Friday, August 6, 2010

Baby Steps.

Do you ever feel like you are doing well . Life is moving in an OK direction and your getting through all the uncomfortable things you put off. Its like the space between the good and the bad. I get to this space and am often I am a little nervous about moving in any direction. because I like it here. I am holding a space of acceptance. What ever it maybe I accept it. Do you ever do this? I find that painting lets me soar inside..It feels like when I dream I am flying. Maybe because I know I need to accept what ever may come and let it be. No judgement. When I fly in my dreams I usually always just know that this is cool and I accept it ..In gloria's head this makes sense..
It also scares me because I am insecure about it. So I don't really ever share anything I paint . but I want to now. So here I am sharing. Let me say first that I am in love with Kelly Rea. She is the Oprah of my life. Her book is always in my purse. Her words sit in my heart and help mend my hurt. Other times they help me fly. I am so grateful for her words and thoughts. She honestly gives me courage to live a good life. On that note I completely copied her instructions and let myself be in that space of in between with her words.
I made this...I am kinda happy scared..because I like it and I made it and that scares me, because maybe just maybe inside me somewhere I am an artist...OK. I am crying as I write this because one of my life lessons that I need to learn is that I can do it..because I am worth it and its OK to worth it..It's part of my baggage..That I am trying to put in the trash. I will get there eventually .I know this. The trick is not to give up on ourselves and to keep love alive for ourselves and those we care for, keep the love moving!!!! Not let the crap win but let us make us stronger..but we have to try.
She will be going in my dinning room..So here I am taking baby steps toward the light I see guiding my path...I hope a. You own Taking Flight by Kelly-Rea best book ever. and b. This helps you too...Happy living G
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