Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekend Time

yesterday was a skip day...whats that ? You know the kind of day that your just not feeling it..That was yesterday. Today will be much better as I am sitting here listening to my coffee brewing so I can have a cup head out the door and meet my peeps for out sat morning run..I am working on the cutest apron that just came to me out of no were..It started out as a computer cozy and last night ended up as an apron..weird hu!!!! ..but so stinking cute...I have also been thinking about the fact that I really need to give up sugar..I am addicted to it..I love it and I have way to much of it...I am thinking that my bad eating might have to do with how slouchy I feel...I have bad habits and I need to change if you know of a good book or a cleanse that's not going to be to hard..I would appreciate a comment..Have a great day and enjoy yourself...I am off like a stinky shoe...
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