Sunday, August 1, 2010

I do love summer.

There are lots of great things about summer!!! Going to the Fair is one of them..This fair is year round but it really only feels right to me during the summer and lucky for us there was sun in San Diego on Saturday..
This fair has laser tag. What could be better than your little brother telling you all the rules.
maybe going on the submarine..I cant go on it anymore i get sick so now I get to watch and take the pictures...( thank you excuse)
There is also tight rope hu!!! Bella would not go on, Kiffer would not get off...
Cool paintings in the glow in the dark miniature golf was cool.
Funny mirrors are always fun to take our own pictures in.
Yummy!!!!! Ice cream..
Hello.....Iceeeee with lots and lots of flavors please !!!
I loved spending the day with my kids acting like a kid..I hope I never forget them at these great age's..I hope you also had a great weekend..We are on our way to Boulder Co. these two little angels get to see there dad!!
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