Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My reality today !!!

I am learning a whole lot over here. I am working and its interfering with my crafting ! I really have not had a full time job in over 10 years. Yes, I think that was a true blessing not because I don't like to work but because I got to stay home with my kids and I got to scrapbook and run..but things have changed and I am learning. Here's a couple things I have learned about not having a-lot of money and working. Its not so bad so far. I explained to my kids the situation and they totally understood. They help me out more . Christopher takes out the trash and my 16 year old....are you ready for this..She cleans my entire house about once a week.(yeah I still cant believe it) . She says I get home before you so I can do it. We have not been late once to school this year because I have to be at work at 9. So they all work hard at getting ready early. We are planning our outings more carefully. My kids are being really understanding of the situation and I feel like they are being more considerate. This is one of my life lessons..More is not better. My kids don't need all the expensive stuff. They want to play with me. They want to ride there bikes and talk to me..( holy cow) do my kids talk.(when one is done the other is waiting) so I tell them when I am frustrated or when my patience level is at level 2..I say I need a break so I am going to my room or I go to the bathroom and just sit in there with a magazine (does anyone else do that?)..Oh yeah, and I had to apologise to Isabella yesterday because I yelled at her.and I felt so bad all day. I was frustrated and I could have handled it differently..So I said Isa I am so sorry for how I behaved. She said OK mom just don't do that ..I make a ton of mistakes and I get it wrong one day and OK the next. We just keep making those baby steps to what feels right when raising our kids. I still say to myself..OK Miss is a good day to start over(everyday is a good day to start over) ...I drew our family portrait while working (shh) its a fun picture of us and it makes me and my little peeps...
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