Thursday, September 9, 2010

My grandmother ...

Here we are my grandmother age 91 and me age 38. I want to say that she is an amazing woman. She was born in Mexico and had 10 brothers and sisters. I think 7 sisters and 3 brothers. She was very beautiful when she was young. She looked like a movie star. She always wore long dresses with gloves . When she went for walks she took an umbrella. She told me this morning that when she was 6 years old she heard some cousins of hers play the guitar and she told her father she wanted to do the same thing. She said her father thought that was a great idea and looked at her and said I will buy you one this week. Her eyes glittered when she told me this. I felt like she was also telling I was his favorite daughter. A year later after many hours of sitting in the back seat of an old broken truck she learned how to play the guitar. She was so good that sometimes at the age of 7 she would stop by the bar on her horse after school and play..She said to me this morning..Honey they gave me money to play so I played. I also know that she got in big trouble with my great grandmother for not coming straight home after school but she did not care..She knows how to play the violin , piano, guitar, accordion .Have you ever heard someone play the spoons well? my sister and my grandmother can play the spoons.
She grew up on a ranch with a huge peice of land. She rode a horse to school everyday. Sometimes with one of her sisters but often alone. (wow hu!!)
All the girls cooked and did lots of house work and the helped with the cows and chikens and horses. I have always known that by the age of 7 she knew how to cook enough rice for ten people without burning it, that was not aloud and she did laundry by hand everyday for the whole family. To this day she cooks and loves to clean the kitchen.
She got married to a man 20 years older than her and they had 5 kids. My dad being her youngest son. My dad needed the most love from her so she loved him a-lot. When I was born as soon as I came home from the hospital I slept with my grandmother. My mom was in the other room resting and my grandmother took care of me. A-lot of things happened my parents divorced I moved to San Diego to live with my grandmother and I slept with her most of my childhood. She has never yelled at me . She has only given me unconditional love..
I can honestly she is a remarkable woman. I hope to be spending most of tomorrow with her as she is recuperating . I adore her..

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