Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Monday

My weekend was busy and full of lots of mom stuff. Friday I spent all day hanging out with my mom which was really neat since I had not really done that in a long time. You know how when your with your parents you get to feel like a kid ..I do Saturday I went a super duper fun bike ride ..We pretty much biked the bay..You start of in Chula Vista that's south San Diego and go to Coronado get on a boat go across to Downtown San Diego get some lunch and then go through National City back to Chula Vista. I all its a pretty long very scenic ride and bring along my dad and life was good...That night my grandmother that's 89 made dinner for my crew at my moms house and played the guitar and sang a couple songs for us..So special she is a really good .....Sunday was all about my kids we rode bikes and watched a movie ....Oh I finished painting Isabella's room pink and purple and my friend Cathy came over and we moved the furniture in there and it looks so cute..but this morning I woke up and yup..shes right next to me sleeping..That's OK..I hope your weekend was relaxing or enjoyable...mine was good ..
I did this layout of my dad and I at the Silver stand Half Marathon...I have to hurry to do those pages because I don't want to forget how I felt...If you think the socks look funny on me..I do too but they help so there you go..Did you make anything this weekend?
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