Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Lights

Last night my friend Cathy ,Isabella and I drove around San Diego County looking at all the Christmas tree lanes..Houses that have major holiday spirit...Wow, did we find lights..first of we went to a neighborhood that had a hot chocolate and cookie stand and just in case you don't want to walk they also afford carriage rides around the neighborhood..The lights are amazing and the amount of stuff people can fit on the lawn is even crazier..Our next stop was in Mission Hills..This house had 50 thousand light and they were synchronized to a local radio station..We even got to watch live singing during the show...Our last stop 30 min south of there was candy cane lane..3 blocks of major decorations...serious stuff...every tree within these three blocks was covered in foil with red ribbon and all the houses were strung together with lights...Then Miss Bella fell asleep in the back seat so We all had a good time..
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