Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today is perfect for that..

I got my feelings hurt for some silly reason and as was sitting there trying to figure out why I was feeling this way this voice in my head said...Miss G today is the perfect day to start over..I felt like someone had set me free and had given me another chance. I feel like I get to roll the dice again even though I just had my turn. So what can I do with this...
The same thing we can all do each day..I will start off today by being a little nicer to myself , I will pay more attention to to the words I speak to myself. I will try to feed myself better and get enough sleep. There are people that are not good for me to be around at this time I will not let my fear of speaking up keep me some were I don't want to be. I keep telling myself I will try.
I will slowly try to become that girl I know I can become if you took all my fear of failure away.
In my reality today and every day is a perfect day to start over.I have decided that at the end of each night I will put to rest that day. What ever happened that day its done I cant change it. It is the past and I will give myself permission to start over tomorrow and since today is our tomorrow I will do what I can to bring myself back to the present.
We wake up and go through our day..How often are we really present. I am not present as much as I would like to be. Human Nature is to worry and plan and work and just go through the motions right? OK well here is a trick that is working for me..Break your day up in into pieces. Morning ,early afternoon and late after noon and evening. Now as you go through your morning say to yourself here I am its Wed morning and its cold outside and I am here blogging looking at my perfectly messy living room. Next I ask myself how are you today Miss G..I stop take a deep breath and answer myself ..I am feeling pretty good this morning. maybe this sounds crazy but its an easy practice and it helps take a-lot of the pressure off. It feels good to know that we can start a new each and every day and feel happy or yucky or sad or excited all in one day. It also feels good to know that at each and every point in our life we can choose to start over and give our selfs permission to be happy and succeed ..Or if you fail and feel like crap today guess what you can roll your dice again and since we are showing up for ourselves trying to be here in the now maybe just try it a little different and see if you move a little bit forward..
DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF...there is hope for life is sweet...and a little bird told me that today is a perfect day to start over....
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