Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Sweet Hearts...

I havent posted my hearts everyday but here they are...This one of coarse I made...but I love it..Thats my head in the middle ..

Here we go another Gloria made heart ...Ive had a weird week in my head..I can Honestly say that I haven't believed that I have been sad...I was lying to myself..I guess I have been..Yesterday, I drove around and just cried..My crying comes from deep inside I guess..either that or its just there...Are you loving my insight..I don't know what my deal is..I guess having my kids all the time and knowing they need there dad and having him live 18 hours away is sad. I guess knowing life as I knew it.. is gone now..I guess I am scared of the future and what it holds for us. I guess I miss being a wife,Yup. I am going through different levels of sadness and I am or have had a happy life and my heart is generally happy so I am letting myself be sad when it comes but am also letting it go and not hanging on to it...I feel like my being is living in a place were you never know what the weather is going to be some days I need an umbrella and some days I am wearing my cute sunglasses because its so sunny....hmmm..What to do....well I guess just accepting things the way they are..Loving the people around me...Loving my life with my 3 fun kids..I do understand that this is a process and I am in the middle...Which means I am moving forward..(right)
I do love that Chrissy had this great search for hearts ...I loved being on the look out...Thanks Chrissy...I will be celebrating Valentines Day tomorrow at the San Dieugito half Marathon..It starts at 7:30 and since its a hilly run I hope to come in under 2 hours...So that makes me super DE duper Happy...I am telling you exercise is the best way I find happiness and clarity..I will be running with my dad and some great friends too....I hope you have a great LOVE day...if you find your self feeling sad because LOVE day can sometimes do that...go for a long walk outside..Love you and Happy valentines Day..
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