Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gloria Muffins...

My sister in law is an amazing cook and baker...and she is soooo pretty too...She gave me a recipe for these Glory muffins that she told me are now Gloria muffins...Hello, I have a muffin named after me....( funny hu!) I made two batches last night...I did the same thing except one had raisins and one did not....They turned out totally different....with raisins
without raisins...
Yup..leave it to me to make two completely looking muffins with the same recipe...They were really I started you have a good muffin recipe you would like to share with me...I know this is not a cooking blog but I am in the mood for baking muffins ...So if you want to share please do....I wont put the recipe on my blog unless I have your permission but what I want is another good muffin you want to share?
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