Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thinking on the run

I had a bit of a long run this morning . I look forward to those runs because it is a-lot like therapy to me. Lately I have been pensive. Letting myself settle into my new life. Here's the deal. I feel as if the universe has been telling me to stop trying to be. Stop trying to be what you are not Gloria. I can hear the universe relating this message to me. I see it in book I pick up. It comes up in conversations I have with people. This morning I read about it on Jenifer's blog. So, as I started my 20 mile run I gave my run to that thought. Who am I? what am I trying to create? where do I want to go ?
I put the thought in my mind and I let my higher being just fly with it. This is what I came up with. The title to my blog. Creating free spirit. I don't want to create my spirit to much anymore now I want to accept my spirit for what it is. OK , now this means being honest with myself. This means I have to take of the rose colored glasses. oh man..This means accepting my faults and seeing the reality of my imperfections. That is hard. I am doing one a week . For example I know I am put things of because I am afraid , things that have to get done anyway. I a going to start to take ownership of those pieces of me I don't really like because there still me and I bet there not that bad and here the trick when I take ownership of the fact that I am afraid to pay my bills because I might not be able to..guess what when I sit down to do it, I am OK. its OK. I am going to start to accept all of me in little pieces.
So the answer to my questions I started out with this morning was this you are were you are supposed to be. You are going were you are meant to go. You create a better you Daley. For me because there seems to be so much going on it seems like exercising my love for myself everyday helps. How do I do that. I whisper to my self I love you G.
We could try this together..Tell me how it works for you. Oprah once did a show and what she said changed my anything for 21 days and it becomes a habit..I have been running for 6 years..That's how I started I got a calender and I ran for 21 days and it became a habit. So what if for 21 days we whispered to ourselves ..I love you Gloria or I love you Kollen or I love you Jennifer or I love you Cathy...OK you get it right? ...maybe something will shift in us..I am going to try ..OK so lets just see what happens..let me know OK.
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