Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer Time

I have been hanging out with my Teenager and my dad..I convinced my dad to go swimming with me at La Jolla shores.
I really did not want to go swimming at first but once I got over the scary thought I just did it. its really funny because 2 years ago when I wanted to do a triathelon I was so scared to go I had my girlfriend hold my hand to and in the water for about a week. I did get confident but it took a-lot.
This time I was not scared to go in. I was excited and I did not wear a wet suit either, I only swam a quarter mile but I did it ..No fear..So since my dad wont really let me go alone its perfect because it gave him a reason to try it. Guess what he loved it. Its so perfect .My finger is pointing to that little white dot. Thats what we swim too. I am happy to say Its been fun..I am not scared either, such a great feeling to overcome a fear.
So this weekend is full of fun stuff for me. I have a weeding to go to ..I love dressing up and I have a half marathon on Sunday and I hope and double hope it will be my fastest yet..I have been training for a marathon in October ..I hope to qualify for Boston soon...but I have to take 15 minutes of my time..I know I can do it eventually but you have to give 100 percent effort to do so...So this sunday at the half marathon it will be a good indication of my send me fast fairy dust on sunday morning ok. Have a great weekend ..

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