so lucky because on Thursday night Paola and I got to do just that...We took the 101 class together...I can honestly say that one of my dreams came true...I always wanted to do just that knit or crochet with my little girl and I did...and she likes it and I am a happy mom...
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