Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Bike Ride

I am really excited about my Saturday plans...My dad and I are doing the Rosarito Ensenada bike ride...50 miles of blissfulness..(is that a word?) Yes, we will be riding our bike for a couple of hours in Mexico..How cool...I hope to be this happy when I am done....but I am sure my butt will be hurting..I cant wait to see what stories i will have to tell...

My cousin will be joining us or better yet I will be joining him..OK so this is my cousin that I lived with in Mexico for a while when I was little.We are the same age and we really get along well.His mom was my birth mothers older sister but she died very young so my grandmother took care of both of us .His name is Pepe..cute hu...He is one funny guy...'s a little story that goes with me and this race...The first time I did this race was in 1997..My first husband had been gone for four months and I was living with his mom and dad..It was a very sad time in my life so I got a bike because I wanted to ride..I remember how good it felt to just ride and have the wind in my face ..I loved the feeling of leaving ..This is what I mean when I have felt really sad I tend to stay home or in this case his mothers house..I love the feeling of running away on foot or riding away from that place on a bike..Its not the same in a car for me..I need to psychically leave a place to be able to come back with a different perspective on whats going on..I need to move and go and go..I love that feeling of moving my body riding away knowing I wont come back the same..Oh I know ..It stills my brain..It does it gets me to that place meditation gets other people..It helps me get what matters and what does not...stuff does not matter ,people matter...
back to the ride...My father in law told me there was a 50 mile bike ride in 3 days...He knew I would be excited to do it but I had only had the bike for a couple of days and I was a complete riding dork..( i kinda am now too) I just pretend I am cool :0) and I had not rode a bike for more that 15 min in I knew I probably could not do it ,I went to a bike shop and asked what the time limit was..I have never had a problem with coming in last. I just wanted to finish..I had 8 hours...I could do that right...My father in law said if you finish that bike ride I will give you 100 dollars...That was that...I got some new tennis shoes some snickers bars and off I went ..It took me 5 hours, I got a major sun burn but I had the time of my life...I was the dorkiest but happiest 24 years old out there..well after I got home that day I slept for a whole day straight..I had so much fun..I will for sure post all about this saturdays ride..I cant wait share.
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