Sunday, February 14, 2010

About the race..

I went to bed way to late on Saturday night and I had to be ready to go at 6:30 am. I am not really good about the nutrition thing so heres what being ready means for Gloria...COFFEE
I get up at 5:30 am and run downstairs and make some coffee..I stand there and just wait..You know eyes closed and telling myself this..
Really Gloria another half martahon..Hmm..I am tired..Hmm..I wanna sleep..I am going to be cold...COFFEE enters my body and then I tell myself this..
Get your Ipod ...lets do this...Shower and wake up and dance in the shower....I love COFFEE..
So there you go its 6 am and I am dancing in the shower and excited to run..excited to get another Medal...
My Dad comes to pick me up and we have more COFFEE ..yes this make 4 or 5 cups for me and way more tha that for my dad...but hey ,I feel great and my stomach is fine and my brain is ON..
We get in the car and drive to our to park..
this is our veiw ..not alot of parking going we parked at least 2 miles away from the starting line..according to me....
We park and hey I need a picture because according to me there wont be anyone to leave my camera I need to get them now...I don't run with my camera anymore so I don't have actual pictures from the race...but It was very hilly and the weather at 8am had to be in the 60s with lots of sunshine.( gotta love San Diego) OK... so I did it in 1:59 and that's fine ..I was happy with that...I thought about a couple things during my run..One FOOD ..yeah I was so hungry..and then I thought about how important it was to take it one day at a time. How important it is to take one step at a time while moving in a forward direction..I just need to enjoy my today..Honestly if I thought about were I would be in 5 years I would probably be wrong in my why do that to myself..Instead just be here today ..moving forward ..Its like my race today just keep going and sometimes your tired so you jog..Other times you see the water station ahead and all of you is so happy to walk take your time drink your water pull yourself back together again just to start running again...Life is like that ..I just need to take baby steps when I need to when I can...Jog when I am tired.. Stop when I hurt but I keep moving forward..In a race I need to finish ,I need to go though all the emotions but I don't ever give up on myself ..I just keep moving forward even if I had to walk the whole thing..that's the beauty of race doesn't matter how long it took you ..Honestly its whats in your heart that matters.. That you went out and did your best. .We need to show up for ourselves..thats it..
This is my friend Mike..He ran the race in 1:30...That is so good...
Yeah!!!!! and here he is my dad......Rolling his butt in the street..being super funny...
and the Breakfast of champions..A breakfast burrito and a diet Coke.....oh yeah ..And I will take yellow ribbon for my medal please.... ( I love running)
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