Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mr. March

Oh...Dear Mr.March, I heard you were write around the corner. I am happy to welcome you the month of green beer ..I am looking forward to changing my perspective just for you..To make list of the great things coming my way this month..A great class to look forward too...My little girl turning 7..My great friend turning ? not sure but its gonna be Mel's birthday soon..An 18 drive to Boulder with my kids...( I love to drive, in my past life i was a truck driver) please don't tell anyone..My son starting a new program that Is going our change his lives. My oldest starting drivers ED..Oh..The new kit Carousel by the pink Ninjas.(yumminess) reading my girlfriends you girls who take the time to share your beautiful souls..I feel so lucky ..I am sitting here in my kitchen its 5:40 am and I was supposed to leave for Boulder right about now but I decided that today needs to be about me and my kiddos running around my house being silly Boulder will have to wait till tomorrow..I am on my third cup of coffee...I am going to start my day by joining my running group for our 11 mile run...(that's were the coffee comes in) and I have new songs on my Ipod ...Oh and yesterday My real mom rang the door bell and shes spend the night here and I so needed my red hair ,green eyed mom is here..( shes English, my dad was Mexican ) ..I will take some pictures and share...I do love that we look so much a like we are just different colors...
So, with that I am off to get my warm clothes on since I think I will be running in the rain this morning...and driving to some location that I will get lost getting too..( hope not ) but I might..Did I mention that my teenage daughter has been such a good girl this week...OK Mr. March I am ready for a wonderful month ....full of and running and being mommy.....bring it on..
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