Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My mom the superhero

This is my little boy that does not let me take his picture anymore...I wanted to share this mad libs that turned into a mothers day card to me....I think its perfect coming from my 9 year old boy...
Dear Mom,
If you were a superhero, like wonder pizza you would have a -lot of fat powers..Like dumpsters in the back of your head.. Then you would be able to see everything that my chipmunks do when they think you are not cleaning. And you would be able to do 7 things all at once. You could talk to a chicken while cooking and plan the calendar while talking on the phone. Think of all the things you could do in a day. You could work at Wallmart . Then drive me to gymnastics for practice.Take me out to an evil dinner with your shoes on backwards. Then come and watch me play video games at school Wait.....that's just a typical day for you right....That's so secret!! Thanks for all you do!
Love Christopher
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