Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh !! The renegade was so much fun.

I am so glad that my kids decided happily join me for the ride...It took us three hours to get to the Renegade Fair but when we arrived it ...Oh my momma was a happy camper....Let me start by showing you this sweet tent...Oh man !! if I ever have a tent I want it to look like this one..A patch work tent.
Here is a view of Los Angeles from the fair.
This is the Coffee cart..Do you see the rain drops on it made out of wood contact paper..seriously beautiful !!!
yes ..If you live any were near a Renegade fair go. go. go.
Check out what my kids bought..This is the cutest little troll monster ever.
AHHHH!!!!!! how cute is the troll monster..Love at first sight.
Miss Bella got this adorable little doll..We walked around and she spotted this doll but she decided that she might want something else so we walked away..a couple of hours later she decided she wanted this sweet doll. It must have taken us another hour of walking in the heat to find it...but we did and bella was a happy girl..
Here we are the girls at the Renegade..So happy..This weekend its going to be in San Francisco. If your close GO. GO. GO.
We had the best Sunday ever..
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