Friday, July 23, 2010

A Little adventure in San Diego..

My sweet friend Cathy invited me to go with her and Allison to take a paddle boarding class..Of coarse I sad yes !!!! I love stuff like this and even though it was a cold morning day in July in San Diego the water was warm..and we did it !

Here we are..Alli and Cathy and I..I got the Orange board. It was fate because that's my favorite color.
Yes we were a little scared but I think it was more like this...I hope the water is not soon as I noticed that she gave the orange board I new it was going to be perfect.
After out little adventure we did what one should do....
Have a great weekend and I changed my play list. I am a complete creature of habit so I can have the same Cd's in my forever but It was time to change the music. Hope you like it ..
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